Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1215

Chapter 1215 The Battle Begins

"Hehe, Dali, you look so weird!" A very charming fox race female leaned on Hong Dali and smiled. "It seems that you look really handsome even if you become a werewolf. Hehe." This young girl who looked like she was from the fox race was about 1.5 or 1.6 meters tall and very cute. Her white fluffy tail swished around making her look adorable. She was what Hong Dalis fiance, Tang Muxin, had transformed into.

"Xinxin, youre so cute like this." Hong Dali touched her big bushy tail with a chuckle. Yes, it felt nice. "Where is Sister Nianwei?"

"Young Master, Im here." Li Nianwei walked slowly toward him.

She looked like a big sister from the leopard race, all tall and leggy with a tapered slim waist and black markings on her face. She looked wild. Her bosom was full and rose proudly, the cleavage a sight for sore eyes.

"Sister Nianwei is so pretty, haha." Hong Dali laughed. "You look good like this."

At this time Jiang Qianxue and Zhang Yi also walked over. Jiang Qianxue was a cat in all white, cool and agile. Zhang Yi simply reverted to her killer bee appearance. Well, there were insect-type demons too

The four beauties stood together, and even though they had all transformed to look like demons, they were still gorgeous.

As for Gu Feifei, her choice of race was very interestingshe simply turned into one of the bear race. Just look at that figure, that stature, that air or dominance it was horrifying!

"Okay, everyone. Lets gather!" Now that they had entered the battlefield, the first step was naturally to gather. Soon, everyone had gathered.

All the students in Shenglong Divine College had transformed into various races. Everyone looked at each other and laughed. There were all sorts of horsing around. Some pulled others tails and mussed up others fur, while others bared their fangs and unsheathed their claws.

The other Astral students were relatively much more nervous, especially the Heavens Chosen Ones. When they saw that they were on the same team as Hong Dali, they were even more nervousthis test would decide if they could become Hong Dalis lackey!

Soon after they had assembled, Hong Dali looked around. Since it was a group battle, he had to familiarize himself with his base camp. They also mentioned there was a team leader. He had to go take a look.

The place where they assembled was a square in the base camp. It was surrounded by various resources and equipment needed for war. Behind it was a huge fortress. The Demon race team leader should be inside.

"Lackeys, lets go take a look at the team leader!" Hong Dali snapped his fingers and led the group further into the fortress.

There were a total of 5,031 people in his camp, which was quite a big number. There were heads as far as he could see. They all headed into the fortress noisily. The gate of the fortress was more than 20 meters high. As soon as he entered, Hong Dali saw someone familiar

Damn, isnt that the Demon King, Polygal? Why is he here?

"Hello, dont you find us familiar?" Hong Dali walked over with a smile and looked at the Demon King. "Why are you here? You didnt even tell me beforehand?"

He meant it as a joke, but unexpectedly, the Demon King roared, "Insignificant soldier! How dare you speak to the King so casually! Do you believe Ill mince you up and feed you to the dogs?!"

Damn, what was up with him? But soon Hong Dali understoodbefore they came in, Dean Fergos said that the Demon King was the leader of the Demon race, and the Giant Dragon King was with the humans. It seemed this Demon King in front of him was the one who had fought and perished with the Giant Dragon King in the war 10,000 years ago? That meant the Giant Dragon King was with the humans, right?

Since the two old fogeys are the leaders, this is going to be interesting

Hong Dali was familiar with the Demon Kings strength, having witnessed it before. The old guy was just a big head at that time. Just a remnant of his soul alone had knocked all the people and dragons in the Fiery Abyss out with a huge roar. Now, he was here as a leader. Even if his strength had been nerfed, he was probably still very powerful.

"Okay, now that we have met the boss, lets go out first." Hong Dali led everyone out again. When they returned to the square, Hong Dali started positioning people. "All those suitable to be scouts come forward. We have to investigate the terrain first. By the way, do we have to have a terrain recorder? Otherwise, we wont be able to fight without a map."

The terrain recorder was very important in a tactical battle.

There was a time for everything. The two sides were evenly matched and getting the people to work together was not a problem. Hong Dali had beaten Silver Frost hands down, who would dare to go against him?

So, the only thing lacking now was location. In a battlefield like this, whoever was able to better understand the terrain would have a higher chance of victory.

Actually, Hong Dali was not concerned with winning and losing. He did not want to win at allhe had heard that the winners would have to go to the Astral Alliance Military Training Camp. That was equivalent to going for further education.

How could that happen?! He was a prodigal, he did not want to further his studies! Squandering was his main prerogative. If he had to go there for further studies, there would be many people watching his every move. How would he be able to tolerate it?

Hence, Hong Dali was planning to lose. However, he could not let people realize that he was losing on purpose. That would not be goodif he did not even explore the terrain, that would be too obvious, right?

"Ill recon with some men." Kong was lucky to be on the same team as Hong Dali. This was the perfect time to show him what he was capable of. He stood up without hesitation. "I will definitely explore all areas of the terrain without missing any part!"

There was someone to take the lead and that made things easy. Hong Dali nodded immediately. "Okay, go. We will wait here. Anyway, this is definitely our opponents first move as well. Everyone, take a rest first."

"Okay, I will go now!" Kong gathered a group of about a hundred people and set off immediately. Each of them chose a direction, turned on the map detector, and started to scout the terrain.

In the middle of the square where Hong Dali and the others were, a huge terrain projection device floated out. Above it, various areas of the map that were uncovered began to appear.

"En, this battlefield is big." Looking at the map projection, Hong Dali touched his chin and said, "Were at this bottom area of the map and our base camps fortress is below us. Further up oh, oh, is this a resurrection point? Which also makes it a reinforcement point on the battlefield?"

Each team had 100,000 reinforcement points. Hence, people could be resurrected when they died. Since they could be resurrected, they would naturally require resurrection points. There were many resurrection points on the entire battlefield.

Just below that resurrection point was a line of words in a small font"Reinforcement point. Can be captured." That meant that the resurrection point could be taken over. If a resurrection point was captured, one could set it as their teams resurrection point.

The map continued to be uncovered. Further up, there were winding roads, as well as many hills, trees, and rock outcroppings. Moving on, in the center of the map was a large ice plain. On the upper left of the ice plain was a hill about 100 meters high. There was a neutral resurrection point on the hill. On the upper right of the hill was the Human Fortress and on its lower right was a camp much like the Demon camp.

There were some mines near the fortress camps on both sides and there were many animals around. For example, there was the Ice Plain Wolf, Ice Plain Deer, and the like. The terrain of the entire battlefield was relatively complicated. But overall, the resources and resurrection points of both sides were almost equal and there was no obvious difference.

Now that he had an idea of the terrain, Hong Dali began to group everyone up. "Okay, listen up." Everyone immediately quieted down. All the Astral students looked at him like he was God, and Hong Dali suddenly felt immense pressure. "Aiya, dont look at me like this, youre making me nervous. If, on the chance of one in ten thousand, we lose, wouldnt it be really embarrassing?"

Everyone looked forwarddid that mean they would not lose?

"Big Brother Dali! I know you will be able to do it! You will lead us to victory! Long live Big Brother Dali!"

"Thats right. Big Brother Dali is the most powerful. What did he say just now? What if, on the chance of one in ten thousand, we lose? Listen to this, one in ten thousand, there is only one chance that we will lose out of ten thousand!"

"Invincible Big Brother Dali!" "Long live Big Brother Dali!"

Damn, are these people nuts? Thats not what I meant!

"Ah, everyone, keep quiet. Keep quiet." Hong Dali was soaked in sweat. "I mean, a battle is not a fight between individuals. No one can guarantee a sure win, but we can do our best"

"Definitely!" Everyone cheered again. "Did everyone hear that? As long as everyone does their best, we will definitely win! If everyone doesnt do their best, Big Brother Dali wont guarantee a sure win!" "Do your best! We must do our best! Fight hard, brothers. Big Brother Dali will lead us to victory!"

Damn, do you all have problems understanding!?

Hong Dali wanted to cry but had no tears! This was not what he meant! He was ready to lose. If he won, he might alarm people from the Astral Alliance and be taken away! He might be taken to the Astral Alliances military school to be groomed!

How would he squander, then?!

"No, no." Hong Dali was furious. "I meant everyone should be prepared that they might lose. After all, the other party is no pushover! Do you understand?!"

"Of course!" Everyone cheered. "There will be victory and defeat in battles. As long as everyone does their best, Big Brother Dali will definitely lead us to victory!"

Forget it, lets change the topic. Hong Dali face-palmed. "Alright, lets not talk about that. We have 5,031 people. Thirty-one Heavens Chosen Ones will be in the assault squad. The remaining 5,000 people will be split into small groups with 500 people each. Find your own suitable members to form a small group. Theres no need to rush, take your time!"




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