Seven Years Of Love Chapter 8

8 Special 1

Bohai Da: He has blond hair and brown eyes. He is mix and looks more like his mother who is a foreigner. He also wears glasses, but uses contacts for his photo shoots and performances. His height is 6'3, and he is 22 years old (Only younger than Rong You by one year, but older than Xia Lihua by 2 years)

Bohi Da is good at acting and he is the main rapper in the group. He is very smart and graduated from China's top university. He enjoys dancing and cute things.

Chao Jing: He has jet black hair, and dark brown eyes. He comes from a poor family but is really generous. He also wears glasses exactly like Bohai Da. He is also great friends with Bohai Da. He is 6'2 and he is also 22 years old.

Chao Jing is the main dancer of the group. With the help of his highschool teacher, he was able to make it to China's top university too. He enjoys games, and loves Sushi.

Huan Liwei: He is always changing his haircolor, but right now it is light pink. He is 19 years old and is 6ft tall. He is really good at looking cute and loves to play pranks. Out of all the members he is the least mature.

Huan Liwei is the lead dancer. (Main is 1st, lead is 2nd.)

Li Ai: She is in the same position as Chao Jing. She has short and soft curls. Her hair color is bleach light brown and her eye color is a deep edgy brown. She is very loving and her height is 5'8.

Li Ai is the lead singer. She was originally a fan of BXC, but now she is a fan of the female band Alex. She is also 19 years old.

Fan Hong: She has red hair, and aurburn eyes. She is also mixed foreign but it doesn't show much. She is 5'6. She tends to get bullied because of her hair. After her debut, she has been getting lots of love for her hair. She has great fashion and loves to dress up.

Fan Hong is the lead rapper. She loves to rap in her free time and practice dancing. She is also 19 years old.

Niu Xiang: This young girl is the richest in the group, but she is very kind. She loves cute things and so she gets along with Bohai Da. She supports all her fans and everyone else in SOLE. She easily gets along with others. She has long brown wavy hair and black eyes. She is the smiles in the group and is the shortest, her height is 5'6.

Though she is short, she is the most patient person in the group and enjoys asking questions. She loves everything. She is the main singer in the group. She enjoys her spot on the team and hopes to stay where she is. She is also 19 years old.
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