Release That Witch Chapter 1292

“Farrina, breakfast is ready.”

Joe stopped at the bedroom with a plate in his hand that contained a loaf of bread and a small piece of cheese.

Over the past two months since the appearance of the Bloody Moon, the couple had lived a simple life. Joe prepared three meals every day before he went off for work to the Administrative Office. Farrina seldom went out. Most of time, she stayed in the house doing nothing. Occasionally, she would ask about the situation in Hermes. This was the only time the couple actually talked.

Joe did not know what Farrina was thinking about, but he felt pleased just to be with her. He would not expect anything more than that at this time.

However, Farrina did not respond as usual.

“Farrina, are you up?”

Joe knocked on the door, wondering why she did not answer the door.

“Well, it’s time to eat.”


Still, nobody replied as if the room was empty.

Joe’s expression immediately changed, and he instantly thought of the worst scenario.

“Crap, isn’t things going better slowly?”

He put down the plate and tried to break and enter.

With a loud bang, the door was forced open.

It was not the worst, fortunately. No rope was hung on the roof. No traces of blood could be seen on the bed. Joe was a little relieved. At least, he could now ascertain that Farrina was still alive, which meant that he could still make things right.

However, his heart immediately sank to the bottom.

He could see everything in the little bedroom at one glance. Farrina was nowhere to be seen. The wooden bed, the table and the windows had all been cleaned. Everything looked tidy and neat.

It was as tidy as the first day they had moved in.

Joe strolled over to the table. There had been books about the church, and the Graycastle Weekly spreading across the table yesterday. But now, there was nothing left.

She was gone.

Joe felt sadness prevail him as he realized the fact that Farrina had left.

Apparently, this was not an impulsive decision.

She had even wiped the corners of the table, but she did not leave him a single word.

Did she not want to trouble him anymore?

Joe slumped onto the chair at the table numbly.

Where would she go? Hermes? Her native town? Would she end her own life in an untraversed forest?

Joe naturally wanted to look for her, but he had no clue where Farrina could be. The chance of finding her was pretty slim. Since Farrina did not leave him any hint, it was obvious that she did not want to be found. What could he do even if he successfully found her?

Joe felt empty at the thought that Farrina would not be in his future life anymore. His brain seemed to stop working as though it refused to function.

In the end, nothing had changed.

“Morning, Joe.”

Why had he not noticed it earlier? Why was he simply content with the life he currently had?


He just cared about himself but had never asked Farrina what she actually needed.


A hand reached out to Joe and forced him to turn around.

“What are you mumbling?”

Joe blinked.

It was Farrina.

She was frowning and studying him attentively. “Are you OK?”

“You… didn’t leave?” Joe said as he grasped Farrina’s arm in disbelief. “Or you decided to stay?”

“Huh?” Utterly bewildered, Farrina did not wrench away from him. “What are you talking about? I just went to the Administrative Office.”

The two stared at each other for a while until Joe broke the silence in embarrassment, “Then… why did you go to the Administrative Office?”

“To inquire about the requirements for a driver,” Farrina answered in a serious tone. “I saw on the Graycastle Weekly that they’re hiring truck drivers in Neverwinter. I want to give it a shot.”

“Truck… what?” Joe asked in confusion.

“I don’t know what it exactly is either, but it should be similar to a carriage based on its description. I’m good at riding and maneuvering carriages. Perhaps, this is a chance for me.”

A chance? Joe suddenly felt unsettled again. Still clasping Farrina’s hand, he asked, “Why do you suddenly want to become a truck driver?”

Farrina remained silent for a while before she spoke, “I thought the matter over and now I understand. First of all, the initial purpose of building the church was to save the world and the human race. This isn’t just the church’s version of story. Roland Wimbledon also admitted that. The church failed because of the betrayal of the executives.”

“And then?”

“Then the next question is whether the King of Graycastle is really fighting for the human race as he promised. I’ve seen the Bloody Moon that represents the Divine Will in Neverwinter, the wealthy subjects, and the witches who look no different than normal people. All of these fit the story Roland Wimbledon told us. The only question left is the existence of the demons that try to destroy our civilization.”

“But His Reverence Tucker Thor did mention the demons in his will,” Joe muttered.

“That’s right, but I have to see it myself. I have to see that Roland’s army is fighting the demons from hell with my own eyes,” Farrina said while nodding. “I don’t want to make the same mistake again. I now only trust my own eyes.”

“Do you want to go to the Kingdom of Wolfheart?” Joe asked, his eyes wide open.

“Yes,” Farrina admitted flatly. “I can’t join the First Army because I used to be a church member. Therefore, an alternative way is to become a truck driver and send supplies to the front. I’ll know the truth there.”

That was why she went to the Administrative Office to make inquiries of the qualifications for a truck driver.

Joe asked cautiously, “What if it’s true? What if it isn’t?”

“If everything is true, I’ll spend the rest of my life atoning for my sin,” Farrina answered without the slightest hesitation. Apparently, she had thought it over. “Although I never arrested a witch, it doesn’t mean that I can get away with what the church has done. As a member of the Judgement Army, I was also an underlying of the traitors.” She paused for a second and then resumed, “If it isn’t, then I’ll return to Hermes to see whether I can do something for the new church…”

This was the final decision she had made.

Joe gradually released her. He could not find a single reason to stop what she was doing. Farrina bravely confronted her mistake while at the same time still making an attempt to fulfill her promise to Tucker Thor. She had a clear plan for the future. It seemed that she was stronger than he had thought. Apart from supporting her, Joe could do nothing. He did not want to stop her because that would destroy her totally as a person.

Nevertheless, it would be the same result for him.

Once she became a driver and left for the Kingdom of Wolfheart, she would not continue to stay here, which was the reason she cleaned the room.

Farrina was still leaving him anyway.

“I…” Joe took a deep breath, fearing that he would not be able to contain himself.

“By the way, I hope you could do me a personal favor,” Farrina said quickly. “They need two drivers for one truck. I want you to come with me.”

“Huh?” Joe was stunned.

“To be honest, I haven’t dealt with people for a long time, and I’m not sure if I can achieve my goal on my own,” Farrina said while averting her eyes, abashed. “But you can turn me down. You have a stable job here and earn good salaries. I know I shouldn’t have asked for that, but…”

“But what?” Joe asked immediately.

It took Farrina a few seconds to stare into Joe’s eyes and say, “I need you.”

This was the very sentence that Joe had once said to Farrina, but it was his first time hearing Farrina reply back.

Now, the person in need became a person who needed others, and the person who used to need others still remained the same. Joe no longer felt empty. Instead, he felt contented and fulfilled.

“Have some breakfast first. It’s cold now,” Joe said while heaving a deep sigh.


She did not have to ask him this question actually.

Joe had traveled here from the Kingdom of Wolfheart with her, and he would certainly drive the truck for the army with her as well.

“We can apply for the position after we finish eating,” Joe said with a smile.

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