Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 944

"What? 1,000 Spiritual Stones each? That's 4,000 Spiritual Stones in total!"

The four of them were shocked. They had never heard of such an expensive consultation fee before!

"Elder Wu, can you reduce it a little? Our lives are hanging by a thread. Don't you think you're asking for too much?" Yue Changkong asked.

"I agree hack hack Some might even say that you are looting a burning house..." Su Dongruo quickly added.

These two old foxes wanted to pressure Chen Xiaobei into reducing the price.

"Heh, if you do not think that your life is worth 1,000 Spiritual Stones then you can go look for another doctor!" Chen Xiaobei put on a poker face and said indifferently, "My healing skill is not that cheap!"

"Faction Leader Yue! Grand Elder Su! You don't understand! My god grandfather is not trying to cheat you! I did pay him 1,000 Spiritual Stones as consultation fees as well when I asked him to heal my son!"

Zhuang Hao stepped in to explain the situation. "At first, I felt that the price was outrageous but when he started the healing process, I knew that it was worth it!"

"All of you are no ordinary men. With injuries like this, no ordinary doctor would be able to cure you! If we keep delaying, things may worsen. No matter how many Spiritual Stones you have, it will be useless!"

All four of them grew silent.

Chen Xiaobei's eyes lit up. He was very much amused by that fool Zhuang Hao. He had never eaten the Heavenly Dog Biscuit, but he acted as if he had. He kept talking on behalf of Xiaobei and his reasoningwas very convincing.

"What Zhuang Hao said makes sense What is the use of having Spiritual Stones when we are dead"

Yue Changkong was the first to speak, "I'm willing to pay 2,000 Spiritual Stones! Please heal my son and me first!"

"Me too I'm also willing to do that"

Su Dongruo and Zhuang Hao quickly made their decisions.

Even if Chen Xiaobei was robbing them in broad daylight, they could only cooperate. If they lose their lives, they lose everything.

"Alright! Then pay up first!" Chen Xiaobei said casually.

"Elder Wu look at us We do not have any Spiritual Stones with us right now Please tend to us first The Spiritual Stones will be paid within three days" Yue Changkong implored.

"One day!" Chen Xiaobei said firmly but solemnly, "It must be delivered within one day!"

"This" Yue Changkong had no other choice so he promised helplessly, "Alright If you stabilize my condition, I will ask my men to bring the Spiritual Stones from Mount Hua Faction!"

Chen Xiaobei nodded and walked over. From his pocket he took out his bags of needle that he carried around, produced a silver needle and immediately got to work, inserting the needles into Yue Changkong's body.

Everyone had their eyes on Chen Xiaobei, watching to see his infamous skills.

Chen Xiaobei's acupuncture skill was world famous! There was no one else could do it better than him. Everyone was stunned when they saw Chen Xiaobei performed world-class acupuncture technique.

He planted thirty-six needles in one go before stopping

"So? Faction Leader Yue! How do you feel? Is it better?" The others asked, curious.

"I I Oh my god"

Yue Changkong was both surprised and delighted. He let out a long sigh before answering, "Elder Wu is amazing! The pain in my chest has reduced! And my chaotic Qi Blood has finally calmed down! I will not be throwing up blood anymore!"

The others were stunned beyond words.

Two minutes ago, Yue Changkong was retching incessantly. Chen Xiaobei had just finished inserting the needles and the results were instantaneous!

This is nothing short of a legendary healer!

"Elder Wu! Grandpa Wu It's my turn! Hurry! Come and treat me"

Yue Junmo could not wait anymore and threw himself at Chen Xiaobei, latching onto his thigh.

Chen Xiaobei took him time, changed a set of acupuncture skill and applied them on Yue Junmo.

He was done within two minutes.

"This is godlike! Grandpa Wu! You are really good!" Yue Junmo exclaimed, "My face doesn't hurt anymore! It doesn't hurt to breathe! I don't feel any pain when I talk!"

"Elder Wu hack hack I am also willing to pay you with Spiritual Stones!" Su Dongruo was right behind him and promised, "It will be delivered within a day! Save me, please! Hack hack hack"

Chen Xiaobei nodded and spent the same amount of time planting about 30 needles into Su Dongruo's body.

"I'm not coughing anymore! My lungs are healed! I don't even feel like coughing anymore!" Su Dongruo was astounded and applauded. "Elder Wu! He's a god-sent doctor!"

"My turn! It's my turn Save me, Elder Wu! The pain is killing me" Zhuang Hao looked hopefully at Chen Xiaobei.

Very quickly, Chen Xiaobei also performed acupuncture on Zhuang Hao.

"It does not hurt anymore! The pain is gone" Zhuang Hao asked excitedly, "Zhuang Hao, now that we are stabilized. What are you going to do next? When will you start our recuperating process?"

All the others pinned their ears back at this.

"After this, I will concoct some medicines. Tomorrow at this hour, I will return!" Chen Xiaobei gave a half-smile and said, "Let me be blunt with you, if by then, all the Spiritual Stones have not been paid up, then you are all on your own!"

When he had finished speaking, Chen Xiaobei left the mansion.

"Quick, Zhuang Hao! Go send him off! I'll take care of things here!" Zhuang Bihuang instructed.

Like a slave, Zhuang Hao quickly chased after Chen Xiaobei and said humbly, "I'm sorry for troubling you, grandfather! Luckily, you were here to help. Or else, we'll be in huge trouble"

Chen Xiaobei ignored him and walked away.

Just as they reach the door, two familiar faces arrived at Zhuang Family.

The one on the left was the head of Yap Family, Yap Jianming! The one on the right was nicknamed the right hand of Yap Family! He is the elder of Mount Shu Faction, Situ Hengfeng!"

Chen Xiaobei had heard Wu Aofeng said that this idiot Situ Hengfeng was also part of last's night's attack on Bei Xuan Faction. But after Liu Chunyi was captured, Situ Hengfeng sensed danger and slipped away.

With both Yap Jianming and Situ Hengfeng here, it could be nothing good.

"Brother Yap! You are finally here!" Zhuang Hao wore a look of anticipation on his face.

"Greeting Elder Wu!"

Yap Jianming and Situ Hengfeng paid no heed to Zhuang Hao and greeted Chen Xiaobei.

Yap Jianming was there when Zhuang Bifan called him his god grandfather, he even asked Yap Tianlin to address Chen Xiaobei as his grandpa!

"Are you here to talk business? Well then, there's no need to send me off!" Chen Xiaobei said, narrowing his eyes.

"We will not hide anything from you, grandfather! We are here to discuss something important! I apologize, but I must leave!"

Zhuang Hao bowed and quickly led Yap Jianming into the yard.

Chen Xiaobei looked sullen. Without the Divine Ear Talisman, how was he supposed to hear what they are discussing?

It was then that he spotted Zhuang Bifan and Zhuang Bufan.
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