Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 943

"We got through! We got through! God grandfather said he's coming!" Zhuang Yuejin announced as he ran over excitedly like he had just won the lottery.

"That's great! Once god grandfather arrives, Faction Leader Yue's and the others' wounds can be dealt with! Zhuang Hao chuckled, like there was not a care in the world.

"Since when did you have another grandfather?"

Zhuang Bihuang narrowed his eyes, looking disapprovingly at Zhuang Hao.

"Since when did the grandchildren of the Zhuang Family become so useless?"

"Great ancestor. You might not have heard of him!" Zhuang Hao explained respectfully, "This god grandfather of mine is a legendary healer! There is no poison under the sun that he cannot cure! There is no sickness that he cannot heal!"

"Who is this man?" asked Zhuang Bihuang, raising his brow. "Is he better than Huangfu Mumin?'

"That is a given!" Zhuang Hao said animatedly, "It's true that Huangfu Mumin is a great doctor! However, when it comes to medicinal skill, Huangfu Mumin didn't even dare to say a word in front of my god grandfather!

"Oh? Is that so?"

Zhuang Bihuang's expression changed. His look of disdain quickly became one of curiosity. "It seems like you have come across a legendary healer since he is better than the number one alchemist in China, Huangfu Mumin! You have to introduce me to him later!"

"That is a must!" Zhuang Hao replied modestly, "I'm pretty sure my god grandfather would love to get to know an ancient faction elite like you!"

"Alright! You guys go ahead and welcome him!" Zhuang Bihuang waved them out, discreetly straightening out his clothes, ready to greet the legendary healer.

After about half an hour, only did Chen Xiaobei arrive.

"Grandfather! You've come!"

Zhuang Hao was so nervous that he was sweating profusely. "Please come in! The four wounded men are inside waiting for you to save their lives!"

"Who are they? What are their symptoms?" Chen Xiaobei said in a voice that sounded exactly like an old man's and was wearing a skinned mask.

"Answer your grandfather!"

Zhuang Hao quickly answered in deference, "There are four patients of varied ages. They are all badly wounded! We've given them some medication to keep them alive but they are still throwing up blood. Their injuries are worsening as well!"

"Mm, bring me to see them." Chen Xiaobei said in a serious manner.

Deep inside his heart, he was actually feeling happy.

Because everything was going exactly the way he had planned!

"God grandfather! You are finally here!"

Just as he stepped through the door, the two eunuch brothers Zhuang Bifan and Zhuang Bufan came up to him, greeting him enthusiastically, encircling him.

"Brother! You're here!"

Even Zhuang Lao Taijun came to greet him personally.

"Is this the legendary healer?" Zhuang Bihuang was the last to walk over. He held out his hand and said, "I, Zhuang Bihuang have admired you for a very long time. I can finally get to meet you today! The presence that you bring with you is awestriking!"

"Stop all this pretentious courtesy and bring me to see the patients!" Chen Xiaobei said indifferently, and walked past Zhuang Bihuang's outstretched hand.

"I" The corners of Zhuang Bihuang's mouth twitched; he was very dispirited.

He himself was the grand elder of Mount Hua Faction. It was normal for people to cry and beg to come up close and shake hands with him. But now, he was the one who was being snubbed.

"Great ancestor, don't take it to heart. God grandfather has a temper. He does not care for etiquette and formalities Right now, it's more important to save our people!" Zhuang Hao reasoned.

"Hmph! Next time, inform me of these things beforehand!"

Zhuang Bihuang glared at Zhuang Hao, rolled up his sleeves and headed toward the mansion.

Zhuang Hao gulped and followed behind.

Inside the mansion.

Arranged in a row next to each other were four beds that had just been set up and lying on them each were Yue Changkong, Yue Junmo, Su Dongruo, and Xu Changqing.



Yue Changkong stretched out his neck and blood sprayed from between his lips.

The area surrounding his bed, the pillows, blankets, and even the floorboards were stained red.




Su Dongruo had been coughing interminably.

This idiot's chest was struck by lightning. His chest was burnt and the flesh inside tender. Every time he coughed, tainted blood would spew from his scorched muscles. The blood he shed was no less than Yue Changkong's.

"Urgh It hurts This is torture Why don't you just slit out throats."

Yue Junmo and Xu Changqing were in similar conditions.

Half of their faces was wrecked by Chen Xiaobei's slaps. There were lacerations on the flesh, sinews were torn and bones were crushed. Every time when they breathed, they could feel that someone was slicing their flesh. They were in so much pain they would rather die!

"God grandfather, hurry and treat them!" Zhuang Hao urged, "These four men are our Zhuang Family's most important guest! Please don't let anything bad happen to them!"

"Who Who is this?"

Even though Yue Changkong was badly injured, he was still very watchful.

"Our wounds are not superficial. If he is just an ordinary doctor and you can ask him to leave!"

"That's right Hack Hack" Su Dongruo said with much difficulty. "If our wounds can be cured by an ordinary man, we would've already admitted ourselves to the hospital. Why would stay here and suffer Hack Hack"

"It hurts so bad"

Both Yue Junmo and Xu Changqing said in a shaky voice, "A common doctor will be useless to use! Not only do we want our wounds to be healed, we also require some facial reconstruction Argh Hurts"

"Heh. Since you don't trust me, then you can cure yourselves!"

Chen Xiaobei's tone was cold. He turned and walked away.

"Grandfather, please stay. Please don't leave!" Zhuang Hao's body shook uncontrollably as he tried to persuade Chen Xiaobei. "Human life is of immeasurable value! They don't know who you are so it's natural for them to want to be more cautious. When I get the chance to introduce you to them, they will know just how amazing you are!"

Hearing Zhuang Hao calling him grandfather in every sentence he spoke and the way he treated Chen Xiaobei which was more endearing compared to how he treated Zhuang Bifang.

Those who were watching them had a slight change of heart.

"I didn't know someone legendary is here I misspoke Zhuang Hao why don't you do the introductions" said Yue Changkong weakly.

Just as he had finished talking, he coughed up more blood.

"This is Elder Wu! He is also my god grandfather and the doctor that we worship in the Zhuang Family!" Zhuang Hao said in a loud tone, "Earlier, my son was greatly affected by some strange poison! I had tried asking everyone to cure him! Even Huangfu Mumin couldn't do anything about it! In the end, my god grandfather was the one that cured him!"

"What?! This Elder Wu's medical expertise is higher than that of Huangfu Mumin?"

Everyone was stunned.

"Elder Wu HackHack Hack Come and treat me first"

"Elder Wu! Please treat me first! I beg you!"

"Heal me! Heal me fist"

The four unfortunate idiots competed with each other like four lovesick women, looking at Chen Xiaobei like he was the most handsome man on earth, hoping that he would bestow favor upon themselves!

"This tiny wound is nothing to me," Chen Xiaobei said while shrugging nonchalantly, "but I will require a sum of payment1,000 Spiritual Stones for each person I heal. Whoever pays first will be healed first!"
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