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  • Rise Of The Godking

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Rise Of The Godking summary:

On a continent surrounded by the Sea, a man once transmigrated to the body of a lowly child called Daneel.\r\n\r\nArmed with a mysterious system, step by step, he rose to the peak, creating legends and usurping enemies of unimaginable power.\r\n\r\nYet, one enemy among them stood supreme. Born in a world much stronger than his own, they sent an attack to destroy him and everything he holds dear.....

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Rise Of The Godking Chapters

Time uploaded
76 Warning Enda week ago
75 Warninga week ago
74 Hopea week ago
73 Justice Enda week ago
72 Justice 2a week ago
71 Justice 12 weeks ago
70 Return2 weeks ago
69 End End2 weeks ago
68 End 22 weeks ago
67 End 12 weeks ago
66 Escape2 weeks ago
65 Battle2 weeks ago
64 Truth2 weeks ago
63 Return2 weeks ago
61 Lying In Wai2 weeks ago
60 Setting Off2 weeks ago
59 Bond2 weeks ago
56 Reunion2 weeks ago
55 Beginning2 weeks ago
54 Anger2 weeks ago
53 Plan End2 weeks ago
52 Plan 12 weeks ago
51 Jezas Tale2 weeks ago
50 Deb2 weeks ago
49 Searching2 weeks ago
48 Ultimatum3 weeks ago
47 Exploration3 weeks ago
46 Ar3 weeks ago
44 Zachary3 weeks ago
43 A Hin4 weeks ago
42 Plan4 weeks ago
41 Change4 weeks ago
40 A Spectacle4 weeks ago
39 The Plan4 weeks ago
38 The Tale4 weeks ago
36 Learning4 weeks ago
35 Ranks4 weeks ago
34 First Lesson4 weeks ago
32 A Meeting 34 weeks ago
31 A Meeting 24 weeks ago
30 A Meetinga month ago
28 Trutha month ago
27 Arrivinga month ago
26 Decisiona month ago
25 Ragea month ago
24 Returna month ago
23 Secretsa month ago
22 Origina month ago
21 Takea month ago
20 Trusa month ago
19 Aftermath 2a month ago
18 Aftermatha month ago
15 Meetinga month ago
14 Visia month ago
13 Quesa month ago
12 Plana month ago
11 Objectivea month ago
10 Worka month ago
9 Analysisa month ago
8 A Talea month ago
7 Shackleda month ago
6 The Pia month ago
5 The Hanging2 months ago
4 Figh2 months ago
3 Memories2 months ago
2 Waking Up2 months ago
1 Prologue2 months ago
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