Silver Overlord Chapter 177


Since Sun Bingcheng still had to meet other guests, he left the reception pavilion after he finished briefing Yan Liqiang. Yan Liqiang bid his farewell to Sun Bingchen, then left the reception pavilion with the Sun Bingchen’s attendant. After walking around inside the manor once, both of them arrived at a small courtyard.

“Lord Sun will be staying in Pingxi City for a few more days. In the meantime, you will stay here. I live in the adjacent courtyard. You have three days to settle any remaining business you may have in Pingxi City. After that, you will have to be prepared at all times to receive orders as Lord Sun’s attendant.” Compared to coldness he felt from the leader of Sun Bingchen’s guards during the first meeting, his attitude had turned slightly warmer. However, he was still icy and stiff.

Even so, Yan Liqiang wasn’t bothered because he knew that although some people always smiled at you, they might secretly be thinking up of ways to stab you in the back. On the contrary, those people who were always cold to you might be the trustworthy ones in your life. Therefore, he never judged a person by their attitude, but by their moral standing and disposition instead. In Yan Liqiang’s eyes, the leader of Sun Bingcheng’s personal guards was undoubtedly one of those that belonged in the latter category.

“Alright, three days should be enough for me to settle my remaining business. Oh right, I never had the chance to ask for your surname, Big Brother. How should I address you?” Yan Liqiang said with a smile.

“My surname is Liang. Since we both serve Lord Sun, you can just call me Brother Liang from now on!”

“Very well then. I have a question, Brother Liang. What will my main responsibility be when I start working for Lord Sun? Should I make any preparations?”

“As Lord Sun’s attendant, your tasks will be personally assigned to you by him. You will know in due time. At this point in time, I have no idea either!”

“Are there any other attendants that serve Lord Sun?”

“There are indeed many bodyguards and honor guards that serve Lord Sun, but do you think anyone can just become his personal attendant?” Liang Yijie snorted coldly. “Lord Sun is a high official of Rank Two Standard Class. According to the rules of the imperial court, he can only have four armed military rank guards by his side at most. Prior to his visit to Gan Province, he had only two attendants I am one of them. The other one returned to his sect to settle some matters, so he didn’t join the patrol this time. You will be Lord Sun’s third personal attendant. An officially Armed Batallion Commandant of Rank Eight Secondary Class will be paid a monthly salary. If you feel that anyone can just apply for this job, you should go ask around. Only then you will realize how many envious people there are out there”

“Thank you, Brother Liang. I understand now. I’m just a newcomer, please guide me well in the areas I might be unfamiliar with!”

“Alright, let’s go. I will introduce you to the honor guards and other guards that serve Lord Sun so that you will be able to get around easily in the future”

Liang Yijie led Yan Liqiang out of the courtyard while speaking. Touring around the manor that Sun Bingchen was staying at, he introduced the people working for him to Yan Liqiang.

The people who followed Sun Bingchen to Gan Province this time only amounted to a little more than a hundred people in total. Among these hundred people, there were a company of guards and a squad of honor guards.

Based on the division of troops in the Great Han Empire, a company of guards consisted of a hundred men while a group of honor guards consisted of thirty men. In addition to these 130 men, the total was 132, including Sun Bingchen and Liang Yijie. Now with Yan Liqiang tagging along, that added up to 133 men.

The squad officer who followed Sun Bingchen around was also from the Imperial Capital. Though his position wasn’t high, his military rank was Battalion Commandant, a level higher than an ordinary squad officer. Even so, he was only on the same level as Yan Liqiang. As for the group of honor guards, the captain’s highest military rank was only a level higher than any ordinary captain Wugeng, which could hardly be considered a commandant.

Upon finding out that Yan Liqiang had been appointed as Sun Bingchen’s personal attendant, the gazes of those hundred guards and honor guards were filled with unconcealable envy and even jealousy when they looked at Yan Liqiang. It was only then that Yan Liqiang truly felt the significance of his status as Sun Bingchen’s attendant for the very first time.

After he briefly got to know the others who were serving Sun Bingchen, Yan Liqiang left the manor. He had three days time to settle his private matters before he had to report himself to Sun Bingchen for real.

Although it was called a ‘private matter’, it wasn’t really that complicated as he only needed to inform the prefectural martial arts academy. In actuality, it would be taken as if he had graduated in advance.

Yan Liqiang returned to the martial arts academy, looked for Shi Changfeng, met the academy headmaster, and very quickly settled the matter.

Shi Changfeng didn’t seem to be too surprised. He had probably heard the news from Shi Dafeng or Shen Teng beforehand. As for the academy headmaster who didn’t really know Yan Liqiang well and those other academy tutors from the martial arts academy, their jaws fell to the floor when they discovered that Yan Liqiang had been personally appointed by the Patrol Inspector as his attendant.

In the end, the academy headmaster of the prefectural martial arts academy even personally saw Yan Liqiang off at the academy’s entrance.

“Ah Liqiang, remember to never hanker for an easy and comfortable life when you stay by Lord Sun’s side in the future. You mustn’t slack in your cultivation either. Serve the nation with utmost effort. The students at our martial arts academy ought to see you as their role model…” The academy headmaster, who had an easily forgettable face with graying hair and a beard, reminded Yan Liqiang earnestly at the academy’s entrance.

“Rest assured, Headmaster. I will remember your words and I won’t let our Pingxi Prefecture Martial Arts Academy down!”

“If you are free to return to Pingxi City again next time, don’t forget to pay us a visit!”

“I will. Headmaster and teachers, I will be off now!”

After bowing to the academy headmaster and the group of academy tutors, Yan Liqiang left under their gazes.

Shi Dafeng and Shen Teng were already waiting at the corner of the street. As soon they saw Yan Liqiang pass by, Shi Dafeng immediately grabbed him before he fiercely exclaimed, “TODAY SHEN TENG AND I SHALL PICK A PLACE TO EAT, AND IT WILL BE YOUR TREAT!”

“That’s right, you are obligated to treat us to a meal today!” Shen Teng caught the drift and laughed at the side.

“Sure, whatever makes Brother Shi and Brother Shen happy. It’s all on me tonight!”

Needless to say, Shi Dafeng picked the most high-end restaurant in Pingxi City. He didn’t even think of helping Yan Liqiang save any money. The meal lasted until nightfall. Shi Dafeng and Shen Teng only released Yan Liqiang when the three of them were tipsy. When they went their separate ways from the restaurant, it was already very late at night.

Yan Liqiang ordered the restaurant to call for two horse carriages, then helped Shi Dafeng and Shen Teng get onto the carriage. He watched the carriages leave before he returned to the restaurant again.

In the restaurant, he ordered for two bowls of plum soup to sober up. After washing his face with cold water, the tipsy feeling was completely gone.

Yan Liqiang didn’t get on any horse carriage. He walked alone in the night.

An hour later, Yan Liqiang appeared in the residential area at the southern part of Pingxi City. After making a few turns, he arrived at an old tavern next to a crossroad and went up to the second floor. He ordered two plates of appetizers, sat down at a less noticeable spot by the window, and started eating his food as he watched the pedestrians on the road.

In less than half an hour, Qi Donglai’s figure appeared on the street…

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