Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Book 2 Chapter 320

Volume 2 Chapter 320 Auction I

Leng Shaoting helped Gu Ning to arrange a car to pick them up, so An Guangyao's group took the car and headed to Jinlin Hotel the moment that they left the airport. Fifty minutes later, they arrived.

Gu Ning was waiting for them in a private room, and they would dine together before going to the office building.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were going to attend the auction at two pm, so she ordered dishes beforehand. In that case, An Guangyao's group could have the meal right when they arrived.

"Nice to meet you, Miss Gu and Mr. Leng!" An Guangyao said. Because there were other people around, it wasn't convenient for An Guangyao to call Gu Ning his boss.

There was a secretary, Zhang Shunjie, and a designer, Wu Mingkai, along with an assistant designer and two surveyors that came to the capital with An Guangyao.

"Miss Gu, Mr. Leng, it's so nice to meet you!" the others greeted them. Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were their clients, so they had great respect and politeness towards them. Zhang Shunjie, on the other hand, was aware that Gu Ning was their big boss, so he behaved himself the entire time.

Gu Ning invited them to have a seat around the table afterwards.

During the meal, they didn't discuss much about work. Gu Ning had already written down her thoughts and blueprints for the office building and An Guangyao would be in charge of the rest of the work.

It was an 18-story office building, so the reception undoubtedly would be on the first floor, while the chairman's office would be on the 18th floor.

As for departments, they were going to set up Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Information, and Securities departments. The office building was 550 square meters in size, and there were three departments on each floor along with a bathroom and a pantry. The canteen would occupy a floor, while meeting rooms were on another.

Fenghua Entertainment was directly set up at the headquarters of the group, occupying the seventh, eighth and ninth floors. The seventh floor was to be a dance studio; the eighth floor was to be recording studios and the ninth floor were the offices for Fenghua Entertainment's staff.

There would be plenty of empty space in the 18-story office building temporarily, because it wasn't the appropriate time for Gu Ning to merge all her companies. In that case, Gu Ning decided to decorate the floors as planned and the rest of the empty space would wait till they were being used.

An Guangyao was surprised to hear about Fenghua Entertainment. To his astonishment, Gu Ning was going to be involved in the entertainment industry. Because of Shenghua Real Estate and Jade Beauty Jewelry, An Guangyao had no doubt about Gu Ning's ability. He admired Gu Ning more than ever because she was able to establish her business empire at such a young age.

They all knew that Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting had something else to deal with, so they finished the meal within half an hour. After that, they left for the office building. The capital wasn't only large, but also had heavy traffic, so they didn't arrive until half an hour later. Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were going to attend the auction, so they left in another direction.

The auction was held in the downtown, and the host was the biggest auction company in the capital. Many celebrities were invited.

Not every attendee was an antique lover. Many came here to expand their network, while some seized the chance to show off his wealth. At the same time, not everyone who had been invited would show up, because some had no interest and some of those with a higher social status didn't bother to come.

When Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting stopped the car in the parking lot, they met Xu Jinchen's group who were waiting for them.

Chen Meng, Si Ming, Qiu Yuxin and Xu Qinyin came along with Xu Jinchen.

"Hi, Shaoting, Gu Ning!" They greeted Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning. Gu Ning also greeted them politely, while Leng Shaoting only nodded lightly. They were already used to Leng Shaoting's style, so they didn't think that it was impolite.

"Gu Ning, I heard that you are putting up an antique for this auction. Could you please show it to us now?"

Chen Meng and the others were all surprised when they heard that Gu Ning was going to sell an antique, so Chen Meng couldn't wait to ask her when she came.

"Yes, but I am just selling it for fun. I'm not actually an antique lover," Gu Ning said, and took out the Official Kiln Writing-brush Washer from her backpack.

None of them knew much about antiques, so they couldn't tell how precious this washer was. They only came here because they were invited and wanted to gather together.

"Let's get inside now! It's about to begin."

It was already 1:30 pm, and Gu Ning had to take the Official Kiln Writing-brush Washer to be appraised first, so it was time for them to go inside.

In the hall, everyone was chatting and shaking hands with one another. However, when Leng Shaoting and the others walked inside, they became the focus and attracted a lot of attention. Not because many people recognized them, but because of their outstanding appearance.

"Wow, those men are so handsome!"


"I think the beauties are attractive!"

"I agree, especially the taller one. She has the perfect body!"

Both women and men in the hall were busy appreciating them.

Leng Shaoting and the other men were handsome as well as muscular. However, although Gu Ning's face was prettier than Qiu Yuxin, her body and height couldn't compare with Qiu Yuxin's. Qiu Yuxin was a mature woman after all, and dressed in a s.e.xy and stylish way. She was the most noticeable one among them, while Gu Ning looked like a student and didn't attract much attention. However, Gu Ning didn't care, and Leng Shaoting didn't want other men to stare at his girlfriend either. Xu Qinyin was charming too, but still wasn't comparable with Qiu Yuxin.

"Isn't she the daughter of the Xu Family?"

"Do you mean the super-rich Xu Family?"

"Yes, she's the daughter of Master Xu's second son, and is called Xu Qinyin. "

"And I think that I've seen the tall woman somewhere before. She looks so familiar!"

"Must be on a magazine cover: because she's a well-known model domestically."

"Oh, it's her! Now I know why she looks so familiar! She's so s.e.xy and even more beautiful than the pictures in the magazines!"

Both Qiu Yuxin and Xu Qinyin were familiar faces to them.

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