Seized By The System Chapter 537

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“Mr. Rich Boss, Mr. Rich Boss, wake up, the Sun is already high up in the sky…”

“Is there a situation? If nothing’s going on, I’ll sleep for a while more. The Sun can’t stay that high for many days, one can never get too much sleep.” Fang Ning muttered, then rolled to another side of the bed, with no intention of getting up.

Sir System was dispirited when he heard that. “Eh, since ancient times, the Sun has been rising from the east and sets in the west. Why do you suddenly say that it won’t stay up high for many days?”

“Oh, nothing.” Fang Ning felt guilty, he rubbed his eyes and replied half-heartedly. “As Axiom Daddy is gradually getting more awesome, the Sun won’t be able to escape from its devil palm sooner or later. The Moon has already been squashed into a flatbread, can the Sun stay out of this, rising and setting as usual?”

“You’re right, but why do you think this idiot Heavenly Axiom squashed the Moon into a flatbread? Was it so that it’ll be convenient for it to take a bite when it becomes hungry? This is quite a good idea, I remember that your dragon god ancestor said that too, the Earth’s Heavenly Axiom wanted to rip the Moon into pieces to eat it.” Sir thought itself clever and deduced.

Fang Ning was instantly at a loss for words. “I randomly made up a metaphor, yet all you can think about is to eat. I think you’re more of an eater than Daqing.”

“You’re making a groundless accusation again. I eat a lot to elevate my strength, unlike all of you who eat without control, you only satisfy your mouths but you never care about your bodies.” Sir uttered firmly.

“Okay, I’ll pass this question first. Whatever it is, based on my deduction now, Axiom Daddy probably didn’t squash it into a flatbread to eat it. Earlier on, your ancestor only mentioned how the Heavenly Axiom would eat the Moon, it didn’t mention that it must eat the moon.” Fang Ning shook his head.

“What exactly is the reason behind it then?” Sir became interested, it kept holding on to this.

“Perhaps it’s to provide humans a place to cultivate speedily, perhaps there’s a deeper meaning to it. We seemed to have underestimated Axiom Daddy, it’s not an eater. As the saying goes, the mysteries of Heaven is unpredictable, and the Heavenly Axiom is impermanent, these are not just empty words.” Fang Ning replied as if it was nothing.

“Wait a minute, my gut keeps telling me that you’re fooling me again. Be honest with me, did you neglect the idiotic Heavenly Axiom’s new sign too because you were sleeping lazily, just like that dumb bear?” Sir went straight to the point.

When Fang Ning heard that, he instantly became discomfited. “You’re the one making groundless accusations! I never sleep too soundly, I always listen to Axiom Daddy’s signs properly, and I never miss out important information. How could you put me and a bear on a par?”

“Oh, is that so?” Sir was in disbelief, it added, “I didn’t think that you’ll have such a tense reaction of your emotions, I heard that it’s an act of guilt by humans.”

“Hehe, I’m very calm now, how were my emotions tense? It was just a natural response from being accused.” Fang Ning blabbered with a serious face.

“Forget it then, I have matters to attend to. A fellow is anonymously selling a full set of magmatic geothermal power station facilities and techniques on a mysterious website, which will come with a group of engineers. The price is four hundred bottles of Dragon Clan Honey-flavored Pills. I think it’s quite cost-effective, we can consider buying it. You should go take a look and see if it’s worth it.” Finally, sir talked about the real issue.

Fang Ning quickly agreed to it. “My pleasure, send me the website, I’ll go take a look at it right away.”

Not long after, Fang Ning went on the website sent by the Sir. He then saw sale information sent by an anonymous sender, which did not ask for any money, and only wanted the Dragon Clan Honey-flavored Pills.

He briefly browsed then came to a sudden realization. “There really are many fellows who gain wealth from their country’s calamities, I remember that this technique is specially possessed by the greater rats, and they’ve been keeping it a secret to themselves. Now that we’ve just suppressed Elder Ancestor Bai, somebody has already begun to take advantage of the situation, selling this precious technique to the outside world, this is really… Great!

“Currently, the Draconic Arcane Realm is generating power through vitality. After a year’s observation, it consumes too much vitality, which caused the vitality density in the arcane realm to be unable to rise up. It’s still usable in small areas but it’ll be too much for bigger areas. Vitality is purposed to advance living beings themselves, it shouldn’t be used for ordinary production and living, or as the source of science and technology. The cost is low.”

“You’re right, so we have to quickly acquire this power generation technique, thus we won’t have to spend money in the future anymore.” Sir hastened.

Fang Ning pondered, then shook his head. “Don’t rush it just yet, our Morality City is different from Earth. Where can we find magma? The ground underneath it is around twenty thousand meters before it reaches the bottom.”

“What should we do? Morality City is the main power consumption area, it is a large territory where few hundred thousand square kilometers would be under construction, and is also known as a colossal city. Now that it’s newly built, the fuel itself used for power generation every day is enormous spending. You won’t know the cost of this since you’re not keeping watch over this, yet you disallow me from using money from your little treasure box.” Sir System commented, flustered.

“There’s a way. We can undergo energy replacement, purchase this set of skills, the facility, and the engineers, then resell it at a higher price. Later on, with the money we earn from it, we’ll build a few nuclear power plants. In that case, a wagon of fuel will be sufficient for a couple of years.” Fang Ning had a bright idea, hence he suggested.

Out of Fang Ning’s expectations, Sir System rejected his idea right away. “Your idea is such crap, but you did remind me, why should I go through all the trouble? Wouldn’t it be better if I just use the four hundred Honey-flavored Pills in exchange for nuclear power plants? I can change however much I want. I think you’ve been sleeping too much, to the extent that your brain is becoming slow, I think I’ll have to set alarms for you next time.”

“Uh, Sir, you’re the wise one this time…” At once, Fang Ning was speechless. “You really have a point. Since that’s the case, the magmatic geothermal power station is really like chicken ribs 1 to us, we’ll just go straight for the nuclear power plants.”

Just like what Fang Ning proposed, Bai Shixin thought the same too.

He who was an expert in human culture techniques knew very well of the pros and cons of a geothermal power station. For greater rats that lived underground, it would be more convenient for them to adopt this.

As for humans, the development of this energy would only be perfecting something that was already perfect, it would not be able to provide help when needed.

It had too high demand towards the terrain, such that places without active terrain and lacked magma in the shallow underground were not suitable for its construction.

As magma could only be obtained by drilling a tens of thousands of meters in, the cost would be too high for humans. It was a far cry from employing clean energy from hydropower stations, or solar energy, and wind energy stations.

Although the concept of a geothermal power station had already been already suggested for a long time, and the techniques were already researched for a very long time, there was no construction done on a large scale.

Therefore, he paid little attention to this, as there were not many people who coveted power generation techniques as such.

Nie Yuan was very dispirited as his sale did not go well. After putting up the geothermal power station on the internet for sale, for a long time, nobody inquired about it.

Occasionally, a few people inquired about the price, whom all asked if he could change the payment method as they were thinking of paying in American dollars or in Euros!

‘Go change your ass instead, do I look like I’m short of money?’ He thought.

It was impossible for him to hire true powerhouses using money, as they were not even short of that money.

The only thing that could attract powerhouses to join his alliance was the pill that could speed up cultivation. In such, those powerhouses would risk their lives to serve him.

The Dragon Clan Honey-flavored Pill was one of the best hard currencies, and had always been in short supply. It could even be bought by money at one time. At the moment, it could only be exchanged with rare vitality materials.

Evidently, cultivators eventually understood that worldy currency was not quite fitting as the other items in the cultivation world.

This was because nobody was short of money, and it was extremely easy to get money. That being said, there were not many things that they could spend money on, and there were scarcely any extravagant cultivators. They could not advance their cultivation base to a very high level.

On the other hand, vitality material desperately needed by many was exceptionally precious. Presently, it was equivalent to a new game’s reclamation period, prices were sky high because there was hardly any supply. In comparison, the demand was skyrocketing, whereby everyone who cultivated was a potential consumer.

Regarding producers, they had just begun training, and many vitality industries were still in the phase of building their foundations. For an example, the nurture of sacred bee carried out by Truth Department in the Land of Heritage, it would take at least a year before sacred beeswax could be produced according to plan.

No wonder Bai Shixin was unconcerned about this, it seemed like he already knew that not many cultivators would set their eyes on this geothermal technique, and he could only sell it to ordinary people.

The thing was that ordinary people were out of this decisive battle.

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