Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2517

Chapter 2517 Fame Spreads Across The Dark Den

Everyone was astounded that Shi Feng had survived after countering the Demon Kings Hand, but the player in question only breathed a deep sigh of relief.

Thank goodness the Demon Kings Hands power is barely at Tier 5. If it had been stronger, not even Void Shield wouldve saved me.

Glancing at his HP bar, Shi Feng realized he had very nearly lost his life. Had an expert with a fully unlocked Mana Body summoned the Demon Kings Hand instead of Troubled Times, he wouldnt have even had a chance to resist.

In Gods Domain, magic tools effects varied depending on the state of a players Mana Body. When a player with a locked Mana Body used a magic tool, its effects would be minimized, but if a player used their Mana Bodys Mana to activate a magic tool, they could elevate its power.

If a Tier 5 expert had used the Demon Kings Hand, they wouldve likely boosted its power to the peak of Tier 5. Fortunately, Troubled Times hadnt unlocked his Mana Bodys full potential yet.

With his Disintegration Armors help, Shi Feng had forced himself to Tier 4, but his strength was nowhere near Tier 5, even after using Holy Annihilations First Sword. At best, his Lightshadow had peak Tier 4 power. To attack with Tier 5 strength, hed have to master the Second Sword, Holy Devour.

A large part of the reason for his miserable state was the fact that he hadnt yet perfected Lightshadow. Although, he still wouldnt have wielded Tier 5 power even if he had perfected the technique, pushing it to its limits. It only wouldve saved him from most of the damage he had suffered in countering the Demon Kings hand.

But that counterattack was his current limit. Even after forcing himself to Tier 4, executing Lightshadow perfectly was practically impossible.

Mana techniques werent like combat techniques; they focused on Mana manipulation.

With a combat technique, the stronger a players physique was, the easier it would be to execute. In other words, higher-tiered players had an easier time using their combat techniques.

However, the opposite was true for Mana techniques. The higher-tiered a player was they would have access to more Mana to control, and as a result, controlling Mana became more difficult as players reached higher Tiers.

Just using Lightshadow at Tier 4 had depleted more than half of his Concentration. His consumption rate had been many times higher than when he used the technique at Tier 3

Since youre done, Commander Troubled, its my turn! Shi Feng snapped, shifting his gaze to the dazed Berserker a short distance away.

Shi Feng hadnt been loud, but when the Sentinel Shelters survivors heard him, their scalps went numb as fear overcame them.

Even Troubled Times instincts screamed at him to run, and he took an involuntary step back for each step Shi Feng took toward him.

This Swordsman was monstrously strong!

The man had actually survived a hit from the Demon Kings Hand. Troubled Times couldnt even imagine what he could do against Shi Feng. Although he knew that Shi Feng was on his last leg after countering the Tier 5 attack, and he could probably kill the Swordsman with a normal attack, he wasafraid. He was even terrified of trying.

No one could guarantee that Shi Feng didnt have another trick up his sleeve. Moreover, Demon players paid a much greater price than human players when they died, especially Demon Viscounts like Troubled Times.

The crowd only gasped as they watched.

He can still fight in such a state? Graceful Monarchs mind was blown when she sensed Shi Fengs aura, which was growing stronger, not weaker.

Even she was confident that she could easily defeat Shi Feng in his current state, not to mention the Demonized Troubled Times, but when she looked at the Swordsman as he slowly approached Troubled Times, her instincts warned her to flee

Black Flame, I surrender! But, dont you dare assume that Sentinel Shelter will just give up! It wont be long before our shelter takes Shelter One for our own! Troubled Times growled, mustering some courage.

The Berserker then pulled an ancient, silver Magic Scroll from his bag and activated it without hesitation. The Spell immediately rent space before him. Rather than an endless void, however, players saw a burning forest within the tear. They also caught glimpses of a city enveloped in darkness among the burning trees.

A Boundary Breaker Scroll? Shi Feng was slightly surprised to see the spatial tear. He had never thought Troubled Times would have such a precious scroll.

The Boundary Breaker Scroll was one of Gods Domains super-rare Ancient Magic Scrolls. As long as one had a locations coordinates, they could teleport to that location from anywhere in the game, even from another world or continent. The scroll would even prove effective in frozen space. It was an invaluable tool that players could even use to flee from Tier 5 monsters.

Players and powers in the past had even spent 5,000 Gold on a single Boundary Breaker Scroll, and even then, very few players had been willing to sell their scrolls.

Just you wait, Black Flame! The next time we meet, your Shelter One will fall! Troubled Times promised, sneering at Shi Feng. He then jumped through the spatial tear, vanishing from the Dark Den.

Every player from the Extreme Light Shelter and Blue Frosts team was stunned. None of them had expected Troubled Times to escape after his ruthless rambling!

Moreover, he had fled without a second thought!

Troubled Times was known for his courage in the Dark Den. If he had the slightest chance of victory, hed continue to fight to the bitter end, and yet

Was that really Troubled Times?

His reaction wasnt unusual. If I were in his shoes, I wouldve fled from the Guild Leader as well. Not even a Demon Kings Hand could defeat Black Flame. What could Tier 3 players like us possibly do to him?

Black Flame is amazing! With a Guild Leader like that, Zero Wing will never have to worry about its development.

I wonder if Shelter Ones Zero Wing is still recruiting members? If it is, Im definitely applying!

After a brief moment of silence, a commotion erupted throughout the Extreme Light Shelter as everyone discussed Troubled Times escape. They also expressed their admiration for Shi Feng, and quite a few players, who had been developing in the shelter for some time, began to consider moving their bases to Shelter One and joining Zero Wing.

Shi Fengs presence was even more than enough to deter superpowers from attacking Shelter One. Furthermore, Shi Feng wasnt Zero Wings only monstrously strong player. If they could learn from these monsters, theyd quickly grow stronger.

He still got away in the end? Blue Frost frowned as he watched the spatial tear disappear.

Although he was surprised with how decisively Troubled Times had fled, the mans actions had been well within reason. Shi Fengs strength had just been that astonishing. There was nothing surprising about how much Troubled Times feared Shi Feng, going so far as to run, even knowing that Shi Feng had almost no combat power remaining.

While almost everyone viewed Troubled Times ruthless promise as nothing more than an attempt to salvage his reputation, Blue Frost knew that he hadnt been joking.

The Dark Den offered Demon players an unimaginably advantageous environment, and now that Troubled Times had seen the depths of Zero Wings strength, he would be absolutely confident of overcoming the Guild the next time he attacked. Moreover, the fact that the Berserker had used one precious tool after another proved that a great power supported the Sentinel Shelter.

If they didnt deal with this properly, Shelter One would face true danger.

Escape? Do you think you can flee from me so easily? Shi Feng chuckled as he watched the spatial tear finally close.




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