Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1368

Chapter 1368 Duan Yanhaos Stubbornness And Perseverance

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Old Master seldom lost his cool, but this time, his tone was filled with rage. Duan Yanhaos expression remained cool as he insisted, "Grandfather, this is not the first time Im spending new year alone."

Old Master was also a stubborn person. He used to call the shots in the military and had grown used to giving instructions. He said coldly, "That was in the past. This year, you must return for the new year. How can you be all alone outside? Its only lively if everyone is together."

Deep down, Duan Yanhao didnt want to return home at all. "Grandfather, Im already an adult. I want to make decisions for myself."

"As long as the Duan familys blood runs through you, you cant do so."

Facing Old Masters stubbornness, Duan Yanhao couldnt retaliate at all. After all, Old Master was already old and even had heart problems, so he couldnt incite Old Master anymore.

Duan Yanhao could only calm himself down and said, "Grandfather, did He Meichun say something to you?"

Hearing Duan Yanhaos words, Old Master Duan was taken aback. "Rascal, you cant address her like that."

"Grandfather, you ought to know that He Meichun doesnt have a say in our family with her status. Ive had enough of her ordering us around all these years."

Old Master Duan knew that too. He had accepted the Chi familys actions all for the sake of his grandson.

After all, it had been so many years, but his grandson was still sad and refused to return. It must have something to do with Chi Jiaojiao. In order to make his grandson feel better, the Duan family had taken great care of the Chi family.

Hearing how firm his grandson sounded, he softened his tone and said, "I know what happened too. Ive been doing everything for your sake, havent I?"

"Did they say something to you?"

Old Master Duan seemed to stutter as he answered.

Duan Yanhao knew that his grandfather was stubborn. It was apparent from his stuttering. "Grandfather, He Meichun and Chi Jiajia might not be biologically related to the Chi family at all. Ive been suspicious of this issue for very long, and Ive finally found some leads. After I confirm my doubts, Ill inform the Chi family."

In fact, Old Master Duan was annoyed by how the two ladies had tried to use Chi Jiaojiao to interfere with the Duan familys matters.

That was because the Duan family dominated in the south, and they hold substantial power. Since He Meichun was Chi Jiaojiaos mother, he had chosen to turn a blind eye.

After hearing what his grandson said, Old Master Duans eyes lit up. "Good lad, go and check on them!"

He didnt like how his grandson had constantly been threatened by his engagement with Chi Jiaojiao. In the future, the Duan family wouldnt have to take the Chi family into consideration anymore.

"Young lad, could Jiaojiao have been adopted? Otherwise, why would the Chi family allow Jiaojiao to participate in such a dangerous mission six years ago just for their reputation?"

Indeed, experience still counts. After Duan Yanhao highlighted that point, Old Master Duan had managed to deduce that.

Duan Yanhaos expression changed, and he answered, "Grandfather, Ill check on it."

"Yes, but you must still return for the new year."

Duan Yanhao insisted stubbornly, "Grandfather, I wont."

"Rascal, are you defying your grandfather?"

"Grandfather, have you heard some rumors and made some wild guesses?"

Old Master Duan answered firmly, "You have a woman by your side now, and as your grandfather, how can I not know? Besides, youre my most outstanding grandson. I must approve of my daughter-in-law first."

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