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The Silver Crescent Prince summary:

Warning: This novel has mature (R-18) content, it is fast paced and contains suspense, thrill and steamy romance. Dont expect typical cliche romance that you keep reading. And if you are looking for that, then I am sorry this book isnt for you! \r\n\r\nDawn Wyatt is a prodigy of sorts in golf. She had come back home after winning her first nationals when she confronts her worst nightmare a li...

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The Silver Crescent Prince Chapters

Time uploaded
60 The Assignmen2 months ago
58 Sir2 months ago
57 The Email2 months ago
55 Cute Couple2 months ago
54 In The Office2 months ago
53 The Elevator 22 months ago
52 The Elevator2 months ago
51 Joining Office2 months ago
50 What Plan?2 months ago
48 Toxic2 months ago
41 The Conflic2 months ago
39 The Nightmare2 months ago
34 The Job Offer2 months ago
33 Lets Mee2 months ago
32 Quetz2 months ago
31 You Sly Fox2 months ago
28 The Assignmen2 months ago
26 Daryn Silver2 months ago
24 my Condolences2 months ago
23 The Black Swan2 months ago
22 The Envelope2 months ago
18 Gatekeeper?2 months ago
16 What A Setup2 months ago
5 Distraction2 months ago
4 The Lif2 months ago
3 The Escape2 months ago
2 The Hospital2 months ago
1 Bitten2 months ago
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