Rebirth Of The Female Antagonist: Chapter 70

"Young Miss.."An Wei stared at XuanRong who was starting to regain her awareness. When he noticed that his body was very close to her, he slowly moved away, trying to distance himself from her, but before he could even move, XuanRong subconsciously grabbed the hem of his clothes, not letting him go far away from her.An Wei could only sigh and return to his original position, half-kneeling in front of XuanRong.After a few seconds, XuanRong's breathing was starting to return to normal. She no longer needed to gasp repeatedly in order to breath. During the entire time, An Wei remained kneeling beside her since XuanRong would not release his clothes. Feeling hopeless, An Wei could only inwardly shook his head and was trying his best to suppressed the happiness of seeing XuanRong's dependence on him. He knew that he should not be happy of XuanRong being dependent on him, but he could not help it. He knew she was only dependent of him because she viewed him like a special person in her life but he could not fight the happiness he felt. Unfortunately, that 'specialness' was not between a man and a woman but rather, it was more like a platonic love between siblings, or to be precise, between families.XuanRong viewed him as a family than as a man. Forcefully trying to suppress his sad thoughts, An Wei raised his hand and slowly patted XuanRong's head."Is Young Miss okay? What happened?"XuanRong could heard An Wei's deep concern on his voice. She could not help but feel happy. She knew that he was worried and wanted to know the reason of her abnormal action. She inhaled and exhaled a couple of times, trying to calm herself before answering An Wei's questions. After calming down, XuanRong smiled at An Wei and nodded."I'm already fine"She did not want to explain. Even if she wanted to, she knew it was impossible. If even if she tried to explain everything, tell An Wei that she experienced being reborn, XuanRong knew that it was difficult to believe in her words.Sensing that XuanRong was not planning to answer his questions and elaborate further, An Wei could only pretend that he did not ask. He did not want to force her."Ah! That's right. An Wei! We have to help YuShen!"Remembering YuShen, XuanRong suddenly felt a great remorse for not being able to help her. Due to her momentary confusion, she had failed to defend and rescue YuShen.She failed as YuShen's Young Mistress.'No! I was given a chance to rewrite my destiny! I have to protect the ones I love! Baili Chen!! How dare you appear before me?! You even tried to assault my maidservant this time! Ha! The nerve! Let's see if you could afford to offend me, This Grand Aunt[1]!!'After clearing her mind, XuanRong was able to break free from the shackles that had been binding her to the darkness for years. The fear that kept on haunting her and the nasty dreams she had, all of it vanished in an instant she was no longer afraid. After realizing that she was no longer alone, that she could restart all over again, XuanRong was now able to move forward, leaving the dark memories at the back of her mind, only carrying the past grudges and hatred from her previous lifetime."An Wei, where is YuShang?"Not seeing her other maidservant, XuanRong could not help but ask him. Since she was not on her right mind few minutes ago due to shock and fear, XuanRong was not able to notice anything that was happening on her surroundings."She went to help YuShen."When XuanRong heard An Wei's words, her brows could not help but raise. YuShen and YuShang had been learning qinggong under An Wei's tutelage since young. Although they could not reach the level of a high master, XuanRong could proudly say that both YuShen and YuShang were talented and could defend themselves against most of the common ruffian and assassins. Unfortunately, Baili Chen also knew qinggong. Unlike Wei Zhang Ki and Rui Fang Li who neither knew qinggong nor practice sword art, Baili Chen was different. He, Rui Fang Li and Li Jung Li were not the typical arrogant silk-pants[2] young masters who only knew how to waste money on brothels and bury themselves under the prostitute's embrace. The trio were known to be the role models of the young adults. Many women would try and climb on their bed, especially on Baili Chen's bed. Although he was only the youngest brother of Duke Baili and was unable to succeed his Duke title, many noble families were still planning on betrothing their daughters to him because his future was endless. At the young age, he was already talented. This year, he was planning to take the imperial examination that would allow him to work as an official in the court. Although he was a bit lecherous, it was normal for a young man to act like that sometimes. Who doesn't have four wives and three concubines? Almost all men in the continent only knew how to indulge themselves in pleasure.In her previous lifetime, XuanRong hated Baili Chen because he tried to make advances on her. Being an arrogant person, XuanRong felt disgusted every time she sees Baili Chen and would often mock his status as Duke Baili's younger brother. In this lifetime, it was still the same, she hated Baili Chen up to her core."Drive forward and destroy that carriage!"XuanRong suddenly spoke angrily, ordering the coachman to drive forward, making the poor old man pray for the other people's soul. Who told them to offend their Da XiaoJie[3]? The carriage that they were using was not a normal carriage, it was similar to a war carriage that was widely known for being sturdy and hard. Once it collided with another carriage, the other carriage would definitely be broken into pieces. Even An Wei was startled by XuanRong order. It was only a moment ago that she was acting frail and fearful but now, she was brimming with anger and even wanted to destroy the other party's carriage. Although he was a bit skeptical for her sudden change of emotions, An Wei did not say anything and decided to remain silent.XuanRong inwardly rejoiced for being an arrogant person on her previous life. The young XuanRong was indeed haughty. She liked to be dominant and viewed other people as dirt. When she was nine years old, she demanded that she should have a unique carriage that no other person could have. Being schemed by her beloved granddaughter, Great General Chen gifted the young XuanRong a war carriage. It was being pulled by four Ferghana[4] horses that were carefully raised by the Chen family for the army's cavalry. After XuanRong was thrown in the suburbs, the carriage and horses were locked away. Although Xiao Lou and XuanFei wanted to use the carriage, it was not possible because it was a personal gift from the Great General and they do not have the right to use it."What are you waiting? Destroy that carriage!""Y-yes Da XiaoJie!"The coachman could only follow XuanRong's order and whipped the horses."Jiaaa!"The carriage once again moved. XuanRong closed her eyes and waited for the impact to arrive.*baaam!*XuanRong was almost thrown forward. Luckily, An Wei was in front of her and he was able to secure her by holding her waist.Seconds later, they heard an angry voice shouting, "FUCK!!! WHO DARED TO DESTROY THIS YOUNG MASTER'S CARRIAGE?!!!"Hearing Baili Chen's angry voice, XuanRong's mouth curved upward. She opened her mouth and spoke."Oh? And who is this idiot daring to block This Lady's way?"[PLEASE ADOPT ME \(T^T)/ and DONATE @ paypal.me/sayurihyuuga and ko-fi.com/sayurihyuuga]----------[1]. (Lao Niang)- An arrogant way of addressing oneself.[2]. It means a rich and hedonistic son.[3]. Eldest Young Miss[4]. Ferghana horses were one of China's earliest major imports and were also called 'blood sweating horses' or 'heavenly horses'.[Unedited Chapter]
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