Reborn Into Pokemon With An Odd System Book 1 Chapter 40

Volume 1 Chapter 40 King

Author Note: Hey guys it's been a while since I wrote anything so the quality might be affected. If it is then let me know and ill edit it as soon as I can. Thanks for understanding :-)

"Why do I have to wear these things? I could simply make myself invisible and wait until you buy something to put on."

Max laughed sarcastically and shook his head "Yeah no, there is no way in hell that I'm going to enter a girl's clothing section and buy something with no girl next to me."

Mordred began to try to find another solution "Then I can simply walk around with what I have now and change into something else when we buy it together"

Max glanced at her red clothing if you could even call it that and gave himself a facepalm, "If we do that then there are two different possibilities that might occur, and both suck. The first one is that your clothing will anger some mothers that will think that you are a bad influence, and nowadays we got some pretty expressive people so who knows what they would say. Second and the most likely is that you are going to catch the attention of some idiots that might whistle or give out some comments that might piss you off."

Lance who was listening began nodding "Yeah unfortunately there are people like that."

He just gave the blue-haired servant a look and then pointed at him "Right, here is a perfect example of those types of idiots. Well anyway, I gotta get these two to another city I'll be back right away."

He walked over to Lance and Serenity and teleported with them near Viridian city "Okay then you two make sure to stay safe. Let me know when you are done and we can meet up back here."

They both nodded and quickly started running towards the city buildings that could be seen. He teleported back and found Mordred laying in the ground.

"Listen just wear it alright, those two won't see you since at the moment they are pretty far away. Also, there are two things that I want to get sorted out, the first one is if anyone happens to call you girl, chick, woman or anything else that goes into that group of words that you don't like to hear, try not to kill them. I know that you hate those kinds of things for your own reasons but it isn't their fault for you looking the way you do. Heck most likely don't even know who Arthur or the knights of the round table are."

She seemed to think of what he had just said and sighed "I can try however I can't promise you anything. As for the dress I'm still against it, why don't I just 'borrow' something, and once I have it on I can just make myself appear."

He shook his head and sat down next to her "No can do, you see in these times clothes have something that starts beeping like crazy if you try to walk out of the store with something that you didn't pay for. And if you happen to take that little device off then a loud alarm starts ringing."

Mordred shook her head and looked at him "Alright I might just have to make the sacrifice, but I need your word that we are going to get new clothes as soon as possible."

He smiled and nodded "Alright I can do that, now last matter of business, do you think that we can come up with something else to call you? It's just that your name is kind of unique and doesn't quite fit your image."

She looked at him, her face forming a frown and began to stand up "You seem to be trying to change who I am completely. Don't think that just because I decided to stay in this world it means that I want to start over from scratch."

She took a deep breath and tried calming herself down "Ugh, just give me an example of what you have in mind for my TEMPORARY name. Please make sure that you make it a good one otherwise I'm afraid that I won't be able to hold myself back and I might end up killing you."

Max scratched his head and smiled "Yeah that's what I expected of you, I'm surprised how quickly you lean towards violence. Anyway, I've been thinking of one and well I think that I found the perfect one. How about Rey, it actually means King in a language called Spanish back in our world. That was also the name of a badass survivor from a movie named Star Wars. I might not be able to grant you the wish of becoming a king but how cool would it be if everyone that knew you called you king haha."

She sat down and smiled "Hmm that does sound pretty interesting, but if I find out that you are trying to trick me with that name then I will make your life a living hell. You can start calling me that in public but if there is no need for it make sure that you call me my real name alright."

He stood up and nodded as he began to call all the pokmon back into their pokballs. Once he had finished he turned around and found her wearing one of the pink dresses that Serenity had bought. He wasn't expecting it so he froze for a minute staring until Mordred brought him back by yelling "Stop freaking gawking at me like that and hurry up, I want to get out of this thing as quickly as possible."

Max laughed and nodded as he held her wrist and teleported to an alleyway. They began walking around looking at clothing shops and after a few minutes, they finally found one that she liked.

They were there for about 30 minutes as she decided what to wear. In the end, she chose 4 different extremely short jean shorts, some bras, and 6 different shirts that all reached her belly button. As they walked out of the store with her new clothing she walked up to him and did a 360 spin.

"What do you think?"

Max looked at her and gave a thumbs-up as he saw her black jean shorts and red shirt, "You know for someone who hates it when people call her a girl or women you dress rather feminine. Anyway, before you start getting pissed let's keep walking. After I deliver something to the company we can go out and get something to eat."

She nodded and together they walked to the gates of the Foodlax Company, as soon as the guards saw him they smiled and let him in.

"How's it going sir, I see that you have someone else with you today. I know that you are young but I'm sure that someone as smart as you knows that cheating is wrong.

Max shook his head and behind him, he heard Mordred yelling "I'd prefer to die before ever having any feelings for this idiot. I better not hear you say anything else like that come from you again or I will destroy you."

Everyone was quiet for a minute and then suddenly the men began laughing, the one who had spoken earlier patted Max's shoulder and shook his head "Sir looks like you have quite the taste in women haha. I wish you luck."

He could tell that Mordred was about to lose it so he grabbed her wrist and dragged her inside the building "Listen you better not kill or destroy anyone or anything here you got it. If you do then I swear that I will use a command seal on you and make you wear the girliest dress I can get my hands on and have everyone look at you."

She looked at him with anger "Don't you dare try to threaten me again."

"Then don't make me feel like I need to give you threats, I'm new to this whole business thing and having a ticking time bomb doesn't help in the least. Those guys were just messing around, you should know that better than anyone since you must have heard hundreds of conversations like these."

Mordred nodded and continued following him in silence. When they were in front of the manager's office he knocked on the door.

"Come in"

He opened it and found Nyla sitting on her desk as she was going over some paperwork. She saw him and smiled "Oh Max how has your day been?"

He smiled back and scratched his head "It was interesting, to say the least, I woke up from being knocked out by the girl behind me and earlier today during training two of my pokmon learned new moves."

She looked behind him and waved at Mordred "Hi I'm Nyla"

The blonde just gave her a small nod and laid down on the sofa. Max just shook his head and turned back to the manager "Don't take any offense from her actions she's just not much of a people person. Her name is Rey and we are going to be traveling together, that way we can help each other train our pokmon."

Nyla nodded and put down the paper she had in her hand "So what can I do for you, Max?"

He took off his backpack and brought out 400k "This is the money that I told you I was going to invest. It's not much but I'm sure that it's good enough to do some of the changes that we talked about. I want to have a report and proof of where the money went, it's not that I don't trust you but that's all that my father is lending me for now."

She nodded and opened a safe under her desk "Don't worry I'll make sure that it's all spent responsibly."

Max yawned and got up "Well Nyla that's all for now, make sure not to overwork yourself."

After they were out of the company the two stopped by a food truck that sold fast food like burgers, fries, and chicken wings. He ordered one cheeseburger and large fires but he was surprised when Mordred ordered three cheeseburgers, three large fries, and 16 chicken wings. After she was done the man from the food cart looked at his surprised face and nodded with an understanding look as he thought "Young man that's the hard truth about women, once they have a catch they stop taking care of themselves. Good thing that you have gotten a glimpse of this before it was too late, make sure not to make the same mistake that I made."

Once they had their food they found a place to sit down and eat. When he finished he couldn't help but look at all the food she had ordered and then at her body "Where the hell does it all go" he wondered.

He was about to ask her if she could really eat it all when he heard Lance and Serenity in his head "Got the package, waiting on you."

Max nodded and asked Mordred to wait there as he walked into an alley and teleported to the two servants.

They showed up carrying four large black bags which surprised him, he put them away and led the two back to where Mordred was waiting.

Lance sat down next to the blond servant and took one of the burgers, she was about to reach and get it back but Lance licked it and gave her a mischievous smile. To stop things from getting violent he ordered another two burgers and gave one to her and Serenity.

When they had finished eating he asked the question that he had in mind "How much did you get, and how come you got it so fast? Not that I'm complaining of course."

The blue-haired servant laughed and pointed at the purple-haired assassin, "Someone wanted to get here as soon as possible so that her man wasn't stolen. She was also not in a good mood and showed our victim no mercy as she asked him for 6.5 million. I can only assume that she wanted to get more than last time so that we wouldn't have to leave you two alone for a good while."

Max looked at the assassin and smiled "Is that true Serenity."

She gave him a small nod and looked at the ground. He laughed and sat next to her and hugged her "Well then thank you I'm glad that you feel jealous haha, the thing is that you have to remember that I'm going to be surrounded by girls. Still, though you guys seriously make me feel tempted to make my daily living from pure blackmailing, I mean if we can get all this money from blackmailing then what the hell haha. No, I must stay on the straight path, that way I can actually help out my family without them wondering where the hell I get the money from. Come on Max you have to stick with the cover like they say with great power comes great responsibility."

The servants all looked at him like he was nuts, Lance smiled and thought "The right path? Where the hell is my favorite student that can kill without hesitating?"

Max sighed and finished the soda that he had taken out of his storage "Well anyway back on topic, tomorrow we can move into our new home. Serenity we will need those plans soon, Mordred please don't destroy our new home. Tomorrow all four of us are going to go shopping for some furniture after Lance and I have a little business talk with the owner. Since it's going to be our last day being homeless do you guys want to go and sleep in a hotel or is the forest still okay?"

"Hotel" (x 3)

He smiled and nodded "alright then let's go, starting tomorrow I can dump most of the things on you guys so that I can finally get some real training."

Mordred smiled and gave him a pat on the back that he felt messed up his internal organs "how about I give you a hand in your training?"

He sighed and shook his head "I said training, not my funeral if you want something to do then get the freakish strength under control."

They all laughed and after some more walking and some light flirting by Lance they were finally able to reach the hotel. He laid in bed and let out a relieved sigh "Man how much I've missed a soft bed. Now that we are finally going to have our own place I will be able to get into contact more often with my mother and father. I should probably start by explaining what Lance and I are doing so that they can slowly get used to the idea and not get the impact all at once when the business is up and running."

Since he was still mentally tired from messing with gravity during his training he began to fall asleep.

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