Silver Overlord Chapter 176


There were still many people queuing up outside the Patrol Inspector’s manor. Each of them was holding their name card while they waited for their turn to have an audience with the Patrol Inspector.

The last time Yan Liqiang was here, this was what it looked like. Little did he expect that the situation outside of the manor still hadn’t changed in the slightest during his visit this time.

The people waiting outside the manor were well dressed as wealthy and respectable individuals. Such scenery had pretty much become a norm in Pingxi City.

Did the Patrol Inspector come to Pingxi City just to meet all sorts of people every day? Was he not going to explore the city to observe the condition of the people here?

Yan Liqiang secretly muttered to himself as he questioned the Patrol Inspector’s way of thinking.

Everyone in the queue was staring at Yan Liqiang in a strange way because Yan Liqiang’s presence here was simply too eye-catching it was ridiculous to see a fourteen or fifteen years old youth requesting for an audience with the Patrol Inspector. Did this youth think that just anyone could meet the Patrol Inspector? Many people who had been waiting here for a few days still hadn’t gotten a chance to meet the Patrol Inspector yet. Just which clan was this youth from? He was being rather insensible.

Many people started sneering at Yan Liqiang.

After waiting for only a brief moment, a receiving attendant came out from the manor’s entrance and started scanning around.

At the sight of the attendant, several dozen people who were waiting outside instantly swarmed around him. Like goldfish in pond realizing that someone was feeding them, they flocked to the attendant with big rotten smiles on their faces before they all started talking at once.

“Is the Patrol Inspector going to meet me now?”

“I submitted my visitor name card yesterday, it must be my turn now!”

“Sir, please make an exception for me, I greatly admire Lord Sun”

“Yan Liqiang, which one of you is Yan Liqiang?” The receiving attendant scanned around, then looked past the crowd as he shouted his question.

Yan Liqiang? Who is Yan Liqiang?

The people gathered at the entrance looked at each other in dismay as they searched for the said person among the crowd. To them, this name was simply unheard of.

When the crowd fell silent, a voice rang out from behind. “I am here!”

The crowd gathered in front instantly parted to create a path when they heard the voice. They saw Yan Liqiang calmly smooth out his clothes before he stepped forward from the back.

A smile instantly cracked across the previously stoic face of that receiving attendant. “Follow me! Lord Sun is very pleased to know that you’ve arrived and is expecting you!”

Everyone was flabbergasted as soon as they heard this. Just who was that youth who could keep the Patrol Inspector waiting for him?

Yan Liqiang only nodded before he went up the steps and entered the manor under the lead of the receiving attendant.

After Yan Liqiang entered the manor, discussions immediately broke out behind him. Officers and people from wealthy and influential clans had already beckoned forth their stewards and whispered to them their orders, allowing the servants to investigate the background of this youth named Yan Liqiang.

Finding himself inside the manor once again, Yan Liqiang discovered that Sun Bingchen wasn’t going to meet him in the same drawing room. Instead, it was in another reception pavilion in the garden which seemed to be a much more casual and private venue.

As soon as Yan Liqiang arrived at the reception pavilion, he spotted Sun Bingchen sitting on a chair as he looked at him with a smile. The Patrol Inspector’s overwhelming aura was less intense than the first time he had met him. Even so, he still felt as though Lord Sun could see through him whenever he glanced at him.

“Greetings, Lord Sun!”

Sun Bingchen smiled and gestured for Yan Liqiang to take a seat. “How did it go? You returned home for a few days. What was your father’s opinion?”

“My father back home is supportive of me in following you around to serve you, Sir!”

“What is your decision then?”

“There’s still something I don’t quite understand and wish to ask you directly, Sir!” Yan Liqiang spoke calmly.

“Don’t worry about it, go ahead and ask!”

“I don’t really have any outstanding abilities and I have only but meager strength. If Lord Sun wished to recruit a personal attendant, countless experts and powerful individuals would line up outside to wait for you to choose them as soon as the word got out. Why have you chosen me, Sir?”

Sun Bingchen laughed and shook his head instead. “There’s no need to be humble, Liqiang. In my eyes, the so-called ability is not limited to only swords and sabers. For someone in my position, it is indeed not difficult for me to seek help from experts if I need to, and I don’t lack such people around me either. However, I have yet to meet many highly observant people with such highly retentive memory like you, Liqiang. Most importantly, it was even rarer to find a youth with a great deal of potential like you who hasn’t been tainted by any bad practices of those from the bureaucracy and influential clans. With your untainted background, I can employ you without any worries. That day when you discovered the Shatu man in disguise, you not only tailed him all the way, but you also managed to make a firm decision at the end of it. Your courage, astuteness, and sense of justice are what I truly admire. I hope my answer can satisfy you, Liqiang!”

Upon hearing all this from Sun Bingchen, even Yan Liqiang felt a little embarrassed. “I am merely an average student from the martial arts academy who has a little bit of luck. I can’t possibly afford to be thought of so highly by you, Sir!”

“How can an average student from the martial arts academy possibly receive teachings from a deity about performing moxibustion on the navel to save drowning people in his dreams and even impart such knowledge to others so selflessly instead of keeping it to yourself? Such actions are indeed praiseworthy!”

Yan Liqiang didn’t expect Lord Sun to even find out about this. It seemed like he had really spent some effort in asking around about him. “Well, I just thought that was what I was supposed to do. Since I was fortunate enough to gain knowledge of that life-saving method, I should impart the knowledge to more people so that many more lives can be saved. I never really thought about reaping any benefits for myself out of that method!”

Sun Bingchen exclaimed with astonishment, “I heard that over the past six months, the method you imparted saved countless drowned victims in Pingxi Prefecture. Not only that, the method has reached neighboring counties and prefectures. For that incident alone, you have made an immeasurable contribution to mankind, and that is really admirable. If some young lord from a wealthy clan had done the same thing, then his reputation would have resonated across the entire Great Han Empire by now. Not only that, he could also expect to be promoted as an officer, or at least be made into a squire, and have a memorial archway gate constructed for his contribution to have his reputation spread far and wide. Liqiang, you were born in an ordinary clan without any backing. Even if you have done something like this, the fact that you remained silent and unnoticed in your village is truly a regretful tale. As a Patrol Inspector, it is my duty to nurture individuals with potential for my nation. It is definitely more than enough for you to stay by my side and serve me as my personal attendant, Liqiang!”

Sun Bingchen’s words were the truth. Even so, Yan Liqiang had nothing to complain about. Regardless of this world or his previous world, everything was the same. Most of the time, an individual’s family and background determined many things. The same achievement achieved by different people with different family backgrounds would lead to different outcomes.

Yan Liqiang immediately stood up and gave Sun Bingchen another bow. “Thank you for your support and recognition, Sir. From today onwards, Liqiang will be at your service!” he said solemnly.

“Good, sit down. You will follow me around for these few days first. By the time we reach the Imperial Capital, I will come up with your official rank!” Sun Bingcheng looked at Yan Liqiang with a smile while stroking his beard. “An attendant holds a military title, which is also ranked. Your rank shall be Armed Battalion Commandant of Rank Eight Secondary Class for now. What do you think?”

“I am fine with your decision, Sir!”

Sun Bingchen nodded, then yelled at the door. “Yijie!”

“Sir!” A young man came in and bowed to Sun Bingchen.

Sun Bingchen pointed at Yan Liqiang. “From today onward, Liqiang will be my personal attendant. Show him the ropes!” After giving his order, he looked at Yan Liqiang again. “Yijie has followed me around for years. He is both my attendant and also the leader of my personal bodyguards. He used to be in the military and is actually a Huwei Commandant of Rank Five Standard Class. Therefore, you may ask him for guidance should you run into any problems, including any doubts in your cultivation!”

Yan Liqiang nodded, then threw a glance at the person named Yijie. Likewise, that person also threw a glance at Yan Liqiang and nodded to him his eyes were shining.

This wasn’t the first time Yan Liqiang had seen him. During his last visit, this person was the one who brought him, Shi Dafeng, and Shen Teng to meet Sun Bingcheng. Judging from his aura alone, this person was definitely an expert. Or at least, Yan Liqiang sensed that he was more powerful than Shi Changfeng, and even his aura was more intense…

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