Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 1145

1144 Being Tricked By Patinated Bronze Elite

"Nine… Nine-Star Demonic Beast! Violent Colossal Rhino! Hide! Hurry…"

Ning Yuchen called out to his friends to find a hideout.

Ten meters ahead was a mammoth gray rhinoceros the size of a truck. Its hide was craggy like a rock and as thick as a tank armor! What was even more frightening was that it was a Nine-Star Patinated Bronze Demonic Beast. Humans of the same level would not even stand a chance against it!

No wonder Woldemar asked Ning Yuchen to lend a hand.

"Ning Yuchen, let them be!" Woldemar shouted. "Get ready! Whether or not we can take this creature down will depend on if you could shoot its eyes!"

 "Mm…" Ning Yuchen nodded. After making sure that Chen Xiaobei and the rest of the group was safely tucked away in a tree nearby, he finally exhaled and said, "I'm ready. Go ahead!"

A metal longbow, paired with a sharp arrow, appeared in his hands.

This was not magic. Ning Yucheng also had a Spatial Spiritual Item.

This was a high ranking starfield after all. Chen Xiaoebi had known earlier on that Spiritual Items were common a thing here.

 "I'm going! You have to move fast. I won't be able to hold him down for long!"

Woldemar charged toward the mammoth creature.


The giant rhinoceros had spotted Woldemar.



The rhino lowered its forelegs ready to charge.

"Heaven Finishing Slash!"

Woldemar leaped into the air at a calculated distance, and raised the sword in his hands above his head. 

Boom! Boom! Boom! 

The rhinoceros was on all fours now, shaking the ground as it charged towards its enemy.

It was big but it was not clumsy at all; in fact, it was faster than Woldemar.


Woldemar aimed for the giant rhinoceros's head and swung his sword.

Instead of dodging the weapon, the animal raised its head, to meet the sword with its pointed horns.

The collision produced a loud screeching sound, and the friction sent sparks flying.

It looked like it was going to be a tie but Woldemar was sent flying through the air, his hands felt like they had been ripped apart and his shoulders went numb.

Worse still, there was a crack in the sword in his hands.


The giant rhinoceros stood its ground proudly, raising its head in a victorious stance, and roared.

Its horns stood tall and unmarred.

Woldemar's razor-sharp sword did not leave a single mark.

 "Shoot! It looks like Woldemar can't fight that creature…"

 Liu Chen watched from the branch of the tree, a deep frown etched on her lips.

 "That's not unusual…" Hu Ben said, "Demonic Beasts are much stronger than people of the same rank. Besides, the Violent Colossal Rhino is a rare powerful Demonic Beast. Not only its attack is extremely destructive, but its defense is also almost impenetrable as well! Not even three to five humans that are as powerful as it can defeat it!"

"So, that means it's all up to Brother Ning?" Chen Xiaobei chucked, his eyes glued to Ning Yuchen.

While the giant rhinoceros was celebrating its win, Ning Yuchen used the opportunity to attack!


He released the string and the arrow flew straight toward the rhino's right eye.

 "Good shot! That was a good one!" Liu Chen and Hu Ben cheered.


Chen Xiaobei shook his head.

"What do you know?" Liu Chen showed Chen Xiaobei the whites of her eyes and raised her fist, "Hit the target please!'

The rhinoceros suddenly swung its head and rebuffed Ning Yuchen's arrow!


Liu Chen stared open-mouthed.

Chen Xiaobei said, "There's nothing wrong with Brother Ning's shooting skills and timing. But it was too slow for the rhinoceros. It was not a threat at all to it!"

"Yeah…" Hu Ben nodded. "Boss' cultivation is so much lower than the giant rhinoceros'. Even if the arrow's speed were to be increased it would still be too slow…"

 "What should we do? Are we going to have to make a run for it?"

Li Chen knitted her brows together.

It was clear to her that her beloved Woldemar was not about to launch another attack and now that it was certain that Ning Yuchen's would not be able to hit the rhinoceros, it seemed that there was only one way out of this sticky situation—run!


The giant rhinoceros was pissed for being attacked by the arrow.

It looked squarely at Ning Yuchen, roared and ran toward him!

"F*ck! That monster is going to attack the boss! Run boss! Run!"

Hu Ben screamed at the top of his voice. "Woldemar! What the hell are you doing? Stop that creature! If you don't, Boss will die!"

"Woldemar! Please save our captain! Hurry!"

Liu Chen may be head over heels with Woldemar but at a critical time as such, she did not wish for anything terrible to happen to Ning Yuchen.

But Woldemar remained where he was with no intention to help his fellow soldier.

His arms were still numb and when he saw the cracked sword in his hand, Woldemar was overwhelmed with fear.

 "You want me to fight that monster? Do you think I'm stupid?"

Woldemar rolled his eyes and then ran off!

 "What the f*ck! Woldemar, you dickhead! You… You…"

 Hu Ben was too pissed to say anything else.

Liu Chen stamped her feet. "Woldemar, I didn't you were such asshole! You tricked our captain here and then leave him to die! Did you feed your heart to the dogs?"

Now that Woldemar had run off, Ning Yuchen was dead meat.

Ning Yuchen was a rare species. He had never mistreated Hu Ben and Liu Chen and always made sure that they get a share of anything good.

Realizing that Ning Yuchen may die before their very eyes, the rims of Hu Ben and Liu Chen's eyes reddened.

"Boss… Captain…"

"Why are the both of you so worried? The Patinated Bronze Elite might have tricked his ally but I'm still here to save the world!"

Chen Xiaobei smiled and then jumped off the tree.

 "Chen Zufeng! Come back… You'll die…"

Hu Ben and Liu Chen tried to stop him but they were a little too late.
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