Second Chance: Raising A Yandere Demon Lord Chapter 22

Chapter 22: The dream [2]

Inside a dark and cold room, little boy was seated. Enclosed by thick walls from three sides, there were bars in front of it, closing the exit of this room.

The putrid stench of the blood and the flesh was present inside the place, capable of making one sick to the stomach if he was not used to it.

The eerie silence was broken by the loud screams that resonated from a nearby prison room, and the little boy jumped slightly at that, startled by the sudden noise.

Even though it had been around four days he was locked inside this room and heard it plenty, he could not find himself getting used to it.

Dry tears stuck to his face. After this long, Adrian had given up on crying. Although he had been holding on to the hope that someone will be coming to help him, his cries did nothing but anger them.

The boy stared at the ground listlessly, and the spark in his eyes were all gone. His sickly thin body had wounds all over it, and the clothing worn by him were tattered barely covering his body and exposing him more to the freezing weather.

Stains of the blood covered his body, and after the beating last time, Adrian was unable to move his body off of that ground. It was too painful for him to do.

His body quivered while he started to get paler as time passed by. His eyelids were starting to get weak, and even though Adrian was trying to prevent himself from falling asleep, at the end, he did not find his will power being that strong.

As his eyes were about to droop, he heard noises of footsteps before him, and as hope shone within his eyes, he rose his head at that direction. A sharp pain went through his neck and shoulder as he did that, and a cry escaped from his mouth.

However, the instant his eyes met with the person before him, that bright look was replaced with fright, and panic began to settle within Adrian. His bottom lip trembled while his body froze all of a sudden.

Adrian turned to be helpless in that moment.

The man before him wore a uniform one which is worn by the prison guard, leading for that to confirm his position and an irritated expression sat on his face while he unlocked the cell. Brushing his tongue across his lips, the prison guard approached the cowering boy.

Despite of the pain which went through his body, Adrian attempted to back away from the man. But his back was already in contact with the wall, and there was not much further he was able to go at.

Seeing how the man bent down, tears formed at the corner of Adrian's eyes, and raising his hand, he screamed out, "No!"

His throat hurt from that motion. All the events that happened past these days flooded inside of his mind, and he trembled terribly. His heart beat rapidly within his chest due to terror. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Desperation to escape from this place showed in Adrian's eyes before he closed his eyes and tried to fight against the man who attempted to approach him.

However, his fighting did not make a difference for the man and, in fact, made the man quite angered at him. Furiously staring at Adrian, he gripped on to Adrian's neck and picked him up by that.

Adrian's legs trembled as he was held up by him, and his back was pushed against the wall harshly. Pain spread through his entire back at that, and more tears escaped from his mouth.

The grip on his Adrian's neck tightened, and he found himself being suffocated. The breathing was starting to get difficult for him, and his line of sight was starting to get blurry.

"P-P-Please s-s-stop t-t-this," Adrian choked out.

Adrian was scared. He did not understand why things had to go this way. The life he was leading with his mother was quite happy, but then, all of a sudden, all of that was torn away from him.

He did not understand what he had done to deserve all of this. The words of his mother on how good boys get a happy life resonated through his mind. He had always tried to be a good boy and followed his mother's words. Then, why did he have to go through this torture?

Could it be that his mother was lying?

"How dare you talk to me like that, Dirty Creature? Do you know that the Lady has woken up today? This means that you are done for! You will be thrown into a pit of snake, and they will be biting into every piece of your body!" the man yelled

Raising his leg, he kicked at Adrian's stomach with his knee. The pain that spread through his stomach made Adrian unable to breathe for couple of seconds, and if it was not for the fact that his stomach was empty, Adrian would have thrown up by now.

"You're fucking dying soon. I should have had fun with your body before that. Although you are small, you have quite the looks. I have never slept with a little boy, so I want to"

The cold metal pressed against his neck prevented the man from talking further, and his eyes widened.

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