So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 1340

Chapter 1340 Yang Mings Intention

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“You are worried about this? I thought you saw how beautiful Chen Mengyan is and are not willing to give up this opportunity to perform with her.” Xu Qianxing smiled and made a joke. He knew that his performance was too intense, and he was afraid of causing ​​You Zhengmin to have bad ideas. So he deliberately made a joke and became closer to You Zhengmin.

” Haha , how could that be? Chen Mengyan has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend is Yang Ming. He even beat the president of the Taekwondo Club. How can I have the courage to steal a woman from him?” You Zhengmin heard that Xu Qianxing didn’t blame him and made a joke with him, so he quickly smiled. “I’m afraid of affecting the Student Union’s image!”

Xu Qianxing didn’t know why, but when he heard You Zhengmin say that Yang Ming was so powerful, Xu Qianxing’s heart was very uncomfortable! In particular, when he said that he had no courage to steal a woman from Yang Ming, Xu Qianxing was even more displeased! I am going to pursue Lin Zhiyun. Does that mean I am stealing a woman from Yang Ming?

Xu Qianxing was not convinced. I am the president of the Student Union. Am I not better than Yang Ming? Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but have a sullen face. “I will arrange the performance. You just do it according to my intentions.”

You Zhengmin did not know what he said that offended Xu Qianxing. It was still alright before. You Zhengmin was somewhat inexplicable when Xu Qianxing’s face became sullen at this moment.

Seeing that You Zhengmin did not speak, Xu Qianxing thought that he was unwilling, so he added, “If you don’t want to, just forget about it. I will arrange for others to do it. The Student Union does not need disobedient cadres.”

You Zhengmin really didn’t know how he offended Xu Qianxing. When he saw Xu Qianxing become hostile and say these kinds of ruthless words, he was suddenly surprised. “President Xu, I have already said it before. I will do whatever you want me to do. I won’t do one thing if you ask me to do another thing!”

You Zhengmin was anxious. What Xu Qianxing meant was that if he couldn’t do it, Xu Qianxing would re-consider the candidate of the Student Union’s Executive Vice President. It seems that I was about to get the position. How can it be gone just like that? You Zhengmin also couldn’t care too much about it. For the time being, such vulgar words were said, and he almost knelt down to Xu Qianxing.

Seeing You Zhengmin now, Xu Qianxing was quite satisfied! He only intended to scare You Zhengmin a little. This matter really had to be agreed by You Zhengmin, so he couldn’t make do with others! It was now You Zhengmin and Chen Mengyan performing a poetry recitation together. It wasn’t someone else that was performing with Chen Mengyan!

” En , it’s great that you have this attitude. It shows that you still care about the Student Union and this president.” Xu Qianxing nodded. “You call Chen Mengyan now and tell her that you have something to do at the last minute… En , you fabricate a reason. Anyway, you can’t participate in the performance later.”

“No problem! President Xu, I will make the call.” You Zhengmin thought, It’s fine not to participate in the performance. At most, I’ll be a little embarrassed, and it’ll be a bit hard to talk to Chen Mengyan when I see her. However, with Xu Qianxing backing me up, then there should be no problem. People always have to make trade-offs. If I want to make progress, I can’t care too much.

You Zhengmin’s current attitude made Xu Qianxing very satisfied. Seeing You Zhengmin take out his cell phone, Xu Qianxing took a step back and thought about the next step.

“Hello? Is it Chen Mengyan? This is You Zhengmin.” You Zhengmin called Chen Mengyan’s cell phone.

“In a while, I have to go on stage. I am the vice president of the Department of Economics’ Student Union. There are rigid rules, and student cadres must perform.” Chen Mengyan looked at the sequence of the performances on the stage and spoke to Yang Ming and Lin Zhiyun.

“Isn’t it just a poetry recitation? Sister Yan, it’ll be fine if you perform with Yang Ming. Why do you have to perform with You Zhengmin?” Lin Zhiyun somewhat found it unfair for Chen Mengyan.

” Hehe , he is the president of our Department of Economics and Management’s Student Union. He also definitely has to perform!” Chen Mengyan smiled and said, “We both discussed and simply came up with a poem recitation; we don’t need to rehearse much.”

Chen Mengyan said it like it was easy. In fact, she certainly wanted Yang Ming to accompany her on stage. It was a very happy thing to have someone whom she liked to perform on the same stage as her, but Chen Mengyan gave this opportunity to Lin Zhiyun. Although she felt a little wronged, she did not regret it. There was always someone who needed to make sacrifices; if it weren’t herself, it would be Lin Zhiyun.

How could Chen Mengyan’s thoughts be hidden from Yang Ming? Yang Ming sighed in his heart. Chen Mengyan, this child; she always hides her thoughts and not talk to me beforehand. If I knew this earlier, I would simply have directed a trio performance that we could perform together.

If worst comes to worst, it’s no big deal to perform with Chen Mengyan! For those irrelevant people, Yang Ming would feel that it was a waste of time to perform on stage, but with his beloved girl next to him, Yang Ming did not feel that it was a waste of time.

“Zhiyun, why don’t you pray that You Zhengmin will eat something bad at noon and have diarrhea? Later, if he can’t go on stage, then I can accompany Mengyan.” Yang Ming smiled and made a joke.

“How can you curse people like this?” Lin Zhiyun suddenly laughed after listening. Chen Mengyan also laughed. She thought, How is this possible?

Chen Mengyan was about to say something when she felt the phone in her pocket vibrate. She quickly took it out and saw that it was a call from You Zhengmin, so she quickly picked it up. “President You? Are you looking for me for something?”

“Little Chen, I’m really sorry. I might not be able to perform on stage later!” You Zhengmin tried hard to make his voice sound weak.

“President You, what’s wrong with you?” Chen Mengyan heard that You Zhengmin sounded dispirited and was suddenly shocked. She asked quickly.

“Little Chen, I had lunch with a few buddies at a small restaurant near the school at noon. It seems that it was a bad meal. When we entered the auditorium, we started taking turns to use the toilet… Ai , nowadays, these small restaurants that use illegally recycled waste cooking oil really harm people…” You Zhengmin sounded like he was dying. “Well, I’ll stop here. You have to call President Xu Qianxing quickly to arrange the performance. I will hang up first.”

Chen Mengyan looked at the phone in her hand inexplicably and then looked at Yang Ming incredulously.

“What’s wrong, Mengyan?” Yang Ming asked when he saw Chen Mengyan’s weird look.

“You Zhengmin just called and said that he had eaten illegally recycled waste cooking oil at a small restaurant at noon and kept going to the toilet…” Chen Mengyan felt that this was simply unbelievable. Is Yang Ming the legendary prophet?

” Ah ?” Even Lin Zhiyun’s face was full of shock when she listened to Chen Mengyan. She looked at Yang Ming, “Is this a dream come true?”

“Damn, my mouth…” Yang Ming was also wide-eyed. What is going on?

Chen Mengyan bitterly smiled a bit, then said, “I have to quickly call Xu Qianxing, the president of the school’s Student Union, and tell him about it and see what to do next! The performance is about to start!”

Yang Ming nodded. He saw Chen Mengyan’s anxious look, placed his hand on her lap, and smiled kindly. “If worst comes to worst, I will accompany you on stage.”

Chen Mengyan swatted Yang Ming’s unscrupulous hand away and glared at him. At this time, he still had the intention to take advantage of her, but Yang Ming’s words helped her settle down.

Xu Qianxing looked at Chen Mengyan’s caller ID on the cell phone and was very proud. He did not expect Chen Mengyan to call so soon. He waved to You Zhengmin on the side. “You’re not needed here anymore. You can go to the bathroom.”

“Yes, President Xu. I will go to use the toilet. I must not leave the toilet before Chen Mengyan’s performance is over!” You Zhengmin swore to himself.

Xu Qianxing nodded with satisfaction. It seems that this kid is still a little sharp. Once You Zhengmin got Xu Qianxing’s approval, he ran straight to the toilet; it appeared that he really had to use the toilet for a long time.

“Hello? It’s Little Chen, right?” Xu Qianxing looked at the back of You Zhengmin as he left and made a smug smile as he picked up Chen Mengyan’s call.

“I am. President Xu, I have something to report to you,” said Chen Mengyan anxiously.

” Oh ? What is it? Speak slowly… Right, I am about to go to your performance. Why don’t you perform first, and then call me after the performance ends?” Xu Qianxing pretended to know nothing and was about to hang up.

“Wait. President Xu, don’t hang up the phone. I have important matters!” Chen Mengyan heard that Xu Qianxing was about to hang up the phone and was suddenly anxious. She quickly said, “It’s about the performance.”

“It’s about the performance? What happened to the performance?” Xu Qianxing said, “Is this an urgent matter?”

“Yes, President Xu! Something happened to You Zhengmin,” Chen Mengyan said. “He just called me and said that he had eaten something bad at noon. His stomach is uncomfortable, and he had been going to the toilet… I am afraid that for this performance, he cannot go on stage.”

“How come this kind of thing can happen!?” Xu Qianxing said, shocked. Even he was amazed that his tone seemed so real. “He screwed up at such a crucial moment. What can we do?”

“What if we canceled this performance?” Chen Mengyan suggested. Although she wanted Yang Ming to accompany her on stage, they didn’t rehearse at all, so he didn’t know how to perform on stage. Therefore, Chen Mengyan decided to give up the performance.

It was not that Chen Mengyan liked to be in the spotlight. She was just willing to enjoy the feeling of being protected by Yang Ming. Just now, when she saw Lin Zhiyun on stage and saw Yang Ming’s gentle eyes and words, Chen Mengyan was envious.

“Cancel? That is impossible!” Xu Qianxing would not let her cancel. Wasn’t it a waste of effort for Chen Mengyan to cancel the performance after he made such a big fuss?

” Ah ? Why not?” Chen Mengyan was stunned; she didn’t expect Xu Qianxing to say no.

” Ah … This is the case…” Xu Qianxing was shocked and almost exposed it. He thought that Chen Mengyan would ask him what to do, then he could give her some guidance. However, Xu Qianxing didn’t expect Chen Mengyan to request to cancel the performance, so he was a little anxious at once and couldn’t help but be flustered. After calming down, Xu Qianxing continued, “Little Chen, you are the Student Union cadre of the Department of Economics and Management; you have to take the lead! The other department’s Student Union cadres represented their departments and performed. If the Department of Economics and Management does not perform, what about the face of the department’s secretary and director?”

Chen Mengyan didn’t think so much. Now, after listening to Xu Qianxing’s analysis, she suddenly felt that his words were very reasonable! Previously, Chen Mengyan just considered her own problems, and did not consider the Department of Economics and Management that she represented! She was now the vice president of the Student Union. When You Zhengmin was absent, she was the representative of the Department of Economics and Management. If she abstained, she would indeed lose the face of the Department of Economics and Management!

Thinking of this, Chen Mengyan was even more anxious. “President Xu, what should I do now? How about I change it to a piano solo? I can perform this show myself!”

“Piano solo… This is nothing special!” Xu Qianxing pretended to speak as though he were contemplating. “Someone has performed a piano piece before; if you perform one again, it is not appropriate. It’s better to have a poem recitation!”

“But… You Zhengmin has a stomachache from bad food, right?” Chen Mengyan was a bit troubled.

“It is not necessary for You Zhengmin to appear.” Xu Qianxing seemed to think of something suddenly, and his tone was happy. “Right, Little Chen. Isn’t Yang Ming your boyfriend? You let him perform with you on stage! He has a high position among our classmates. You saw how loud the audience’s cheers were. Before that, because of Ren Jianren’s affairs, the performance was forced to be interrupted, but everyone did not have enough of it! You and Yang Ming can perform the poem recitation! You will do his part. There’s no problem, right?”

“This… no problem…” Chen Mengyan heard Xu Qianxing said so, and she couldn’t say anything else. She had to agree. “I will go and tell him.”

” En , so that’s settled. I will call the emcee to make the change.” Xu Qianxing finished and hung up the phone.

Chen Mengyan held the phone and could only smile bitterly.

“What’s wrong, Mengyan?” Yang Ming also saw that Chen Mengyan’s expression was a bit troubled. “Xu Qianxing gave you some trouble?”

“That’s not it; he said that this program could not be canceled, because I am representing the Department of Economics and Management’s Student Union. If it is canceled, the impact will be too great.” Chen Mengyan said, “Xu Qianxing wants you to perform with me…”

“Me?” Yang Ming was stunned, and immediately said, “Well, then we can perform a scene from the Fairy Couple ! I have always been good at singing. A couple of birds in the tree…”

“Fine.” Chen Mengyan pinched Yang Ming to stop him from continuing to sing. She said somewhat shyly, “Who is going to perform that with you? It’s better to stick with the poem recitation.”

“Stick with the poem recitation?” Yang Ming felt that there was nothing fun to it, but to make Chen Mengyan happy, he said, “You don’t know this, but in fact, I am best at poem recitations.”

” Pu chi -” Chen Mengyan couldn’t help but smile. “Stop playing around. The performance is about to begin, but you are still messing around. What do we do later? Have you read a chapter of Wang Meng’s ” Long Live Youth ?” Can you memorize it? Do you want to take advantage of this opportunity to get familiar with it?”

“That… I haven’t read it yet.” Yang Ming thought for a moment, then smiled slightly. “What if we change to another poem?”

“Change to what poem?” Chen Mengyan was a bit puzzled, “The poems can’t be simply paired with the music. You can’t just match them. At least, it has to be in that kind of artistic mood…”

“Let me think about it; I have to think about one that I can memorize, and music that you can play, right?” Yang Ming actually had a decision in mind; he just wanted to give Chen Mengyan a surprise.

When Yang Ming performed with Lin Zhiyun on the same stage, how could he not see Chen Mengyan’s little jealousy and disappointment? So Yang Ming would naturally not let go of an opportunity to make it up to her.

The person Yang Ming was most grateful to had always been Chen Mengyan. She always put up with his behavior. Even if she were wronged, she would not vent like before, but she buried it deep in her heart.

In contrast, Yang Ming still hoped that the previous Chen Mengyan that always argued with him would return to his side. At least, at that time, she would vent all the unhappiness in her heart. Whether it’s crying or making a fuss, it would finally be vented, and there would not be a knot in her heart.

But now, he didn’t know when it started, but Chen Mengyan was not making trouble anymore. She also no longer interfered too much with his affairs. No matter what, she was not angry; she just smiled.

Although this was the ideal life that Yang Ming hoped for, it was not what Yang Ming was willing to see. He did not want Chen Mengyan to wrong herself because of his affairs.

But the fact was that Chen Mengyan learned to be tolerant and learned to be patient. She became generous and selfless. This transformation seemed to be abrupt, and it had already completed without anyone knowing it.

From a little girl who loved to have a little temper, she became a little woman who could help Yang Ming manage his family.

Every time Yang Ming thought of this, he had an impulse to hold Chen Mengyan in his arms. He wanted to use his own arms to care for her forever.

Chen Mengyan and Yang Ming got together without any utilitarianism at all. They could be said to have truly a free love, just like with Su Ya. Therefore, Yang Ming also cherished and cared for this relationship. Chen Mengyan’s detached position in his heart was also unique and irreplaceable.

“Have you thought about it? The performance is going to start soon?” Chen Mengyan watched as Yang Ming pondered and couldn’t help but be anxious. Xu Qianxing’s text message was sent, asking her to take Yang Ming backstage to prepare.

” Ah ?” Yang Ming was pulled back from his thoughts by Chen Mengyan. He saw her anxious and nodded quickly. “Ready…”

“Then let’s walk and discuss; Xu Qianxing sent me a text message, asking us to go backstage now.” Chen Mengyan stood up and prepared to go with Yang Ming.

“Sister Mengyan, Yang Ming, I wish you a successful performance!” Lin Zhiyun was also willing to see Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan on stage together, winking at them with a smile.

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