Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1665

Chapter 1665 No One Can Stop Them

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Xie Limo reproached himself. He shouldnt have left her side at all.

Seeing Xie Limos pale and cold face, Yun Bixue stuck out her tongue. Oh no, she had made him worried again.

When Duan Yanhao realized that Bai Yaoyao had woken up, he ran to her bed instantly. The tears that he had been trying to fight back almost fell.

Duan Yanhaos lips trembled, as though he wanted to say something. However, he couldnt get anything out of his mouth.

Bai Yaoyao had just woken up and was extremely frail. Her vision was still blurry as she reached out her hand. "Yan Hao Are you okay?"

Hearing those words, Duan Yanhaos heart shivered, and he was completely overwhelmed by his emotions.

She She had woken up because she was worried about him.

Duan Yanhao looked at how hard Bai Yaoyao was trying to reach out her hand. He grabbed her hand and placed it on his cheek. "Yaoyao, Im so glad youre awake. You have no idea how scared I was Youre finally awake"

At that moment, Duan Yanhao fumbled over his words. He didnt know what he should say.

Bai Yaoyao have had her surgery and had slept for a long time, so she was still rather dazed now.

Subconsciously, she felt that something bad had happened to Duan Yanhao. However, he was standing right before her now. She couldnt understand what was happening at all. What did he mean that shes finally woken up?

"Yanhao, why do you look so tired? You look different." Because she had just woken up, Bai Yaoyaos voice was rather hoarse. Her voice was still laced with worry for him.

Duan Yanhao tightened his grip on Bai Yaoyaos, and his heart warmed up too. His Yaoyao had finally regained consciousness.

Bai Yaoyaos hand hurt because of Duan Yanhaos strength, and her head cleared up. She looked around the room and saw Bixue, Xie Limo, Bilu and Huang Yize

What was going on?

Bai Yaoyao looked at Duan Yanhao in doubt, as though waiting for him to explain it to her.

Duan Yanhao said slowly, "Youve been asleep since yesterday. Everyone is here to see you. Theyre all waiting to attend our wedding."


"Yes. Have you forgotten about it?"

Bai Yaoyao pondered and frowned, as though trying to recall something.

Her silence made Duan Yanhao worried again. But he didnt dare to probe, gravely afraid that he wouldnt be able to take her answer.

After falling for her, he realized that his heart belonged to her now. With every change in emotion that she felt, he felt just as anxious.

Bai Yaoyao was merely sorting out her thoughts after waking up. She was trying to freshen herself up.

After a while, she finally recalled how she had fainted, lost consciousness, and why she only woke up now.

A glint flashed across her eyes as she raised her head to look at Duan Yanhao. "Yanhao, did I dream about what was revealed online yesterday?"

Duan Yanhaos face froze, but he answered, "Yaoyao, that wasnt a dream. But dont worry, Ive already dealt with those evil rumor-mongers. The mastermind has also been caught. Ill never let anyone come in between us."

Bai Yaoyao looked at Duan Yanhao and knew that she had made him worried. She answered resolutely, "Yanhao, I trust you."

Hearing those words, Duan Yanhaos damp eyes sparkled with joy. "Yaoyao, I" He had too many things to say but didnt know where to start amidst his excitement.

Seeing Bai Yaoyao awake, Yun Bixue and Yun Bilu sighed in relief. They held hands and left the suite with their partners, giving the couple some privacy.

Yun Bixue also immediately informed Old Master Duan and Duan Xinya that Bai Yaoyao had woken up.

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