Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1240

Chapter 1240 He Is With Her This Time

Chapter 1240: He Is With Her This Time
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Hearing Young Master Xies instructions, Xie Wu understood the seriousness of the issue.

"Young Master Xie, the Jiang family is the Xie clans secret spy to begin with!"

A cold smile curved up on Xie Limos lips as a dangerous glint glimmered in his eyes. "Xie Wu, the Jiang family had long betrayed us as our spies. Its only a matter of time before we have to do away with such disloyal and inhumane spies."

Xie Wu understood the Young Master Xies intent to kill them off secretly from his words. He replied respectfully, "I understand."

Right after that, Xie Wu turned the car around and drove in the opposite direction, while Xie Limo drove forward and headed towards the direction of Ning An City with Yun Bixue.

Another car followed behind them. It was a team of secret guards led by Xie Liu.

Yun Bixue felt uneasy on the way to Ning An City. She stared at the snow drifting outside, feeling a little dazed.

Xie Limo held on to her hand as he drove and said, "Dont worry, with me around, I will always accompany you no matter what happens."

Xie Limos hand was very warm and gave Yun Bixue energy. It made her feel slightly comforted. "Limo, thank you. You are by my side when I need you this time."

Yun Bixue almost bit off her own tongue when she said this. She knew that her unthinking words would make Xie Limo feel sad.

Actually, she was reminded of Grandfathers accident just now. She really did not want to lose anyone anymore.

Xie Limo knew this. Previously, when Grandfathers accident happened, he was not by her side when she needed him. His heart ached, but he could only hold on tightly to her hand.

On the way there, Yang Mei called as well. "First Miss, the place that you mentioned is an abandoned factory. Theres no one there, and no suspicious people were spotted. First Miss, we suspect that the location is wrong."

Yun Bixue shook her head. "Thats impossible. I remember it very clearly."

Xie Limo calmly analyzed for her and said, "The other party would not tell you the exact location. You can call her again when you reach there at most. She will tell you how to go from there."

Yun Bixue felt that Xie Limos words made sense. She was already fully prepared with her armed outfit, so there was nothing she was scared of. She was just nervous and worried that she would not be able to save Yangyang.

Along the way, Xie Limo kept comforting her and giving her assurance.

Yun Bixues heart slowly calmed down as well. She had to calm down and not panic.

This was Yun Bixues first time facing such a situation. A childs life was at stake here, and this made it a challenging task for her.

Although it was snowing outside and the road was slippery, Xie Limo still managed to drive fast skillfully. That cute little girl was on his mind too.

He even carried her before. That was a life at stake, so he was trying his best as well.

When they reached Ning An City, the snow became less heavy. Xie Limo parked the car not far away from the designated location.

Yun Bixue got off the car. Xie Limo kept reminding her to take note of certain aspects worriedly.

Yun Bixue listened carefully and remembered all that Xie Limo had said.

She walked to the designated location and called that unknown number again. "Im here already. Wheres Yangyang?"

"Hah! Yun Bixue, you are very on time. A car will come by later, the car plate number is XXXX Its a white sports car. Once that car arrives, you only have two minutes to get in the car."

Yun Bixue scanned the surroundings carefully and said, "Hold up. Why should I believe that Yangyang is in your hands? I want to hear her voice and see a video sent from you."

The other party laughed savagely and said, "Hah! Why? You still dont believe what I said? Actually, I told that fool Su Lenghan as well, but he would rather see his daughter die than let you sacrifice yourself. Yun Bixue, you still dont believe Yangyang is in my hands?"



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