Seven Years Of Love Chapter 13

13 To My Fellow Readers

This is a preview, full chapter is coming soon!


Hello fellow readers! I am the author and I am here to make an announcement!

I will not be updating and this novel will be paused because I have run out of idea! I will not be dropping this novel! I WILL NOT! I also have finals coming out, but during my winter break, I will start updating again. Though I have taken a pause, I have another novel out that I have been updating called 'Where Fate Leads'. If you get bored of waiting, go check it out! I have been craving to write something fantasy like and so I have started this novel. I didn't want to change the plot of 'Seven Years of Love' with my new ideas and so I decided to start another level, in hopes to not disappoint those who have been reading my novel and is enjoying it.

I hope you aren't mad and will be patient in waiting for the next volume to start! I also would like to thank those of you who have been reading this and congratulation on 13K viewers! I'm so happy! I have never had anyone read my novels before and if I did have them read it, it was always out of force but I am very thankful to all my viewers! *Bows head*

Have a spectacular holiday and if you are also taking finals like me GOOD LUCK! @@
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