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  • Rebirth Of The Heavenly Empress

  • Genres : Romance
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Rebirth Of The Heavenly Empress summary:

She is the queen of mercenaries who has changed the voice of the worlds big brothers. She holds a piece of ancient jade in her hand.Unexpected rebirth, she became a joke of the high society, the school scum is too bad girl?The genius mercenary king who once deterred the entire mercenary world said-don’t make trouble, you are still playing mud when your sister is playing bombs!Waste incompetence? Are you feeling okay with your hand broken by a waste?the last one? Come, let my sister tell you how to write the words “genius”!She is not as talented as the half-sister who knows business, finance and management? Um, do you know that the current business king is crying and begging her to accept him as a disciple?Father unknown? As soon as her dear’s name is spoken, the world will shake three times!…Magical ancient doctor, she is the god in the eyes of countless patients.Sweeping thousands of soldiers, she is a god of no one dare to provoke the gods.Beauty and acting coexist, she is the goddess of everyone in the circle.[Once she was born again, she was born again, she was still alive and well, and she accidentally became a national treasure that no one dared to mess with! Life and death with one palm, control fate with one hand. The scumbag of the abuse, the face-slapping fight, while playing around with the rich, while playing with the entertainment industry, conquer and conquer someone by the way.***small theaterOld man: It’s almost midnight, are you still busy?A man: No.Old man: Then are you going out so late?A man: The house rules are strict.master- Description from xbiquge

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Rebirth Of The Heavenly Empress Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 795:a month ago
Chapter 772:a month ago
Chapter 768:a month ago
Chapter 757:a month ago
Chapter 34:a month ago
Chapter 529:a month ago
Chapter 391:a month ago
Chapter 390:a month ago
Chapter 316:a month ago
Chapter 268:a month ago
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