Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1216

Chapter 1216 Build A Fortress First

Since it was going to be a battle between armies, it was naturally necessary to split the army into smaller groups to complete different missions.

Very quickly, the 5,000 people were split into 10 smaller divisions, each division having 500 people. Hong Dali assigned a leader for each division, which was quite simple too. The nine lackeys, plus Lucifer, were placed in command of each division.

After splitting up into 10 divisions, the next thing was to arrange their individual missions. "Sister Xiaoyi, you shall lead the first division and build a fortress at the outermost resurrection point. Oh right, is there any fire ability user here?"

A student from not sure which Astral realm stood out and said, "Brother Dali, Im a fire ability user. However, my power isnt very strong. Is that okay?"

"Its enough as long as you can melt the ores." Hong Dali expressed that it was just a small matter and said, "You will do. From now on, your codename is Miner."

Then, he shouted again, "I need some people with considerable strength and some blacksmiths. Were building a fortress, after all!"

Therefore, a few guys who were obviously strength-type warriors judging from their bulky bodies stood out, and Hong Dali gave them a codename eachBlacksmith No.1, Blacksmith No.2, all the way until Blacksmith No.23

Then, Hong Dali said, "First division, bring Miner and the blacksmiths to the resurrection point at the bottom of the center mountain and build a fortress there. That will be our first line of defense."

Ling Xiaoyi instantly set off with her division.

Hong Dali continued and said, "Second division, Li Yang, you bring your people to the left side of this fortress and build another fortress. Build it more sturdily, all those with far range attacks will be using this fortress."

"Okay, no problem!" Li Yang replied and set off with his division.

The other members all looked at Hong Dali and waited for his orders. Hong Dali waved and said, "Third to eight division shall all gather on the central ice field to fight for and occupy the resurrection points. Go!"

Now, only two divisions were left. Hong Dali casually arranged and said, "You guys are in charge of protecting the first and second divisions as they build the fortresses. Move out!"

On the other side, the Human Faction.

Silver Frost looked at the map which had gradually expanded and touched his chin, frowning in thought, carefully thinking of a strategy.

He lost really badly to Hong Dali last time. This time, it wasnt a competition of ones individual ability. He had already experimented, everyones power was greatly reduced here. To prove this point, he even sparred with his team members and concluded that he could at the most defeat five people at once.

Since he knew this point now, the next matter was to carefully think of a strategy.

"Which of you are experienced in army combats, stand out." Silver Frost looked at his people and said, "In order to achieve the final victory, all of you can speak out your ideas and thoughts for reference."

Since individual combat power wasnt the deciding factor now, everyone started to give their opinions. Momentarily, it became very messy and noisy as all kinds of ideas popped out. "Boss Silver Frost, we arent weaker than the opposite party. I feel that we should just fight to the death with them. As long as we deplete fewer reinforcement points than them, it wont be a problem."

"I think we should occupy a tactical spot first and then slowly push forward from there!"

"We should focus on defending. We have 100,000 reinforcement points. As long as we can defend properly, we will be able to outlast them!"

Hearing the discussions, Silver Frost secretly frowned. It wouldnt be useful if this went on. He had already failed once, he really couldnt fail again. If not, that would be a great blow to his confidence.

"All of you shut up." Silver Frost really felt a bit depressed now. "There wont be any use in discussing this. Whichever of you is confident in your strategy or tactic, step out now!"

Everyone looked at one another. Very quickly, a young member walked out and said, "I shall present my strategy. Everyone listen and see if its workable." This person was a young man about 20 years old with short golden hair, looking very fresh and cool.

"Okay, say it." Silver Frost nodded. "Whats your name? Which Astral realm are you from?"

"My name is Wales. Im from Dilamu Astral realm." He introduced himself, stepped forward, pointed at the map, and said, "Looking from this current map, the arrangement of the terrains on both sides should be about the same. The only thing worth and easy to fight for is the resurrection point in the ice field, which is on top of this small mountain."

He pointed at the small mountain and said, "From this mountain, we can attack into the heart of the enemys army, and we can also use this to defend our resurrection points at the frontmost. This spot is very important. Therefore, the battle for this spot should probably be the most vital one."

Silver Frost looked at the map, touched his chin, nodded, and said, "About the same as what I am thinking too. The terrain here is quite difficult to pass. This is a spot thats easy to defend and hard to attack. Once we occupy this spot, it will be very useful for the other battles. Its decided! Everyone, follow me to occupy this resurrection point first. We can think of our next step after that!"

With Silver Frost in the lead, the 5,000 plus people from the Human Faction instantly moved out towards this center location at full speed!

The troops from both sides were rushing towards this spot. After a fast march of five hours or so, they had reached the frontmost resurrection points. Then, what they needed to do now was to make arrangements and start to attack each other.

On the spectator stand, the audiences looked at the mobilization of troops on both sides all started to get nervous.

This was really a large-scale battle between armies. The only difference between this and the Dimensional War was that the number of participants wasnt as much. Thats all. Now that both sides had started to move, this instantly attracted everyones attention.

"Theyre moving. It looks like they are planning to deploy all of their forces to the front line first."

"Thats right, its pointless to only defend. In a war, attacking is the correct way to do it!"

"Yup, the show will get interesting once both sides meet!"

Hong Xingyu looked at Hong Dalis troop deployment, touched his beard, and softly said, "Dali seems to be intending to fight for that resurrection point in the center thats not occupied yet? But the number of his troops isnt as much as the other side, he will probably be at a disadvantage."

"Yup, it seems that he only sent half of his troops there. The other half stopped at the front line." Hua Yueling was puzzled and asked, "Whats he planning to do?"

Now, the troops of both parties were at the front line. For Hong Dalis side, about 3,000 people moved out towards the small mountain while Miner and the blacksmiths ran towards the nearest mine, bringing two divisions of people with them.

Everyone was clueless as to what this weird arrangement was about. Quite a number of them felt strange and said, "Whats Hong Dali doing? Sending two divisions into the mine? Dont tell me hes planning to gather ores to craft weapons at this moment, right?"

"Hard to say. Hong Dalis actions have always been surprising and unexpected. Just watch on, this battle will definitely be very interesting."

Very quickly, the 3,000 people that Hong Dali sent had arrived at the resurrection point on the small mountain and met the 5,000 people that Silver Frost was leading. This time, Silver Frost brought all of his troops here, it was obvious that he was very firm in fighting for this resurrection point.

The battle started once they met.

For a battle of this scale, a persons individual power was indeed not enough to become a deciding factor anymore. It was common for one person to kill another person, then to get killed himself. Therefore, the number of casualties on both sides started to increase rapidly.

"Almost 300 people died from Hong Dalis side!"

"Only 240 plus people died from Silver Frosts side. Silver Frost has a huge advantage in this battle!"

"Isnt that so. If this carries on, Hong Dalis 3,000 people can at most kill 2,000 people before all of them are wiped out, right? If they are unlucky, they may only be able to kill about 1,500 people!"

The audiences looked at the reinforcement points for both sides on the counter, their hearts fluttered.

The total number of troops on both sides were the same, 100,000 each. It might not be much in the short term, but there would be a lot of such battles. If one side lost a few thousand people every time, tens of thousands of troops would be lost after 10 plus battles. Especially that many spots and terrains, they were crucial spots that needed to be fought for. If the troops were keep being depleted like this, once the reinforcement point reached zero, the war would be over.

"This doesnt look good." Hong Xingyu frowned and looked at the battlefield, then said, "The number advantage on Silver Frosts side is too big. 5,000 versus 3,000. Especially since Silver Frost is leading the army himself, the morale boost plus the number advantage is too much pressure for Dalis side."

It was no wonder he was so worried. The Human Faction had their leader leading them, this would boost the troops morale greatly. On top of the numbers advantage, Hong Dalis 3,000 troops were only left with 2,000 plus very quickly, and they probably wouldnt last very long too.

"Dali, quickly think of something." At the back, Tang Muxin looked at this and anxiously said, "They arent able to withstand for too long!" The other people who stayed behind with Hong Dali were all very anxious too, all wishing they could join in the fight too.

"Oh, I know, I know. Look at how anxious you are." Hong Dali sniffed and nonchalantly said, "They can revive, right? Those who are revived immediately go reinforce them! Go immediately after reviving, dont hesitate!"

He was the leader of the army now. Since he asked them to continue to reinforce the troops in the battle, then it naturally wouldnt be wrong to do so. Therefore, those who died instantly charged up the mountain and went into the battle again after they revived. By now, only less than 500 people remained from the original 3,000.

The only good news now was that these 500 people kept pestering the enemy, causing them to be unable to occupy the resurrection point officiallythe resurrection point could only be put into use by one side if there werent any enemy troops in the area.

"Brothers, charge! We mustnt let them occupy the resurrection point!"

Those who revived yelled and charged into the battle, starting a new round of battle!

"It wont be useful if this carries on." On the spectator stand, everyone was getting anxious. "Hong Dali is sending people to die. If he keeps reinforcing the battle like this, he will deplete his reinforcement points very quickly!"

"Isnt that so. He has already depleted almost 10,000 reinforcement points in just a few hours. Silver Frosts side has only depleted 4,000 plus points. The difference is too great!"




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