• Septem

  • Genres : Romantic
  • Status : Ongoing
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Septem summary:

Septem, the most dangerous being on earth who has seven other personalities that depicted from 7 deadly sins myth. What if somehow this person and all his other personalities got reincarnated in sword and magic world while retain their memory. Will they reclaim as the most dangerous being again? Seek Septem on his adventure in sword and magic world with many possibilities.[Tags]: R-18, Sword...

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Septem Chapters

Time uploaded
53 Wake Up3 weeks ago
52 Alice3 weeks ago
50 Acting Sick3 weeks ago
47 Sneak Around3 weeks ago
43 Testing3 weeks ago
42 Neptune Star3 weeks ago
41 Spell Layer3 weeks ago
40 Aura3 weeks ago
39 Rage Mode3 weeks ago
30 Mana Stone3 weeks ago
28 Class3 weeks ago
27 Past Regre3 weeks ago
26 Planning3 weeks ago
20 Extortion3 weeks ago
14 Another Spar3 weeks ago
13 Skills3 weeks ago
12 Spell3 weeks ago
10 Discussion3 weeks ago
9 Resolution3 weeks ago
8 Aftermath3 weeks ago
7 Spar3 weeks ago
4 Training3 weeks ago
1 7 Sin And God3 weeks ago
1 Character3 weeks ago
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