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Save Me I'm Fine summary:

Part 1: Save me, is focusing on Ra-Na, the girl who thinks life is all about holding on as her parents occupied with her only brother disorder.While Ra-Na's dad working in the city leaving his family behind, being alone to deal with Ha Jun, Ra-Na's mom had unawares that this had leave Ra-Na feeling mentally abused and outcasted. Yet, Ra-Na still believes that one day when her dad comes back, everything will be fine again.Knowing that no one can rescue her from the complicated family, she finds that self-harm by cutting is her solace, cognitively crying out to be saved.Until one day, she discovered the truth that her dad is hiding his secret perfect family in the city. The family that she wishes will be reunited one day will never be one piece again breaks her thoroughly. Being young, innocent and abandoned for her whole life, she takes a step ahead from her self-harming habits.While teleporting to the mortal world for his duty, Dae-Hyun, a healer accidentally met his past lover doppelganger. As he is not affected by the time interval between the world, Eun-Su, his unrequited love had long passed away when he comes back for her. Thus, Ra-Na look-alike features to her ancestor, Eun-Su had him obsessed over her. He saves her from the attempted suicide and brings her back to his dimensions.Part 2: I'm fine, is five years after the day Ra-Na saved by Dae-Hyun.In exchange of antidote for the poison, his sister put in her drinks, Dae-Hyun agreed to let go of Ra-Na with her memories erased.Even so, Dae-Hyun had done his very best to minimize her worst memories, to the extent of sending his assistant, Nari to aid with her mom and brother.Living in the city that had once broken her heart, Ra-Na runs into her childhood friend, Seok Jin. With Seok Jin and her overcome with her pain, she determined to protect her mom from her father secrets that will surely leave her mom in despair. She has the reasons to live the fullest again.Dae-Hyun couldn't withhold his feeling towards Ra-Na, come back as a stranger to Ra-Na. Introducing himself as Vic in her world, he didn't expect to hold her closer to him is a ticket to her death.Thinking she is only having one-sided loves toward Seok Jin, Ra-Na goes for Vic and soon her painful memories resurrected and the concealed poison in her veins from five years ago activated...

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