Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 174

A loud booming sound came out from all areas of the Giant Rock Canyon, and fuming heat waves were spat out from the cracks in the ground.

"The magma underneath the Giant Rock Canyon is about to erupt! Quick! We need to leave!" Gu Yanqiu hurriedly instructed everyone as he saw that the situation was not right.

The entire Giant Rock Canyon was like a furnace that could boil over anytime. Beneath the cracks in the ground, piping hot lava spurted out everywhere, turning the place into a h.e.l.l-looking place.

Everyone escaped in the shortest time possible. Despite depleting large amounts of energy from the previous two big battles, they still ran forward with all their might to protect their lives.

Ye Qingtang was very speedy, and her brain turned quickly.

At this instant, she finally understood what exactly happened during this period of time in her previous life.

In the previous life, Gu Yanqiu should have brought a team of ten to the Giant Rock Canyon and met the Qinglin Sect people when the level 6 Giant Lizard was killed. However, Qin Huan did not have Ye Qingtang's fire-resistant soft armor in the previous life, and the poison would most likely take half his life away. The other Xuanling Sect disciples were definitely not Qinglin Sect disciples, and it was without doubt that the poison gall was stolen. Everyone must have been injured from the big battle, and if the magma erupted at that time, it would be difficult for them to escape given their condition.

It was very likely that more than half of this group of people died in this eruption; thus, there was no possibility of Ye Qingtang hearing of their names after she entered the sect.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt numb. While she calculated every event from her past life, she still missed out some tiny details.

The quake became increasingly violent, and every molten rock that they stepped on could crumble anytime.

Birds flew over their heads and let out a frightened cry. The entire Giant Rock Canyon turned into a mess, and all the demonic beasts which settled down here fled from their lairs and for their lives.

Ye Qingtang and the rest originally intended to gather and escape, but the onslaught of the army of demonic beasts caused the ten people to quickly disperse.

The magma rumbled and evaporated all moisture in the air. White mists enveloped the entire Giant Rock Canyon, and no one could clearly see the road in front of them.

Ye Qingtang was completely unaware of where she was going to escape to. The only thing she knew was that the magma in the cracks had already erupted out and was gushing out like a huge tide from within hundred meters behind her. Slower demonic beasts were swallowed by the burning magma instantly and completely burnt even though they had a thick and rough skin!

Ye Qingtang only felt her scalp numbing. The roars of the surrounding demonic beasts deafened her eardrums. With large effort, she looked through the thick mist and saw a slope at a side of the canyon. She hurriedly dashed towards that direction with large footsteps, jumped onto a huge rock, and somersaulted over!

And in the very next second when Ye Qingtang's feet left the ground, magma gushed past her feet and engulfed countless of lives.

No matter how mighty a person was, he was not mother nature's opponent. Who could prevent a natural disaster from happening?

Using the height from the slope, Ye Qingtang fled to a relatively safe area. As she looked down a few meters below her and saw the burning lava streaming down, the heat she felt was so intense as though she was standing in a furnace.

"Why did the Giant Rock Canyon's magma suddenly erupt?" Ye Qingtang frowned deeply. It should be known that this Giant Rock Canyon had been formed for hundreds of years and had always been safe. But what exactly happened today?

In her previous life, no one could a.n.a.lyze the reason behind this Giant Rock Canyon tragedy even in the hundreds of years after the incident.

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