Seized By The System Chapter 538

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Nie Yuan stood in front of an army of greater rats with an expressionless face.

These people in front of him were all elites, who immediately revolted after he utilized the Royal Secret Skill.

This was the dissimilarity of the Era of Vitality, whereby the power of bloodline was far beyond beliefs, determination, and even individual benefits.

As a matter of course, he did not possess a royal bloodline, he was just a lowly local rat demon on Earth, which he had always felt deeply inferior about.

It was just that Elder Ancestor Bai used his own bloodline to grant him a temporary aura of royalty, allowing him to perform the royalty’s exclusive secret techniques. With that, all of the Greater Rat Clan would be restrained, unless their own powers surpassed a certain level.

It was then when he personally experienced the might of the Royal Secret Skill, and felt even more inferior. It turned out that the end point of all his hard work was the starting point of Cang Gongzi…

Unfortunately, that fool was too dumb. He refused to inherit the Greater Rat Clan’s foundation to work for someone else, and instead of inheriting his family’s property, he chose to be a coolie. What a fool.

It was a pity that the bloodline of Royal Giant Rats was not exactly the blood of the flesh, it was a kind of soul imprint. With this imprint, one could transform from an ordinary figure into a Royal Giant Rat.

Nonetheless, it meant seizing the body of a Royal Giant Rat, not truly acquiring the royal bloodline.

Or else, it would be too easy to snatch it away, as there were multitudinous ways of invasion in the upper realm.

Nie Yuan felt sorry, he then announced to the crowd below, “The elder ancestor has encountered some misfortune, but with help from Heaven, he’s all right now. He’s only cultivating in isolation at the moment. Now, some petty beings couldn’t wait to take advantage of this situation but they’ve been baited by the elder ancestor. Today, gentlemen I’ll be leading you to face our enemies. We must eradicate the wicked ones, and welcome the return of the elder ancestor.”

Whatever he said, he never mentioned about Cang Gongzi. Elder Ancestor Bai did instruct him to assist Cang Gongzi to be crowned king.

However, he completely forgot about it, as his mind was only set on achieving his own goal.

The crowd fell silent. Although everyone submitted themselves to him, it was only because of the external force.

Great as the Royal Secret Skill was, it was not an Ultimate Devilish ability that could forcefully change one’s mental state.

In reality, these people were unwilling to work for him, they only wanted to obey Bai Shifu’s orders.

That being said, since they were repressed by the might of the Royal Secret Skill, they could only obey his instructions. Should they refuse to do so, their bodies would suffer extreme pain.

In simple terms, this was a merciless method of control, which was neither wise nor humane, but was enough for most of the people.

“Mmm, you should set out now. Attack here, here, and here…” He reached his hand out and waved, causing a map to appear from thin air.

On top of it, three red spots emerged, which showed the important locations.

The crowd looked at one another as the marked lands were all dead lands. Even though all of them were elite, they were only employed to maintain order, hence they would not be able to withstand for long if they were to face real powerhouses.

The exception was if they were grouped into special military forces of ten thousand or a hundred thousand, in order to face their enemies together. Nevertheless, it would not be swift enough. A real powerhouse could adopt methods of guerrilla warfare, and could easily crush them.

If those gathered armies were used to counter a powerhouse, they could only be used for defense as they would not be able to attack proactively.

It would be no different from sending them to court death if they were asked to attack these places.

Even so, nobody said a word, and nobody refuted.

All they were thinking about was one thing but they could not object it, and it was impossible for them to do so.

This was the terrifying part of being forced to submission by the Royal Secret Skill. If they dared to act on their thoughts to oppose, the effects of the secret technique that was already implemented on them would cause them to live like they were dying.

Nie Yuan glanced at the crowd. From the way he looked at it, these people were already dead people.

Despite the fact that he could not obtain the honey-flavored pills, and that he could not recruit enough powerhouses to battle it out with Bai Shixin and the others, he still had his own measures to force him to surrender the kingdom.

“Damn it, that rascal, how could make such a despicable move!” Bai Shifu knocked out one of his former elite follower with just one slap. Even though he was pointing his sword at him, his follower managed to refrain himself from killing him.

These soldiers were nurtured by him one by one through over a year’s worth of hard work, which was his capital to crusade the world.

Right now, they were deterred by merely the royal bloodline, and became his enemies instead. They had sacrificed for nothing, and before that, quite a number of their comrades were dragged into it together too.

Bai Shixin looked coldly at the bloody war zone in front of his eyes. Those who collapsed were his own men.

After all, there were few experts who were like Bai Shifu, who could show mercy after defeating his enemies. For most of the soldiers who were unable to use cruel measures on their comrades in the past, they would be the ones dead…

“As expected, he’s truly ruthless. Though he didn’t learn anything else, he did learn very well to exchange a son for a son, and that the merciful are unable to command armies.” He said faintly.

“What should we do now? We can’t just watch this fellow coerce our men over with his Royal Secret Skill, and threaten them with death, can we?” Bai Shifu sounded agitated, he was already discontented.

Bai Shixin could understand, at the end of the day, whoever was watching this scene would not feel great about it too.

Human resource was the more expensive one, as it was the most troublesome to cultivate.

The current situation was similar to a game, whereby one’s enemy deluded internal strifes through magic. Aggrieving those near to us but pleasing the enemy was unbearable for any normal person, let alone these soldiers’ leader.

“His purpose is very simple, he wants to force us to step down. As long as we don’t comply with that, he’ll continue the bloody war to the Greater Rat Clan every day…”

“How could he be so vicious, does he even consider himself as a part of the clan?” Bai Shifu grit his teeth and replied.

“Hmph, in front of power and authority, what’s the point of all this? So long as he gets power, what’s the big deal about sacrificing some of his own kind? This is the logic of my wise disciple.” Bai Shixin was not perturbed.

This was because he was a sage, he needed to maintain his composure in order to make rational decisions.

“Don’t we have any ways to restrain the royal bloodline? Can we only step down?” Bai Shifu’s tone was filled with extreme disaffection.

Clearly, Nie Yuan was nothing but a weakling but he was able to gain the upper hand due to a unique ability, and even wanted to make a comeback, how could he tolerate that?

If he had compacting powers, he would just surrender, and would have nothing to say about it.

“There is. It’s just that I’ve never expected this fellow to be so merciless, so I didn’t think about using that method because the moment I use it, there’ll be no end to trouble.” Bai Shixin shook his head.

“We must do it even if it means quenching our thirst with poison. Looking at the situation now, if we delay this by even a day, we’ll have to lose many men. In the long run, regardless of how faithful they are, and how elite they are, they’ll be shaken, and we’ll fail in the end.”

Bai Shixin rejoined plainly, “Indeed, the bloodline of Royal Giant Rats is powerful but it’s only effective towards the greater rats. With a high bloodline, we’ll be able to suppress it.”

“Whose bloodline is higher than this?”

“I don’t know about others but there’s one that’ll definitely pass.”

“You’re saying…” Bai Shifu’s eyes glimmered, he came to a sudden realization. “The great green insect?”

“Pfft…” Bai Shixin was this close to vomit blood. “How did you even think about that little insect?”

Upon hearing that, Bai Shifu was in distress. “Based on the intelligence I received, it is the daughter of the Celestial Clan’s clan leader from the upper realm. The Celestial Clan is one of the very few higher bloodlines, and is a few levels above the Greater Rat Clan, could the intelligence be wrong?”

“No, no, you’re very right, very right.” Bai Shixin pressed both his hands down to signal him not to be too anxious. “That’s good. Sure enough, even a fool occasionally hits on a good idea. Your suggestion is much better than mine, quickly send some men over to invite that noblewoman back to help out. I believe it surely has a similar Royal Secret Skill that is able to suppress the Royal Giant Rats.”

“Alright. That little insect is a big eater, it’ll be easy to get its attention since we have plenty of food supplies. I’ll personally invite it over now.” Bai Shifu took responsibility.

Though it appeared to be just a little insect, its real identity was extremely noble. As the Greater Rat Clan’s War Clan Leader, he was far from being that.

It was only when they descended to the lower realm, where humans placed “equality” as the core of everything. Under the influence, they no longer paid much importance to the clan ranks from the upper realm.

Nevertheless, during formal occasions, this must be put into consideration. After all, they needed to seek help now.

“Wait up, do you know where to find it?” Bai Shixin reminded.

“Of course. We have intelligence that states that it spends almost all of its time eating, or it’ll be on its way to eat.” Bai Shifu responded confidently.

Bai Shixin nodded. “I’m not worried then. Go ahead.”

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