Seized By The System Chapter 476

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What kind of a cultivation ability is Nine Transformation Golden Core Technique, which Fang Ning made the System edit?

It had stunned so many of the learned people!

Fang Ning shrugged it off. He had only completed the cultivation ability that the demons had provided and changed the characters in the description from a pig to a sheep.

In doing that, no one would kill the demons in order to procure their cores. On the contrary, they would provide the demons with the best they could offer in order to extract the purest form of power from them.

It was just like sheep farmers, in a way. Those who would like to profit from their farms would provide their sheep with the best possible treatment instead of torturing them.

This line of thought was not born from the void.

After taking a look at the cultivation of the ability, he noticed it was basically devouring another’s power by swallowing their Golden Core. He recalled that Bodhisattva Spirit King had given Vigilante A a piece of jade that could store power and could even provide power to the others.

The power stored in the jade had been transferred to the Relentless Swordsman, Xue Feng, as well as the Dragon Princess, Madam Zhao.

Both of them had a huge difference between the amount of power they received, and that was mainly the fault of an idiot.

This particular cultivation ability would be able to guarantee that everyone would be able to cultivate a similar quality of power. The Golden Core that they formed would be standardized and compatible with each other’s power.

This had meant that a bidirectional flow of energy would be possible.

What benefits would this bring the System? It even convinced the System to spend a huge amount of experience points to theorize it.

The system notification and spelled it out clearly.

[The System theorized the Nine Transformation Golden Core Technique and changed the fate of tens of thousands of clans on Earth. Obtained 3000 Heavenly Merit Points. Obtained rare unique skill, Heavenly Fortune, available usage 3/3.]

[Within 30 minutes of activating the skill, a state of “being assisted by Heavens and Earth” will be achieved. Any chance of improvement in all probabilistic events will happen. The usage of the skill can be restored with Heavenly Merit Points, with one usage consuming 1 Heavenly Merit Point.]

The System was still in a joyous mood, so it complied with several of the ridiculous requests that Fang Ning brought up.

At the same time, in a mansion in a mountainous area to the south, William and the other two had begun studying the technique.

William was incredibly talented. After reading through it twice, he had already understood the entry-level of the technique.

He explained it to his uncle and Azhari, then called his dozens of girlfriends over and began to teach them.

Just as he had proclaimed, he was very aware that only by spreading the technique can his business-mindedness and ability to profit off of women’s money be truly utilized.

In comparison, cultivation itself was boring. Even though he was able to obtain power easily with his talent, it would not have brought him much joy.

He would much prefer to earn money during the process of pleasing women with luxury items…

In this process, other rich people would benefit from the same thing, but he did not mind. That was the strength of a true businessman. One could not benefit from every single thing, as spreading oneself too wide would only render oneself ordinary.

William sat among the ladies, explaining, “Nine Transformations, The first transformation is to gather the essence. The second transformation is to converge the Qi. The third transformation requires a condensation of the spirit. The fourth transformation is when the Core will be formed. The fifth transformation will escalate the Core, and the sixth transformation will foster the sapience of the Core. The technique will be completed by the seventh transformation. The first transformation, the gathering of essence requires the guidance of gifted people to collect the power hidden in your bodies to form the Golden Seed. I shall help all of you in this challenge.”

“Great, William! I call dibs on being the first.” A mixed-raced girl winked at him.

“Ok, ok.” William signaled her with his hands to calm down to prevent himself from getting overly excited.

After a brief explanation, he began to cultivate surrounded by his girlfriends.

The Son of Heaven was indeed true to his title, as wisps of mist began swirling the handsome Caucasian within fifteen minutes. His powerful Pond-level aura swam actively around his body before rushing to his Dantian…

A while later, he opened his eyes and sighed a long breath, saying, “Mm, I have already formed my Golden Seed. I will now help all of you to do the same. Line up. Those who are fond of working out should be in front, as you will have a higher chance of succeeding…”

“No, no, William. You promised me first.” The mixed-raced girl whined.

“I’m only doing this for your own good, Mila. You should know that Eastern techniques are very dependent on personal talent. If you’re not talented enough, you may not be able to master it, and you may even go into deviatory psychosis and paralyze your entire body for the rest of your life.” William was very aware that money makes the world go round. Furthermore, there are plenty of rich ladies in China itself.

USD might be depreciating, but the prices of luxury items in his factories were skyrocketing.

He had the resources to get what he wanted in China.

In the end, he chose a leggy lady. She was a Caucasian girl who had won many championships in several athletic competitions in the States. Her reason for staying with William was different from the others. The others might be attracted to his body, his wealth, his influence, or even the shiny trinkets he gives out so willingly.

Her sole reason to stay with William was that he had helped her family, and she wished that he would continue the noble deeds.

On some levels, she and Robert were the same kind of people. They were both trying to keep William in the right path…

Sadly, William had no intention of saving the world. To be frank, he would rather be helping the world through the thing he likes to do.

While that was going on, Robert and Azhari had been studying the technique.

Robert was a special agent, after all. He had had basic cultivation experience. Being a grade six Mandarin user as well as understanding the cultural background of China definitely helped him understand the technique better.

“Azhari, remember. In Chinese mysticism, there are many concepts that are intentionally vague and can only be felt, not taught. When you’re learning it, keep that in mind.” Robert reminded Azhari seriously.

William had already given them an explanation, and they had also kept an audio recording of it.

However, the same teacher can have students that yield vastly different results.

Even though William’s explanation was detailed, they still found it hard to decipher the text. It was impossible for William to guide them step by step, so…

They were still not initiated even after three days.

Robert stopped himself from acting on his own frustration and comforted Azhari, “It’s okay. It’s a Chinese mystical art, after all. I hear it’s normal to spend two, three years before one could learn it.”

Just as he finished, a harmony of laughter came from the room beside them.

“Michelle, you’ve finally learned it. What do you think, doesn’t it feel like you’ve got a baby in your belly, and it keeps moving?”

“It does feel like that, but how did you know it’s the same as being pregnant, could it be that…”

The politicking between the ladies kept going.

Counting on a dozen women to get along well for a single man was impossible. Even if he was the Son of Heaven, he would not be able to achieve it without using his supernatural powers.

Azhari looked at the firm-looking middle-aged man cheekily.

“Uh, dammit, we couldn’t even win them. I’ll interrogate William, see if he’d fed them any miracle potions or something,” explained Robert awkwardly while scratching his head.

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