Shadow Hack Chapter 866

863 Nefarious Designs

After pondering it for a long while, Rat could not think of any suitable words and ended up blurting out, "Extremely awesome. Lord is worthy of being the lord!"

When Li Yunmu heard his words, he gave an understanding smile. He couldn't blame Rat for being so tense. After all, a cultivation relaying globe could only be considered magical for him. Even on Earth, there were two main methods of cultivation.

One of them was to have a master who could guide the person, which was the best and quickest method. The other one was to watch martial arts and cultivate by oneself. This method had a lot of flaws, since if there was a single mistake done during cultivation, the move would lose all of its power.

The cultivation relaying globes created by the system did not have this type of flaw, and it only took an instant to impart the martial skill. For example, the cultivation relaying globe which Rat was holding was called Soaring Snake Strength. It was one of the most basic speed type martial arts.

It used the power generated by instant high speed vibration of the body and transferred it to legs, which provided a sudden amplification to the cultivator's speed. If the user could unleash Soaring Snake Strength with flux energy, their speed would reach an astonishing level.

"Alright, these cultivation relaying globe will be the first items to be exchanged for credit points. All of them are the most basic type of martial skills. You should take a look at all the various martial skills and divide them into different classes with different amount of credit points needed for each one. Also, tell Old Bastard to choose a speed type martial art."

Li Yunmu waved his hand, and a black bag appeared in his hand. When he opened it, all the cultivation relaying globes piled on the ground flew into it.

Rat, who stood nearby, carefully took count of them. After all of the cultivation relaying globes flew into the black bag, he realized that there were at least two hundred and fifty balls. Even if they were all foundational level martial skills, it was still astonishing.

Rat took the black bag from Li Yunmu, and recalled why he had come in the first place. "Ancestor, the city lord and patriarchs of the other four clans are looking for you. I arranged for them to stay next door while I came to notify you."

Li Yunmu stood up from the bed and stretched his stiff muscles. He then asked suspiciously, "Why did they come here? They wouldn't visit without any ulterior motive, so they must have another nefarious scheme. Go then, go and make arrangements. After the objects of the blueprint which I gave you yesterday have been created, come to inform me."

"Yes, lord."

Rat closed the black bag and with his body trembling rushed out at a high speed.

Li Yunmu tidied his room and went to the one next door. Once he entered, he heard the voices of the five people.

"This sixth ancestor's residence is really simple. Rather than such a place, wouldn't it be better for him to stay in the residence of Morrow Clan?"

The voice of Doro Clan's patriarch that followed after contained a hint of ridicule. "But the sixth ancestor seems to be fond of living in a simple manner, so it might be an old habit. Ha ha ha ha."

"Alright, talk less, don't forget the four of you are speaking about my younger brother."

When Li Yunmu heard those words, a hint of coldness flashed across his eyes. He slowly entered and looked at the chairs arranged in the room. Two of them were on the left, two on the right, and two main seats were at the back.

It seemed like Rat understood etiquette and knew that Chen Xiu's prestige had to be maintained.

"I wonder why elder brother and four clan patriarchs have come here?" Li Yunmu said with a smile while advancing toward the empty main seat.

The four clan patriarchs did not say anything, but a smile still remained in their eyes. Ashbi smiled and extended his left hand before himself. The next instant, five chicken egg-sized light balls appeared in his hand. They were properly compacted without any leakage and only revealed a hint of power of belief's presence.

Li Yunmu looked at the five balls of power of belief and instantly began to smile.

It was no wonder that the four clan patriarchs had come to such a crude place as the colosseum. It was precisely for the matter of power of belief.

"You have become a ruler of Asura City, and according to the division, every year you will receive five portions of the total ten. This time, elder brother went through the trouble of going on this trip to deliver it to you."

Ashbi gave a bright smile and passed over the power of belief to Li Yunmu.

When Li Yunmu came in contact with the five portions of power of belief, he gained a new understanding of them in his heart. Previously, when he had pulled out the power of belief from Chen Xiu's body, it was comparable to one portion. In other words, the five portions of power of belief in his hand were enough to allow five ordinary people to instantly turn into gods.

"Many thanks to my elder brother for making this trip. I should've come to the city lord's mansion to personally pick it up, but Asura City was divided only recently, so there are a lot of matters that I need to attend to. If there's nothing more, I will bid farewell to my elder brother and the clan patriarchs."

Li Yunmu clasped his fingers over the five balls of power of belief while asking everyone to leave in a polite tone.

Ashbi smiled but did not say anything. The expressions of the four clan patriarchs sitting underneath, however, turned gloomy. Soon though, they recalled that the arrogant Chen Xiu should not be aware that the patron backing him had entered closed door cultivation.

A smile appeared on the face of Deva Clan's matriarch, and she slowly said, "Sixth ancestor created a clan just recently, so you indeed are busy. But in the end, you are just one person while your subordinates are useless. If there's any trouble, the sixth ancestor can discuss it with the city lord or the four clans. After all, everyone belongs to Asura Clan so we naturally must help each other."

"Precisely. If there's any trouble, sixth ancestor just needs to speak and we will rush to help."

Just as the Deva Clan's matriarch finished speaking, the patriarchs of the other three clans agreed one after another. Ridicule was clear in their voices, which was completely different from yesterday when the four of them had to submit in humiliation.

Li Yunmu rubbed his hands. When he saw the smiles on the faces of the four patriarchs, he immediately thought of Asura entering seclusion. Without his only backer, the four clans dared to be so brazen.

"Oh, what assistance can the four clans provide? What sort of advantages do they have?" he asked with suspicion.

"Naturally, we can offer assistance in all fields. For example, the defense of the resource lands, construction of houses as well as the forging of weapons and battle armor. You can use the four great clans for all that.

"Presently, the Ground Clan created by the sixth ancestor doesn't have a single genuine powerhouse. If you don't have experts, we four clans have some to offer. If you don't have masters to guide your people, the four clans can lend you some of those too," Doro Clan's patriarch, whose appearance resembled a gigolo, said with a smile.

Li Yunmu was silent for a bit while his head dropped faintly to conceal the hint of coldness in his eyes."Then what are your conditions?"

The four clan patriarchs smiled at each other. It was finally time to talk about business.

Jiao Xiu, whose expression was completely calm, was the first to speak in an indifferent voice. "If sixth ancestor wants to borrow help, then you only need to pay a little bit of power of belief. After all, you probably don't need so much of it. Instead of wasting it, it would be better to give it to our four clans in exchange for strengthening the foundation of the Ground Clan.
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