Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1663

Chapter 1663 Duan Yanhaos Heart

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Yun Bilu grabbed Yun Bixues elbow and asked, "Elder Sister, what should we do now? Will she remain unconscious?"

"Weve already spoken to her, and she might be able to hear us. If she does, shell wake up."

Hearing those words, Duan Yanhao immediately stood up. Because he had been sitting for a long time, his legs were numb. That sudden movement almost made him collapse onto the floor.

Huang Yize hurriedly helped him up. "Dont be so anxious. What if you collapse when she wakes up? We still want to attend your wedding."

"Dont worry. I wont let anything happen to me."

As he spoke, Duan Yanhao sat by the bed and held Bai Yaoyaos hands. "Yaoyao, do you not want to wake up? Are you unwilling to see me? Are you angry at me? Do you know how sad Ill be if you dont wake up? Are you going to abandon me? During the battle, you disregarded your life to look for me You fought so hard and almost died multiple times. I know you did everything for me Are you going to remain unconscious just because of those rumors?"

As he spoke, Duan Yanhaos voice sounded desolate.

"Yaoyao, please wake up. If youre going to abandon me, Ill also sleep deeply like you."

"Yaoyao, do you still remember when I brought you to climb that mountain? I carried you on my back in the end. Back then, I thought that you were a nice girl, and it would be nice if I could carry you for the rest of my life"

"Do you still remember? When you first arrived at the military, you trained so hard every night. I could see you from afar, and I joined you all the time"

"You loved to eat the dumplings that I made I liked bringing you out to the mountains to play because I could see your radiant smile"

"I know that you tend to space out sometimes. I know that you feel depressed sometimes, and it makes me upset to watch you like that."

"During rainy days, I would always worry about your health."

"I dont want you to fight on the battlefield, but you still went ahead. Back then, I thought that Ill follow you since youre fighting so hard. After all, because of me, youve also"

"In fact, I dont even know when Ive started to like you"

Duan Yanhao mumbled incessantly. His deep voice sounded rather hurt, and it made the listeners feel sorry for them too.

Yun Bilu hurriedly asked, "Elder Sister Yaoyao, did you hear that? Even an outsider like me feels like crying after hearing it. If youve heard him, please wake up. All those rumor-mongers have already been charged, and there arent anymore discussions about you all over the country."

"Elder Sister Yaoyao, Ive also brought Huang Yize here with me just to attend your wedding. You have to wake up soon, so you wont delay the wedding!"

More than an hour passed as everyone continued speaking to her. Bai Yaoyao still didnt wake up.

Yun Bixue knew that she had merely hurt her head and there werent any major injuries. She would still be able to wake up.

But now, she wasnt so sure now.

Duan Yanhaos voice became hoarse, and he looked rather forlorn. Turning around, he left the suite and leaned against the door with tears in his eyes.

Huang Yize followed after him and offered him some consolation. "Shell definitely wake up. Shell hear everything that youve told her. Perhaps shell wake up after some time."

"I didnt protect her well enough."

"Its because she cares about you that shed been affected by those rumors. Its just like what she did back then. After reading about the news on the military, she was determined to come back to Country X."

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