Shadow Hack Chapter 865

862 Moving Like Clouds And Flowing Water

Jia Lou picked the blueprints lying on the table and looked at the model of the product.

At first glance, he noticed that it was an enormous object. It looked like a giant mechanical creature with four wheels for legs. There was a cabin within it that could be entered through the top. However, the weirdest and most frightening thing was the long tube coming out from the side.

No matter how he looked at it, it looked strange.

But the most crucial thing was that he had never seen or heard of it in Asura City. Usually, the four great clans would only forge battle armor and weapons with relatively simple designs.

The blueprint in front of him right then, however, seemed quite complex. Even if he could do it, he would need at least a few days. It was simply impossible to build it in one night.

"What about it, can you create this thing or not?" Rat asked with a frown while looking at the blueprint.

It was apparent to him that no one in Asura City would have seen such a complex object before. He was thus somewhat unsure as to whether Jia Lou could create it or not.

Jia Lou was confused. He calculated in his mind that if he returned to construction, he would need ten days to accumulate one thousand credit points. But if he started forging the strange object and finished it quickly, he would only need a few days.

Between the two choices, forging seemed to provide credit points faster.

"I can, let me try it. If I haven't completely a single piece by morning, then sir can replace me," Jia Lou said through gritted teeth.

Rat nodded and left.

The forging room was filled with dust, and the only source of light was a small window on the wall opposite of Jia Lou. Under the brilliance of moonlight, he was studying the diagram of parts stacked behind the main blueprint.

Every page had a new theory which left him gasping with amazement. According to the words on the blueprint, when every part was assembled together and the flux origin stone was used, the device would be able to move independently.

And the metal to be used was the lowest quality one, iron, while flux origin stones were another low quality item.

Excited, Jia Lou used a flint to light a candle flame, which illuminated the entire forging room. He placed the blueprint and blew away the dust covering the iron furnace. It revealed a lump of iron solidified inside it a long time ago.

After that, he cleaned the iron furnace and used a fire stone to light a flame. He then added a few more of them into the furnace. Once they were ignited, the temperature in the forging room increased quickly. Sweat covered his forehead, and the solidified iron began to melt under his gaze, slowly transforming into red molten iron.

Soon, the sound of forging echoed in the room after a very long time of having been absent.

Li Yunmu looked at the descendants of Ground Clan who were already in their dreams, and a complacent expression appeared on his face.

[You just created a clan, and you are already so excited. If you happened to create life, wouldn't you die out of happiness?] the system mocked him in his mind.

Li Yunmu looked away and mentally communicated with the system. "Asura is in the city lord's mansion and you dare to come out so casually? Aren't you afraid of being discovered?"

[Asura entered seclusion. Since Lakshmi did not die, the part of her soul swallowed by Asura is agitated. Usually, he wouldn't bother with it, but he had used his full strength to scare away the five ancient gods. Because of that, Lakshmi's soul has become even more restless. The fact that he entered seclusion means that it had grown bad enough to influence him.]

When speaking, the system did not sound to have a care in the world. Although it didn't possess the strength of a True God right then, his perception was still very formidable.

After hearing its words, Li Yunmu realized what had happened. No wonder then that the four clans gave him the regions on the edge of the resource lands. They had become so brazen because of Asura's absence.

If Asura hadn't entered seclusion, then even if the four great clans resented Chen Xiu, they would have endured it and given him good regions during the division. But with Asura in seclusion, the four great clans weren't scared of an ancestor with only god level cultivation and no subordinates.

"Seems like the four great clans still want to create some trouble," Li Yunmu said with a sigh.

[This is only natural. You try to snatch their territory, and you expect them to help you? If you were in their position, how would you feel?] the system asked with disdain.

"Since you came out, help me manufacture some cultivation relaying globes. This way, they can be properly imparted to the descendants of Ground Clan."

The creation of cultivation relaying globes for passing on martial skills was very easy, after all.

[That can be done. Anyway, I won't dissuade you from what you're trying to do, but I will still remind you that you cannot go back after reaching the end of this path.]

"I know."

Li Yunmu did not sleep the whole night and just sat on his bed. Several cultivation relaying globes shone brightly on the floor of the room. Soon, another cultivation relaying globe appeared in his hand. He threw it to the ground and continued to create the next one. His movements were smooth like moving clouds and flowing water.

Cultivation relaying globes were very convenient since they only needed to be pressed against a person's forehead for all the information regarding the cultivation of a martial art to be transferred to them. There was never a time when someone would not understand something or would have to ask others to guide them.

The cultivation relaying globes piled on the floor of the room were filled with the most basic martial skills. None of them were high level. After all, such a thing could still be excused, but if he released some high level martial skills, then Asura himself might become suspicious.

"Lord, lord!" Rat shouted out from outside the room.

"Come in," Li Yunmu said without stopping his movements, and another cultivation relaying globe appeared in his left hand. He threw it on the ground, and it bounced after colliding with other cultivation relaying globes.

When Rat entered and saw the light balls lying on the ground, he was flabbergasted. He could not help it even if since he started following Li Yunmu, he had seen so much shocking stuff that he became numb to novel things.

This lord who was originally a branch family descendant had simply too many ideas.

But in any case, what were those light balls?

"Leader, what are you doing now? What's the use of these light balls? Are they a new type of weapon?" Rat asked with suspicion.

Lu Yunmu stopped for a moment and looked at the curious Rat. He then picked up a speed type martial skill from the pile of cultivation globes and said, "Take this light ball and press it against your forehead."

Rat skeptically did as told and pressed the cultivation relaying globe against his head. Instantly, he felt an enormous amount of information entering his brain. The instant he saw it, he opened his eyes, and an alarmed expression appeared on his face.

His body moved subconsciously, and a formidable force transferred to his legs. They moved automatically, and he retreated instantly.

Rat stood rooted in that spot for a few minutes. Once he grasped what had happened though, he jumped excitedly. "I can use a martial art!"

The movement of his body had been an instinctual reaction from his brain. It had generated a large amount of energy and transferred it to his feet to retreat a few steps in experimentation. But that was all subconscious. If he had unleashed it properly, his speed would have been much faster.

Rat raised his head and looked at Li Yunmu with eyes full of worship and said,"Lord, you are a genius. Not only did you create the strength amplifying battle armor, but also these magic balls filled with cultivation methods This is simply"
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