Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Book 2 Chapter 398

Volume 2 Chapter 398 Song Manni

It was very hard for Gu Qinxiang to accept the truth. He was already quite jealous of their beauty salon and construction material store. If they also had a jewelry company, Gu Qinxiang would be hit heavily. He had worked so hard for over 20 years, and finally became a successful businessman with only dozens of millions of yuan in assets, but Gu Ning turned into a billionaire within several months!

He knew that Gu Ning wasn't weak now, but he couldn't help calling Gu Man after he heard the news. The old lady was still in the hospital, so Gu Man didn't block Gu Qinxiang's phone number in case anything bad happened to her mother and she would miss it.

Although she hated her mother, she wasn't cold-blooded. And the old lady was paralyzed from the waist down. She couldn't walk but had to lie on the bed or move in a wheelchair. It was unlikely that she would cause Gu Man any more trouble.

"Gu Man, is Gu Ning the real boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry?" Gu Qinxiang asked. He didn't dare to annoy them, so he didn't sound high up in the air like he had been in the past.

Gu Man already heard the news that everyone was discussing, so she wasn't surprised that Gu Qinxiang got to know it too. "So what? It has nothing to do with you."

Gu Qinxiang was struck speechless, because it did have nothing to do with him, and so he hung up. Gu Qing, on the other hand, was still in shock. She was so surprised by the fact that Gu Ning, who was her niece, was the real boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry. Qin Zheng, Chen Ziyao, Shao Feifei, Lin Lijuan, and Gu Xiaoxiao also heard the news, and nobody was more astonished than them.

"How is it possible!" Lin Lijuan refused to believe that it was true.

"No, it must not the Gu Ning that we know. She's too poor to run a jewelry store!" Gu Xiaoxiao said.

As for those discussions, Gu Ning didn't care at all, because she had already arrived at City G.

It was 12:30 pm when they landed at the airport in City G.

Once she got off the plane, she turned on her phone and surprisingly found tons of unknown calls and messages. After reading them, Gu Ning understood that the news reporters were eager to find and interview her. Nevertheless, she was occupied now. In case they would call her again, she sent messages back to them saying that she wasn't in City F and couldn't receive interviews.

Those news reporters immediately asked when she would be back, but Gu Ning ignored them again. After that, she took a taxi to downtown for lunch.

Gu Ning had contacted Yan Zhenglin before she came to City G, so Yan Zhenglin's group was already waiting for her in the hotel.

Gu Ning had also given a doc.u.ment in which she wrote down all the properties of Hongyun Group that she planned to acquire to Yan Zhenglin so that she would know their price when she arrived.

The market price was 2.5 billion yuan, but the price that Gu Ning was offered was only 1.3 billion yuan, which was seven hundred million yuan less than her anticipation. It was a huge discount indeed, and it was the most Yan Zhenglin could offer her. And the reason why Gu Ning could get the price was because she had contributed a lot in the case against the Hongyun Group.

After the meal, Yan Zhenglin took Gu Ning to finish the legal procedures in person. Before long, it was settled.

After that, Gu Ning told Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to give the information to An Guangyao. They would assist An Guangyao in dealing with things. The hotels and restaurants under the Hongyun Group would be redecorated with a new name. In addition, Gu Ning planned to upgrade them to five-star hotels, and the new name would be the Fengteng Hotel. The restaurants would be upgraded as well, and renamed as the Fengteng Restaurant.

Fang Changsheng was ambitious, so his hotels and restaurants all had great locations. There was no problem in changing them into high-end places. As for the shopping mall, Gu Ning decided to leave it open as usual, because she would lose a million yuan if it closed for even a day.

Gu Ning planned to fly to City B alone the next day, while Gao Yi and Qiao Ya took a plane back to City F that day.

Gu Ning only spent a night in City G, so she didn't call Master Yan and the other masters. She went to the Jade Beauty Jewelry store and met Zhou Zhenghong.

"Uncle Zhou, how are you doing?" Gu Ning said.

"All is well. However, Shao Ping came to me a few days ago, and he tried to sell Zhoufu Jewelry to me at the price of fifty million yuan. Zhoufu Jewelry isn't worth ten million yuan at the moment, so I'd be dumb to buy it. I would be lying if I said that I have no feelings towards Zhoufu Jewelry. I built the brand after all, but I also know that it's already history, and I'm moving to the future with Jade Beauty Jewelry." Zhou Zhenghong didn't hide the fact that Shao Ping had come to him. At the same time, he showed his loyalty to Jade Beauty Jewelry before Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Gu Ning felt comforted. She was, of course, happy to hear that Zhou Zhenghong was loyal to Jade Beauty Jewelry since he already worked for her. Gu Ning would allow him to have a sideline, but it couldn't be jewelry. She didn't want to see them competing against each other.

Gu Ning didn't stay there long, because Zhou Zhenghong had to go home to eat with his son, so they separated. Coincidentally, Gu Ning met Song Manni in the restaurant and sat right next to her.

Song Manni was sitting across another woman who was her age. They were chatting while eating.

"Manni, what's your next step?" the woman asked.

"I'll quit and sell the house before I leave City G. I want to live in a new environment," Song Manni said. Although she felt disgusted by her ex-husband's family, she was also hurt, so she wanted to start anew.

"Where are you moving to? You've worked so hard to be a design director, and now you have to start afresh," the woman said. She felt sorry for Song Manni.

"It's fine. I'm single and without any pressure now. And since I've exposed what Song Meixin did, Feng Jie keeps begging me to get back together with him. I'm just so sick of him, so it's better that I move away!" Song Manni said.

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