Rebirth Of The Rich And Wealthy Chapter 77 1

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Chapter 77: Need surgery, dreamt of him (Part 1)

As soon as Lu Anran reached home and entered the door, she could feel the tension heavily in the air. Lu Jianfeng sat on the sofa with a tea cup in his hands as he heavily sighed. Uncle Lu stood behind Lu Jianfeng as usual. With his head lowered, no one knew what he was thinking about. Lu Anwei sat on the right sofa and was reading a book with a light blue cover. Ji Rou also seemed to have just reached home. She has not changed her clothes yet and was seated next to Lu Jianfeng with a face full of worry.

Lu Anran thought it through and could roughly guess the reason. On the other hand, Lu Anhu poked her with his finger and used his eyes to ask her. Lu Anran shook her head, motioning him to stay silent, she then walked directly in front of everyone with her schoolbag on her back, "Uncle Lu, what was the result of today's health checkup?"

"Ah? Ah" Uncle Lu must have been too immersed in his thoughts, and only lifted his head after Lu Anran called out to him once, "Eldest Young Miss? You are home?"

"What was the result of today's health checkup?" Lu Anran asked directly.

"Ah? This" Uncle Lu was stunned. He smiled and said, "Nothing much. The doctor said that other than blood sugar level being a little high, and asked me to pay attention to, the rest are all okay."

"Bro Anwei, you tell me. I know that you wouldn't lie to me." Lu Anran was evidently angered and turned around to ask Lu Anwei directly.

"" Lu Anwei who was named, was dumbfounded. He then lifted his head from his book, "The doctor said There seems to be a lump in his brain. We will find out exactly what it is when we go over and get the test report tomorrow."

"A lump in the brain?" Lu Anhu repeated. Although he did not understand anything medical, he also knew what kind of illness this was ah!

"After tomorrow's confirmation, just do the operation immediately!" Lu Anran said.

"Eldest Young Miss, I'm alright." Uncle Lu smiled a little sadly and forcefully. "It's probably a minor illness, no need for an operation." His heart was extremely clear that it may be a tumour. The doctor has even said that there was 50% chance that it was a tumour. If he chooses to do an operation, then he must choose the eye extraction surgery that has a comparatively smaller risk. But no matter how small the risk was, there was still less than 40% chance of survival. In that case, he would rather stay by Old Master's side for two more years than die on the operating table!

He initially intended to keep the matter from Lu Jianfeng, but Lu Jianfeng asked Lu Anwei directly. Li Anwei repeated the original words once more and Lu Jianfeng immediately decided to arrange for him to go abroad for surgery, but he refused.

If the operation fails, he would instantly die on that ice- cold operation table. In that case, he might as well live for a few more years, and continue to use his limited years to serve Old Master and take care of Young Miss. Anyway, he was getting old and could at most live for another 10 years or 8 years. There was no need to endure suffer such hardships, nor take the risk and waste money!

"You must go for surgery!" Lu Anran took on an unyielding att.i.tude. As a person who lived for two lifetimes, she was very clear on what will happen if Uncle Lu does not have surgery! That inhumane suffering, Lu Anran absolutely does not want Uncle Lu to experience it again. Although she did not personally experience that feeling so she does not know, but she has seen countless of times, Uncle Lu banging his head against the wall, begging her to help him to end his life That kind of pain, it was agonising for Lu Anran to watch ah

"Yes." Lu Jianhao heavily sighed, and loudly knocked the tea cup against the tea table like a signalthat he has made up his mind. "Xiao Rou, immediately contact Dr Steve Hicks and tell him that someone here needs a tumour resection operation. Ask him to arrange his schedule as soon as possible. It is best if tomorrow's test report comes out and it is not a tumor, but if it is then fax the medical report to him right away."

"Understood father!" Ji Rou stood up and went to arrange.

"This" Uncle Lu looked at Lu Jianfeng blankly, "Old Master, I'm alright, really."

"Uncle Lu!" Lu Anran pulled Uncle Lu and said, "Just listen to me! Now that medicine is so advanced, the probability of death is very small! Dr Steve Hicks is also an expert in this field. It's good that this was discovered early, if it was discovered too late, there might even be no point in treating it!"

"I'll go with you to get tomorrow's report! I'll personally hear what the doctor says!" Lu Jianhao decided.

"This You mustn't ah!" Uncle Lu hurriedly prevented him and said, "Old Master, I'm really alright. Perhaps the doctor misdiagnosed?"

"I've already made up my mind. You don't need to say anything more." Lu Jianfeng took a deep breath. Uncle Lu has followed him for half of his life. Although he was a servant, Lu Jianfeng has always treated Uncle Lu as a brother. No matter how much it costs, he must cure Uncle Lu.

"" After serving Lu Jianfeng for so many years, Uncle Lu understood Lu Jianfeng's personality very well. Once Lu Jianfeng have decided on something, it meant there was no room for negotiation. He could only sigh. He was just a servant, what could he do?

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