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Description By coincidence, Li Yunmu found a super machine from humanity’s age of darkness. From that point onwards, his ordinary life would never be the same! Aptitude? Innate talent? What are these? Could they be eaten? I have neither aptitude nor innate skill, but my shadow can level up using hacks. Experience, Ability points, battle prowess… all of them could be hacked. Even while he is asleep or tired, he could still increase his skills. [Ding, your shadow has killed an ant, you have gained experience points and ability points.] [Ding, your shadow has successfully killed a dragonfly, it dropped a dimensionality box.] Crap, even killing insects can also increase his experience and get him rewards. What else! 我的影子会挂机

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Shadow Hack Chapters

Time uploaded
875 Prodigal13 hrs ago
856 Discussion2 weeks ago
853 Migration3 weeks ago
851 The Decrees3 weeks ago
839 Torture Fes4 weeks ago
838 More News4 weeks ago
836 Four Elders4 weeks ago
830 Kidnappinga month ago
827 Conspiracya month ago
825 Ancestor2 months ago
822 Really Bold2 months ago
817 Asura City2 months ago
816 Great Trouble2 months ago
815 Idio2 months ago
814 Asura2 months ago
813 Setting Ou2 months ago
811 Convinced2 months ago
809 The Shadow2 months ago
803 Retrea2 months ago
800 Liu Bailing2 months ago
798 Let You Go2 months ago
794 What To Do?2 months ago
787 Conflic3 months ago
786 Snow Storm3 months ago
783 The Situation3 months ago
776 No Choice Lef3 months ago
772 False News3 months ago
770 Another Exi3 months ago
766 The Truth3 months ago
762 Sealed Box4 months ago
758 Warning4 months ago
755 Excalibur4 months ago
749 Sisters4 months ago
746 Vengeance4 months ago
745 Decision4 months ago
745 Desicion4 months ago
741 Recovery4 months ago
736 Envoy5 months ago
735 Reques5 months ago
730 Trash5 months ago
729 Weakness5 months ago
727 Omen5 months ago
724 Instant Kill5 months ago
722 Four Seals5 months ago
716 Daughter5 months ago
713 Sacrifice5 months ago
710 The Price5 months ago
708 Yuan Biyao5 months ago
704 Ancient Lands5 months ago
700 Feixue Sec6 months ago
698 Seal6 months ago
695 Fusang People6 months ago
689 The Condition6 months ago
686 Divine Beas6 months ago
685 The Kun6 months ago
683 Ghostly Ruins6 months ago
675 Injuries6 months ago
673 Golden Age7 months ago
672 Roping In7 months ago
670 Conspiracy7 months ago
668 Suspicion7 months ago
667 Awakening7 months ago
666 Ambush7 months ago
657 Exotic Reward7 months ago
652 Shadow Link7 months ago
650 The Final Tes7 months ago
649 Weak Poin7 months ago
648 Second Plan7 months ago
647 Counterattack7 months ago
645 Ares Strength7 months ago
637 For You8 months ago
625 Gods Tes8 months ago
618 Overreaching8 months ago
614 Enchantmen9 months ago
611 Swindled9 months ago
609 Sleipnir9 months ago
605 The Price9 months ago
599 Shadows Punch9 months ago
582 New Neighbors10 months ago
578 Three Choices10 months ago
570 Two Choices10 months ago
563 Grievous News10 months ago
539 The True Targe11 months ago
535 Abnormal11 months ago
530 Bird Man11 months ago
518 Special Status11 months ago
512 Backlash11 months ago
499 Ferven12 months ago
494 Another Trap12 months ago
489 Completion12 months ago
486 Wrong Method12 months ago
483 She Comes Ou12 months ago
481 Tree Climbingone year ago
477 Yuanbi Yaoone year ago
476 Weakeningone year ago
468 Exposedone year ago
464 Dismissalone year ago
451 Miss Anone year ago
450 One Strikeone year ago
448 Huntedone year ago
443 Gifone year ago
Chapter 427: Liesone year ago
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