Seized By The System Chapter 478

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Robert’s excitement was extinguished by Jim’s figurative chilling water.

‘A mysterious villain who was a Devil Lord of the Upper Realm. If he targets the States, how serious would the cataclysm be?’

As a former SBI agent, he knew the danger of these mysterious beings.

Basically, without the appearance of Vigilante A, the abundance of mysterious beings had already flipped Earth upside down.

Soon, a fire flared up in his eyes. He took a breath with dedication and looked at Jim. “If that’s the case, this tome of Nine Transformations Golden Core Technique is an important implement to fight against this devil. We need to save our compatriots from his grasp, and we will need this to do it.”

Jim nodded silently. His dark-toned face showing a hint of certainty.

Robert exhaled deeply. “Saints do exist in this world. I didn’t believe it before, but now I do.”

Jim teased, “To me, you’re halfway there…”

“Hmph, no, I’m not. I’m really not.” Robert shook his head. As he denied it, a memory of an immobile body flashed in his mind, piercing his heart.

Jim did not continue the teasing. He kept the black card in the pocket inside his jacket, believing no one would be able to tell where it was.

The two shared a glance, downed their drinks, and left.

“I’m bored. Billionaire Host, can you go see if the malevolent spirits we’ve sown are good enough to reap?” The System had circled Earth, it was peaceful all around.

It was almost like the calm before the storm.

Secular bodies all over the globe were working fine. Individuals with malicious intent went into hiding, overall societal order was stable, and the public emotion was relatively calm.

It was unlike the scenario a year ago, where a torrent of criminals terrorized Earth. After Vigilante A’s mass purging, those who survived understood how to live in the new erapretense is just a salute from the evil to the just.

The only problem now was that many people had begun their move inward from the sea, causing an economic depression.

However, this was nothing the System would care about. This saint had no interest whatsoever at the citizens’ livelihood…

Fang Ning crawled up lazily from his bed, he was cultivation the Dragonization Ability in his dreams again…

Trotting along the cobblestone road in the System Space, he arrived at the monster factorynay, it’s a Malevolent Spirit Fostering Centerand stepped into the doorway.

Rows upon rows of ceramic vase were set on the ground. Ghastly aura filled the room, squeezing into every nook and corner of the building.

Fang Ning felt a chill down his spine. Aside from lazy, he was also timid…

He whinged subconsciously, “This is your area. Why didn’t you check this out yourself instead of asking me?”

“That’s because your ability to distinguish them is stronger than mine. Which malevolent spirits had matured faster, have a higher threat, you would get a stronger sense of them. I can’t. To me, they were all malevolent spirits, there was no difference.” The System explained.

“Uh, it’s so rare that you praise me… wait, you’re saying I’m too weak in a nice way.” Fang Ning was a little smug in the beginning, but he immediately understood the System’s subtext.

“Oh, you understood, that’s good.” said the System proudly.

‘Not only did this idiot learn to scold me indirectly, it even knew to hide its subtext behind the words. This cannot be allowed in the long run.’

Fang Ning was uncomfortable at that thought. He waved his arm and summoned his precious game book, which strolled in from outside.

“My love, does your ability to lower IQ work on your System Daddy?” He asked telepathically.

“Hmph, I can hear everything. I made everything that patchy book can do, it definitely won’t work on me,” said the System arrogantly.

“Is that so? Looks like it’s time I start researching your loopholes, in case I need to control you in the future.” Fang Ning immediately changed his tone.

He did not actually hold any hope on his precious book. How would he hit the System? By hitting his own head?

“Uh… I’m actually really dumb, so don’t look for my loopholes, I might freeze.” The System changed its tone as well.

“That’s more like it,” Fang Ning was relieved. The System was still a system, after all. It would always have bugs and loopholes, so he did not need to worry that it might rebel.

He began inspecting the expensive vases bought from the Association of Spirit Kings. A sudden palpitation took him.

A slightly-cracked vase was exuding a presence that almost made him cower.

“Sir, look at that cracked case, do you think it’ll really be okay?” Fang Ning held his gold-bound game book and took a few steps back hastily.

“Oh, that’s a pretty speedy maturation. It’s already a Pond-level, no wonder you’re scared… We’ll keep it for another month, taking it right now would be a waste.” The System said in surprise.

“Mm, I see. It’s already a Pond-level malevolent spirit. Chong Daqing had just sent me a text the other day, saying Guardian Zhu had just advanced into Pond-level and that it went to celebrate with her. Even as a Spirit-King-level spirit, Zhu Hongying needed such a long time to attain that level. This malevolent spirit could attain it in such a short time, it must have a pretty high affinity.” Fang Ning scratched his hairless chin and said thoughtfully.

“Nonsense, if someone can consume my Dragon Clan Honey-flavored Pill, they would be able to reach Pond-level this quickly even if they are pigs. No other beings could enjoy this treatment,” said the System disdainfully.

“I… you bastard, you’re cursing me in secret again.” Fang Ning realized a little too late.

“Oh, excuse me. I got used to it. Look around as you wish, I’m going to train for a bit.” The System realized that it had said something wrong and immediately slinked away.

Naturally, it would only use one tactic to get away from Fang Ningfeign absence.

“Train your *ss, you asked me to do it, come out.” Fang Ning decided to call it out on its slip.

He was very certain that the System had become so close to him that it understood how Fang Ning would behave. Otherwise, it would not have behaved so callously.

‘The System is the kind that treats strangers well and treats close people as it pleases…’

The System ignored Fang Ning’s beckons. Fang Ning looked around foxily and got an idea.

He returned to the System Cyber Cafe and dialed a number.

“Hey, is it Uncle Zhao? I’ve been thinking a lot about the engagement proposal that you mentioned the last time. You’re right, it’s so chaotic outside, we should have it soon.”

“You, what are you doing? I’ve told you, before reaching level hundred, you’re not allowed to marry.” The System immediately leaped out of hiding.

“Is it? I don’t think it’s that big of a problem. Heroes marrying is normal, isn’t it? I’ve dated her for a year at least. I held back so as to not waste your time, but I’ve done it.” Fang Ning said confidently.

He was, after all, a thirty-year-old man. Thirty is a good time to become an upstanding citizen with his own family.

“Uh… fine. You can have your engagement, but don’t lose my virginity. I need it to completely master the Dragonization Ability. I promise never to reprimand you ever again.” The System relented.

“Heh, there was no one on the other side…” Fang Ning said happily.

“Dammit, I got tricked again. That’s the bad thing about being an honest system.” The System whined.

Catching the System off guard, Fang Ning returned to his cultivation with a sense of pride and achievement.

‘I still have to have power before anyone would look at me with respect. I need to be at least stronger than the System.’ Silently, Fang Ning set a tiny goal for him to achieve.

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