So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 1338

Chapter 1338 It Was Really Insidious

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Ren Jianren’s pain was agonizing, but the pain didn’t kill him or make him pass out. Humans have the most nerves on the face. Getting hurt on the face is also the most painful. Ren Jianren licked his mouth and glared at Li Jiasheng. Li Jiasheng was innocent under Ren Jianren’s glare. I am still hurt. Why are you staring at me at this time?

Seeing Li Jiasheng’s innocent expression, Ren Jianren was enraged in his heart. While he was unable to suppress his inner anger, Ren Jianren said, “How did you perform the knife-throwing? Were you deliberately harming me?”

Li Jiasheng was also uncomfortable. As Ren Jianren reprimanded him, he was shocked all of a sudden. After he understood Ren Jianren’s meaning, he couldn’t help but get angry. He glared at Ren Jianren, flustered. “You, yourself, tried to imitate and lean over to let the knife hit. You missed it, and yet you blame me?”

“What do you mean I leaned over to let the knife hit? My foot slipped, and my body tilted. I didn’t expect you to throw a knife at me intentionally!” Ren Jianren looked at Li Jiasheng in a grimace.

“What do you mean by you slipped? I threw my knife before you leaned over. The audience below the stage could see it clearly. You really dare to blame me?” Li Jiasheng felt wronged after being accused by Ren Jianren – He really felt wronged. He even wanted to sing “Grievance [1]” in front of so many people.

“Cut the crap. Then, why did you throw so well before, but when I slipped my feet, you shot at my face?” Ren Jianren shouted at Li Jiasheng.

“My leg is injured! If it weren’t for you wanting to give Yang Ming a lesson, why would I throw a knife at him?” Li Jiasheng was now in a state of madness and chaos. He started to disregard everything. “If I didn’t throw a knife at him, could he deflect the knife back? Would I get hurt?”

” Boo -” The audience below the stage raised a hue and a cry after hearing the dialogue between Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng on the stage!

“So Li Jiasheng was deliberate! This guy is really insidious!”

“Yes, Yang Ming wasted effort helping him out of trouble. He arbitrates the righteous one with a petty mind!”

“So, this is the truth!”

“This sentence is the highlight!”

“This Taekwondo Club is actually run by such two shameless and rotten guys. Even if I am interested in Taekwondo, I will not join their club. I would rather spend the money to learn outside!”

“Yes, no one should participate in the clubs of these two people. They are petty-minded.”

“Yang Ming is so generous, and yet they are still malicious. They wanted to harm Yang Ming on the stage!”

“Go away; leave; f*ck off!”

Initially, when they saw that Ren Jianren was injured, although some people in the audience despised Ren Jianren, they were quite sympathetic to his tragedy.

But now, all the people thought that it served them right. Even if Wang Bie wanted to speak for them, he couldn’t find excuses to stick up for them! In this case, if Wang Bie opened his mouth again, not only would it not lead to any resonance, but he would also definitely irritate the crowd and get beaten up, so Wang Bie was not stupid. He shut up obediently.

The school leaders were below the stage. They were still concerned about Ren Jianren’s injury. However, after listening to the confrontation between Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng, their expressions were stunned. After a while, they shouted at the stage angrily, “Xu Qianxing, look at what kind of art festival you are organizing. Hurry up and take these students offstage!”

The university leaders did not think that the Student Union’s members, Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng, the Taekwondo Club’s Vice President, were out of their minds to such an extent!

They actually plotted to perform knife-throwing on the stage to hurt someone. This was almost unheard of and quite appalling! Since the establishment of the university, there had not been such a plot of hurting someone on stage at a large-scale cultural performance!

This Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng had taken the first spot. They were the only group since the past to give such face to the university’s principal! They gave too much face to the Student Union’s president!

Xu Qianxing’s face turned ugly. He knew that the school leader’s good impression of him had fallen to the bottom immediately. Initially, it was a popular program, but it ended up like this. If he knew this earlier, he would have called Ning Chen or Lai Mingxu to go and stop them.

The Student Union had such a horrible scandal with two Student Union cadres, and the club’s vice president actually tried to use knife-throwing to hurt another student. It was ridiculous to the extreme! His position as the Student Union president couldn’t escape the responsibility!

Although he didn’t know about it beforehand, it was still difficult to escape the responsibility of inaccurate judgment of people and unreasonable program review. His Student Union president position would most likely end here!

Thinking of this, Xu Qianxing was enraged. He should not have allowed these two b*st*rds to perform together with Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun! A program that was so popular turned into the situation right now due to their participation!

Xu Qianxing sent a few male student cadres with great strength to the stage and dragged Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng backstage. He scolded them furiously, “Aren’t you both shameless? How dare you do this kind of horrible thing on the stage? You want to hurt other students openly. Aren’t you too unscrupulous? Let me tell you. Just wait for the university’s punishment!”

As Xu Qianxing finished, he waved his hand to command the few student cadres to send these two people to the university hospital without waiting for their explanation. He did not want to see the two b*st*rds now.. When they were wrapped up, he would then settle the score with them.

“Ning Chen, Lai Mingxu, you two hurry over and continue the art festival. Control the scene!” Xu Qianxing sighed. At this time, he couldn’t panic now. He needed to portray himself as someone who played it safe and prioritized the general situation. Only that way would the university leaders look at him in a new light.

Explanations were useless now. He could only remedy previous mistakes with practical actions. Fortunately, Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng were revealing their own plot on stage. Even if the school leaders blamed him for dereliction of duty, they couldn’t blame other issues on him.

Thinking of this, Xu Qianxing was relieved in his heart.

Ning Chen and Lai Mingxu hurried to the stage. Ning Chen picked up the microphone. “I’m sorry, leaders and classmates. There was just a little mistake in the performance. This performance has to be suspended. We will move on to the next performance at the festival.”

Ning Chen said it as though it was not a big deal. She covered up the previous shock with merely one sentence, but the students below were unwilling. They thought that Ning Chen said this because the Student Union wanted to protect Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng. They suddenly burst into anger.

“What little mistake? They are trying to murder! Does the Student Union want to favor them? How can you make light of such a shocking incident?”

“Yeah, we will not let it go if you don’t give us a reasonable explanation!”

“If the school and the Student Union don’t give them an appropriate punishment and an answer, we will call the police and let the police handle it! Their two previous acts should constitute a crime, right? Anyone from the law department, stand up!”

“I am from the law department! The behavior of the two of them has already constituted an attempted injury!”

Ning Chen had a headache. Tides of accusations made her feel helpless; she didn’t know how to explain it.

“Everyone, calm down first. This is the art festival party event. For any matters, everyone, please wait until the party is over…” Lai Mingxu was good at being a host, but his ability to deal with emergency problems was obviously not good. He could only interact with the audience when the audience was obedient. Once the audience raised a commotion, he could not handle it. The students below the stage simply didn’t listen to him, self-servingly speaking out their doubts.

Seeing that the situation was uncontrollable, Xu Qianxing had no choice but to come out from backstage. He glanced at the angry students who stood up in the auditorium and quickly said, “Everyone! Dear students, can you let me say a few words?”

“What have you got to say? Do you want to protect the two dogs under you too?” The students below asked.

“Dear students, the incident of Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng happened too suddenly. We didn’t know beforehand. They were both injured and sent to the hospital. For this matter, I think it is better off to wait for the university’s notice after the end of the party. Let’s have a party first?” Xu Qianxing tried to make his voice sound more amiable.

However, it was in vain. His amiability was useless. The students below still did not care. “What is with the waiting notice? Aren’t those words just a filibuster? We are not fools. This matter will be forgotten if you keep delaying it. Don’t think that we don’t know.”

“Indeed, do you think that you are a contractor, and we are migrant workers? We can’t wait. Tell us how you are going to resolve it. What will happen to these two people!?”

Xu Qianxing did not expect that the situation would escalate to such a degree. He was irritated with Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng in his heart. He wanted to tell everyone that he wanted to expel these two scum from school! However, he couldn’t say that! Although he was the Student Union president, he had no right to expel other students!

It was true that the school would definitely consult his opinion on how to deal with Ren Jianren and Li Jiasheng, but that was only a consultation. The school leaders were the ones who made the decision, not him, the Student Union president!

If no school leaders were sitting below, Xu Qianxing would just make an empty promise to get things solved. However, the school leaders were seated below. How would he dare to talk about it? This was not the time to bluff it out. Every word he said represented his own true thoughts in the eyes of the school leaders. How would he dare to overstep his authority?

Just as Xu Qianxing was in a dilemma, Yang Ming smiled as he walked over and patted him on the shoulder. “President Xu, I think you should just let me talk to them.”

When Xu Qianxing heard Yang Ming, his heart suddenly moved. Right! How can I forget about him? As the saying goes, whoever hung the bell on the tiger’s neck must untie it. The anger of these students is entirely from sticking up for Yang Ming. Therefore, as long as Yang Ming lets go of the responsibility, would I need to be afraid that the students will be unwilling? Think of this, Xu Qianxing’s face was chirpy like a peach blossom. He quickly gave the microphone to Yang Ming and made a request posture.

“Classmates, please be quiet.” Yang Ming’s voice was not loud. His voice was softer than Ning Chen, Lai Mingxu, and Xu Qianxing. However, it seemed to be magical. As Yang Ming spoke, the auditorium, which was initially full of rowdy voices, was suddenly silenced.

Xu Qianxing and Lai Mingxu couldn’t help but look at him in surprise. This is too amazing. When Yang Ming opens his mouth, the problem is solved. If I knew it earlier, I would have sent him up at the beginning. It saves me the trouble.

However, one person was very uncomfortable in her heart. This person was Ning Chen! She was very upset that Yang Ming opened his mouth and comforted the students who were rowdy below the stage. She was annoyed with Yang Ming’s position in the heart of these students! Logically, the Student Union president was the supreme being in the eyes of these students. Who the hell was Yang Ming?

She was not angry because the students did not listen to her words. She was angry that her favorite, Brother Xu Qianxing, was not as good as Yang Ming who played tricks on stage in the heart of these students!

She secretly glared at Yang Ming and turned her gaze to Xu Qianxing. It was tender like water.

“Fellow students, I can understand very well that everyone feels injustice for me. Since I am also very angry with Li Jiasheng’s despicable behavior, he wasted my kindness to help him!” Yang Ming paused and said, “But, everyone should not be too rowdy. There was a student who said something great which is God is watching our every move! They had to face retribution for doing those despicable things in the end, so they are considered punished. I believe that in this matter, the school leaders will never tolerate these two individuals. As to how to deal with these two individuals, the school leaders are not likely to give an answer to everyone immediately! After all, the school does not belong to one person only. It is our school. The school decisions are not done with one school leader alone, but it must be decided after a meeting. So we all have to wait patiently for the results! I believe the school will give you a satisfactory result. I think since these two people had done such a bad thing, the lightest punishment from the school will be expulsion, right?”

Xu Qianxing and the school leaders agreed to it in their hearts as they listened to Yang Ming’s words. Yang Ming is still a great student. He looked into the whole situation, and his words really touched everyone’s heart.

Of course, this was the idea coming out from the first part of Yang Ming’s speech, but the last sentence of Yang Ming surprised everyone! The lightest punishment would be expulsion from school. Would that be still the lightest punishment?

Yang Ming’s words were, indeed, ruthless. In the face of so many students, he actually said that the lightest punishment was to expel them. If the school did not expel them, then it would become abusing one’s position for personal gains in the eyes of the students!

It was really insidious!

The school leader suddenly had a headache. It seemed that this Yang Ming was still unforgiving! However, it couldn’t be helped. Who would not be angry after encountering such an incident? The school leaders could only go back and look into it later. At the moment, the utmost priority was for the art festival party to continue smoothly.

Otherwise, if the party was forced to end, it could become a laughing stock in the eyes of other universities. No university’s art festival party would be interrupted because of such a situation.

“Since Yang Ming said this, let’s continue to watch the show.”

“Yeah, it’s good to expel them. We don’t ask for anything else. It’s scary to study and live with this scum!”

“Yeah, it’s so insidious. It’s even worse than the punks in society!”

After Yang Ming finished speaking, he handed the microphone to the host, Ning Chen. Ning Chen snorted and turned her head. Yang Ming was somewhat inexplicable. How did I provoke this chick? Is she a psychopath?

After passing the microphone to Lai Mingxu next to Ning Chen, Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun went down from the stage together. Xu Qianxing saw that the situation was in control, so he also went down with Yang Ming and left the things on the stage to the two hosts.

The show finally went smoothly. The next program was a small skit, a comedy self-directed by the students. These people had been preparing for a long time backstage. The performance schedule was over, but no staff asked them to go onstage. They were left aside in a panic. Their energy went down a few times, thinking that their program was temporarily pushed away.

Just when they were about to give up, the staff member finally ran over to inform them to perform on stage. Then, these students just hurriedly went to the stage.

However, when they were nervous and excited, they said a few wrong lines on the stage. However, the mistake in their lines was much more amusing. It induced a burst of laughter from the students. The expected effect was better than the previous comedy lines. It actually energized the previous depressive atmosphere of the venue.

“Yang Ming is too arrogant. Who does he think he is? He has stolen your limelight on stage.” Ning Chen complained in displeasure to Xu Qianxing.

“How was that considered as stealing the limelight?” Xu Qianxing shrugged without hesitation. “I even want to thank him. If he didn’t help us, we really don’t know how to settle it!”

“Brother Qianxing, you are generous. You don’t bicker with him.” Ning Chen smiled and looked at Xu Qianxing. “Initially, this thing happened because of him. What are we thanking him for? He is the victim. Naturally, he needs to talk!”

“You can’t say that. His influence is still very strong.” Xu Qianxing naturally knew that Ning Chen was thinking of him, but the more Ning Chen did it, the more uncomfortable Xu Qianxing was. He liked Lin Zhiyun, but not Ning Chen.

“How is he strong? Look at him. He is just a vulgar person who wants to please the crowd. If he didn’t offend Ren Jianren and the group, they would not target him. I think there was a reason for it. It takes two to tango. He is also not necessarily right,” muttered Ning Chen.

Xu Qianxing smiled and began to ponder about the relationship between Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun. Does Yang Ming really want to have something with Lin Zhiyun? Although Yang Ming’s girlfriend is Chen Mengyan, they aren’t married…

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