Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 482

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Yun Bilu was stunned. In a split second, she got off her bed and stood up. Putting on her jacket, she grabbed her wallet and ran out of the dormitory building without saying a single word.

She dashed out of campus and hailed a cab. When she got inside, she spoke to the driver and said the address written on the paper.

The driver was a talkative fellow and a bit nosy. Once he heard the address, he said, “Young lady, the White House isn’t a place where an ordinary person can enter. That place is full of private, luxury villas. Only a few elite people in the entire Country E can stay there. Are you looking for a friend or staying there?”

“Uncle, look at how poor I am. How can I live there? I bumped into a friend, and she might be staying there. I want to take a look.”

“Young lady, that’s amazing if your friend really lives in the White House! If she gives you any money, it can last for a lifetime.”

Yun Bilu was rather doubtful. “Is the White House really that powerful?”

“Young lady, I’ve been driving for years, and I’ve met people from all walks of life. To tell you the truth, I heard that the private villa of our newly appointed president is located in the White House. But this is just a rumor. No one has ever seen the president going there before, so it could just be hearsay. Speaking of our new president, he’s really amazing. Not only is he handsome, but he’s also talented. Only Miss Xia Mu could be worthy of him. The two of them are really a perfect match…”

Yun Bilu didn’t interrupt him and listened attentively. She had a lot of speculations in her heart, but she wasn’t sure if they were all true.

When they arrived at the intricately carved gates near the White House, the driver pulled up. “Young lady, I’ll drop you off here. Only private cars belonging to the White House are allowed inside. There are many roads beyond this gate that ordinary citizens can’t enter. ”

Yun Bilu was utterly blown away as she looked around her surroundings. She had never seen such a posh place. The area spanned across a huge plot of land, and every courtyard looked just like it did in the palaces of period dramas.

Could Elder Sister Bai live here? How could that be possible? She was well aware of the Bai family’s background, and they definitely couldn’t afford to stay here.

“Young lady, don’t be so shocked. If your friend is really staying here, you can ask her to come out. You can go inside if someone is guiding you.”

The cab driver’s voice broke into her thoughts—she felt as though she was in a dream. After snapping out of her shock, she took out some money and gave it to him. “Thank you, Uncle. Keep the change.”

“No. Young lady, you’re still in school. I have some change here. Take it.”

After giving her the change, the driver hesitated for a moment, then stuck his head out of the window. He warned her, “Young lady, don’t offend anyone here, alright? You have to be careful with your words.”

“I understand. Thank you, Uncle.”

Meanwhile, the Noel Harlem University student union was checking up on the students in the female dormitory building.

When it was Yun Bilu’s room’s turn, they noticed that she wasn’t around and asked her roommates about her whereabouts.

Xiao Huan frantically answered, “Ahh… Lulu went to the bathroom.”

“Yes, yes. Lulu ate a lot tonight, so she went to relieve herself.”

The expressions of the female student union members turned rigid. Pointing her finger at Xiao Huan and Chu Xin, one of them ordered, “The two of you, go get her out now.”

Chu Xin was dumbfounded. “Err… every time Little Lulu goes to the bathroom, she takes a long time. How about we just let you know when she’s back?”

“We’re not in a hurry. We’ll wait for her here…” The expressions of the student union members were sour. Yun Bilu wasn’t in her room at night, and if they couldn’t account for her, they would have a hard time! They didn’t even dare to imagine what would happen if Young Master Huang found out…

Xiao Huan and the rest of her roommates wanted to cry. They had just sent Yun Bilu a text message behind the student union members’ backs. Where did that girl run off to? She would get marks deducted off if she wasn’t around during the room checks. They didn’t care about theirs, but they knew that Yun Bilu cared about her marks because it would affect her scholarship.

What a rotten idea the student union had come up with! They insisted on checking the female dormitory and had to link it to the scholarship. Weren’t they just targeting Bilu on purpose?

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