Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 942

Xiao Tianquan: Bro Bei! You're looking for me?

Chen Xiaobei: I met a couple of powerful enemies recently. I think it's a waste for me to kill them. Besides, I will be traveling to Japan shortly. I was wondering if you have any extra Heavenly God Biscuits with you?

Xiao Tianquan: I do have some extra Heavenly Dog Biscuits with me but I think this is not a good time for me to give them to you Firstly, Shen Gongpao is watching us closely. Secondly, God Erlang is my partner and he is one of the disciples of Chanism as well. If Shen Gongpao finds out that I'm still sending Red Envelopes to you, even God Erland will be punished by him!

Chen Xiaobei: I understand that You are one loyal friend. I will not make your life difficult! I know the Primordial Lord of Heaven forbids us from sending Red Envelope to each other but he did allow us to buy those items with merit points! How much for one Heavenly Dog Biscuit? I will pay for you a fair amount of merit points for it to shut their mouth!

Xiao Tianquan: You are right. Using merit points to purchase items is actually legal. Since we are brothers, I'm going to give you a piece of good advice. It's better for you not to buy the Heavenly Dog Biscuits.

Chen Xiaobei: What do you mean by that?

Xiao Tianquan: The effect of Heavenly Dog Biscuit is just too powerful for human beings that live in the earthly realm! It can easily break the balance of earthly realm! That is why it comes with an extremely high price-tag! A piece of Heavenly Dog Biscuit cost 100,000 merit points!

Chen Xiaobei: Damn! 100,000 merit points for one?! Chanism must be the one that put such ridiculous price-tag on it! Clearly, they don't want me to use Heavenly Dog Biscuit!

Xiao Tianquan: Actually, they did not do it on purpose. Setting the price of an item is based on how powerful it is on the earthly realm! The more powerful the item, the higher the price tag! For example, there are items that can be used to destroy the entire earth all those items come with even higher price-tag! This is to protect the earthly realm! Even the Hong Diao the Ancestral Dao agreed to it. There is nothing the Prime of Tongtian can do about it.

Chen Xiaobei: Protect the earthly realm? Are they afraid of me feeding the entire human race with Heavenly Dog Biscuits?

Xiao Tianquan: You have to understand that they are not doing this to make your life difficult! The universe is extremely big! Yet, it is just a small part of Void Land! There are millions of stars in the sky! Yet, they are like a speck of dust in the Void Land! Earth is just a small piece of the Void Land! I know that you will not use those items to do evil deeds! That doesn't mean that others are like you!

Upon reading the message, Chen Xiaobei was taken aback. He remembered that Monkey King once told him that the Void Land had been through three major calamities! That's why it shattered into heavenly, underworld, and earthly realms. And these three realms are connected with underworld heavenly realm!

There are all kinds of people in this world. Try to imagine that if the Jingu Bang is given to a sadistic person, a calamity would befall the earth! With this law that was set by the Primordial Lord of Heaven, a person would need to do good deeds to earn enough merit points to buy the items that they need. Those who could afford to buy heavenly items meant that they were no bad person since they have done so many good deeds. With that being said, this law could really maintain the balance within three realms!

Chen Xiaobei: I understand now. I will not dwell on this matter. Just now you told me that I shouldn't spend so many merit points to buy Heavenly Dog Biscuits. What should I buy then?

Xiao Tianquan: I can teach you the way to make Heavenly Dog Biscuits! Just buy the ingredients that you need and you can save tons of merit points!

Chen Xiaobei: Make Heavenly Dog Biscuits? Damn! Teach me fast! I will learn this recipe no matter what!

The moment Chen Xiaobei learned the way to make Heavenly Dog Biscuits that would mean possessing an ultimate secret weapon! He could feed his enemies a piece of it if he wants to make them his loyal servants!

Xiao Tianquan: Next, I'm going to tell you the main ingredients to make Heavenly Dog Biscuits!

All Xiao Tianquan did was type the recipe in a message and sent it to Chen Xiaobei. By doing this, it did not need to send a Red Envelope to him.

Xiao Tianquan: All these raw ingredients will not cause any imbalance to the earthly realm. And their prices are not that expensive as well!

Chen Xiaobei: Okay. I will remember that! Thank you so much!

Xiao Tianquan: I'm not done It's true that you can save a lot of merit point by making your own Heavenly Dog Biscuits! However, you will need to spend a lot of Spiritual Stones to make it!

Chen Xiaobei: Spiritual Stones?

Xiao Tianquan: The effect of Heavenly Dog Biscuit is too damn powerful! Every piece of Heavenly Dog Biscuit will need 1,000 Spiritual Stones to bring out the effect that you need!

Chen Xiaobei: Damn! That's a lot!

Xiao Tianquan: We are not allowed to send any Spiritual Qi or Spiritual Stones to anyone in the earthly realm. I think you have to go and look for it yourself! Though it needs a whopping 1,000 Spiritual Stone, you shouldn't lose out much if you use it at the right place!

Chen Xiaobei: You are right about it! I'm going to make a few enemies stay loyal to me forever and ever! 1,000 Spiritual Stones is definitely worth it!

Xiao Tianquan: As long as it's worth it! You can always earn back the Spiritual Stones that you spend on it!

Chen Xiaobei: Without wasting any time, let me go and look for the deities that sell me those raw ingredients!

Right after that, Chen Xiaobei went and messaged Shennong, Hundred Herbs Deity, and Qinteng Goddess to buy the raw ingredients that he needed to make Heavenly Dog Biscuits. The moment he got his hands on the raw ingredients, Chen Xiaobei started to produce as many as Heavenly Dog Biscuits as possible.

After putting all the ingredient into the Green Jade Cauldron, Chen Xiaobei went and asked Hong Hai'er to spit Sanmei True Fire to fuse all the ingredients together. The only thing that Chen Xioabei could do after making sure the heat was right was to wait for time to pass. There were around 3,600 Spiritual Stones inside the Green Jade Gourd. And the ingredients that he bought were enough to make ten pieces of Heavenly Dog Biscuits. With that being said, Chen Xiaobei had to look for another 6,400 Spiritual Stones.

That was definitely not a small fortune. Under normal circumstance, there was no way that Chen Xiaobei could acquire it in a short period of time. This time, Chen Xiaobei already had a plan in his mind.

"Since I'm making all these Heavenly Dog Biscuits for my enemies, I shall claim all the Spiritual Stones that I need from my enemies!


At the Zhuang Mansion.

The whole place was in an uproar since morning.

The faction leader of Mount Hua Faction, Yue Changkong's ribs were completely shattered. His heart and lungs had suffered severe damage.

The grand elder of Green Town Faction, Su Dongruo's chest was hit by lighting. The skin on his body was completely charred!

The young master of Mount Hua Faction, Yue Junmo's face was destroyed by Chen Xiaobei. Blood was gushing from his wound like a fountain. And one of his eyeballs almost fell out from his torn flesh.

The injuries that they suffered were too severe for them to do anything about it. They were lying on the bed the moment they arrived at the Zhuang Mansion. Luckily, they all had Spiritual Medicine to keep them alive. Without help from a legendary doctor, there was no way they could recover fully.

"Yuejin! Yuejin! Did my god grandfather pick up the call? Call him again and again! We have to ask him to drop by here today no matter what!"
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