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  • Reincarnated Assassin

  • Genres : realism -  maleprotagonist -  reincarnataion -  hierarchalsociety -  actionadventure -  growth -  subplot romance -  skilled but not op -  weakstrong -  future leader
  • Status : Ongoing
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Reincarnated Assassin summary:

Jack Rojas, AKA Bloody Ripper; the most notorious assassin to ever exist. Jack was a United States CIA Black Ops Agent. His job was to go under the alias Bloody Ripper and murder any leaders from other nations that opposed the United States. On a particular mission, he got caught and tried to make his escape but failed. As he was about to die, everything went black. All he could hear was a woman's light but a loving voice.

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Reincarnated Assassin Chapters

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