So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 1458

Chapter 1458 Dilemma Whose Territory

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Chapter 1691: Dilemma

Yang Ming locked the car and walked toward the hotel. He nodded to Manager Liu as he passed the lobby. He didnt say anything, but went directly to the elevator and pressed the button to the twelfth floor.

Presidential Suite.Yang Ming sneered in his heart.It is enough just to tell me the room number. You specifically added the words presidential suite. Are you trying to show off your financial resources to me?

This hotel was Yang Mings. Obviously, Chen Zhiye was showing off to the wrong person.

The elevator stopped on the twelfth floor. Yang Ming walked towards Room 1222. He stopped by the rooms door. Yang Ming did not immediately knock on the door but looked into the room with his special ability.

Yang Ming did not consider Chen Zhiye as a threat at all. But ever since Wang Zhitaos incident, Yang Ming had always been careful when doing things. Anyway, there was no harm in being careful. Yang Ming didnt want to do anything that would cause losses.

In the room, there were only the two bodyguards from yesterday aside from Chen Zhiye. Yang Ming became relieved. If they had invited Seventh Grandfather Chen to clamor again, Yang Ming would not be able to say anything because of Chen Fei. Seventh Grandfather Chen was about seventy or eighty. If Yang Ming said something that angered him to death, he would be looking for trouble.

Dang dang dang!Yang Ming knocked on the rooms door.

Chen Zhiye heard the knock and looked at his watch. He waved to the two bodyguards and motioned them to open the door.

Who is it? Bodyguard A walked over while winking at Bodyguard B. The two walked to the outer room of the presidential suite and asked in front of the door.

Yang Ming, Yang Ming replied plainly.

The door opened with a click. Bodyguards A and B coldly glanced at Yang Ming. Both men had secretly suffered a loss by Yang Ming in the bathroom yesterday, so there was a hint of ill-intention in their eyes.

Both of them were heavily hit with a door yesterday and they also almost urinated themselves. How could they not have any resentment? Although they couldnt blame Yang Ming for the cars faulty brake system which caused them to crash into the garbage heap, it still happened because of Yang Ming. So at this moment, all their annoyance was placed on Yang Ming.

Previously, they were incited by Chen Zhiye as he wanted to show Yang Ming his strength. So both of them were flexing their muscles at this moment, waiting for Yang Ming to suffer.

Although both of them were coldly glaring at Yang Ming, Yang Ming ignored their existence. He just walked into the room.

Bodyguard A and Bodyguard B were irritated as they were looked down on by Yang Ming. Most people would be scared when they saw two macho men standing by the houses door. Whether it was psychologically or visually, they would cause some sort of pressure. However, Yang Ming didnt take them seriously at all. How could they endure this?

They were bodyguards! The kind of bodyguards hired by the rich to intimidate everyone around them!We would be very eye-catching in movies. Why are we being looked down on today?

You stand still! Yang Ming had scorned Bodyguard A. How could he just let it be? If he let Yang Ming walk directly into the room, how could he be intimidating him? So, Bodyguard A reached out and stopped Yang Ming.

Bodyguard B also followed suit. He immediately reached out his hand, blocking Yang Ming at the rooms door with Bodyguard A.

Why? Am I not welcome? Yang Ming glanced at the two bodyguards indifferently, then said leisurely, Im leaving if that is the case. It just so happens that I dont want to come here. If it werent for your boss who tried his best to ask me to come over, do you think that I would be willing to come?

After he finished talking, Yang Ming turned around as if he was about to leave. Yang Mings sudden movement stunned the two bodyguards! They thought that Yang Ming would be furious, and would start a conflict with them. This way, they could also teach Yang Ming a lesson. But they didnt expect Yang Ming not to argue with them and not force his way in. He just turned around and left!

What trick are you trying to play?The two were dumbfounded for a while! However, no matter what Yang Ming was doing, the two bodyguards couldnt let Yang Ming go. Who would talk to the boss if Yang Ming left?

Especially if they were the ones that made Yang Ming go away. How could there be any good consequences for them once they go back?

Thinking of this, Bodyguard A moved quickly and reached out to slam the door shut, Youre already here. Dont be in a rush to leave!

In fact, if Yang Ming wanted to leave, how could these two bodyguards stop Yang Ming? Bodyguard A was as slow as a tortoise when closing the door. Yang Ming would be long gone if he wanted to. However, Yang Ming didnt want to go; he was just teasing these two people.

Oh?Didnt you just reach out and stop me? You even told me to stand still, Yang Ming looked at them with a playful expression. Is there something wrong with my ears, or are your two mouths crooked, or could it be that the nerves in your arms could not be controlled?

Be serious! Do you want to die? Bodyguards A and B were immediately embarrassed by Yang Mings ridicule. Both bodyguards sneered coldly and scolded, You despicable person, did you not open your eyes and see whose territory you are in? How dare you behave so atrociously toward me?

Whose territory? Yang Ming looked at them with even more ridicule.Song Jiang International Hotel is whose territory? These two guys thought that this is their territory just because they rented a room.

Of course, its my territory! Bodyguard B sneered and said, Put away your despicable ways! Young Master Xiaolong was right, you are a rascal. However, let me tell you. You met the patriarch of rascals today! When I was fighting in the street, you were still playing with mud!

Oh,is there anything else? Yang Ming nodded and replied normally.

You- Bodyguards A and B didnt expect Yang Ming to be unaffected. No matter what they said to him, he was still calm and indifferent as if it had nothing to do with him.

Boy, raise your hands. We have to do a body search! Bodyguard As original intention was to find a reason to stir up an incident between Yang Ming and him. Then, he could teach Yang Ming a lesson, and it would be justified!

After all, Chen Zhiye was sitting in the room. It would be unjustifiable if he simply beat up Yang Ming. They also had to consider the relationship and face of Chen Zhiye and Chen Fei.

It couldnt be explained anywhere if it happened for no reason. However, if an incident was provoked, it could be considered as a cause. In this way, even if he and Bodyguard B taught Yang Ming a lesson, it would simply be a private act and would have nothing to do with Chen Zhiye.

In his opinion, Yang Mings performance at the banquet yesterday was very impulsive and arrogant, so he was confident that this trick would anger Yang Ming. He would then be able to teach Yang Ming a lesson.

However, judging from Yang Mings appearance today, this guy was terrifyingly calm. No response could be evoked. If they talked too much, he would just turn away uncaringly.

This attitude made Bodyguards A and B speechless. It couldnt be helped. Bodyguard A could only react resourcefully and use a body search as an excuse! In his opinion, Yang Ming would be reluctant. Then, he could execute his plan.

In fact, Bodyguards A and B expected correctly. Yang Ming did not want to let them do a body search. They did not conduct security checks, so how could Yang Ming let them do a body search?

However, things in this world are often contrary to expectations. Yang Ming disagreed to let them do a body search, but they still could not teach Yang Ming a lesson.

A body search? Yang Ming looked sarcastically at Bodyguards A and B. A body search? Do you want to do a body search, or did your master Chen Zhiye order you to do it?

This After listening to Yang Mings words, Bodyguard A was a little dumbfounded and found it difficult to answer! If he replied that they were the ones who wanted to do a body search, Yang Ming could say that their Master Chen Zhiye didnt let them do it and question why were they acting on their own and doing a body search.

And if the answer was that Chen Zhiye instructed them to do so, then Yang Ming could say,Since you dont believe me and you want to do so many things, why do you want to talk to me?If he turned around to leave again, both of them would be a little overwhelmed.

For a while, Bodyguard A was in a dilemma!

Chapter 1692: Whose Territory

However, Bodyguard B was more clever. He helped Bodyguard A to press the siege with just a sentence.

Why are you asking so much? Bodyguard B pointed at Yang Ming and shouted, You are here now. Do you think you have any other options? Do you still want to bargain with us? Do you want to die?

Yeah! Bodyguard A glanced at Bodyguard B gratefully, and followed suit, Is your life problematic, so you want me to fix you up? Old Keng, you hold him. Ill do the body search!

In this way, even a reason for provocation was no longer necessary; he could just use this as a starting point to teach Yang Ming a lesson.

Hehe,okay! Old Keng was Bodyguard B. He grabbed Yang Ming and wanted to subdue him. Boy, if you want to suffer less, be serious!

Suffer less? Yang Ming raised his head indifferently and glanced at Bodyguards A and Bs faces. Yesterday, didnt the urine clear your mind? Dont you know that some people cannot be provoked?

That urine last night Did you do it deliberately Bodyguard As face immediately became gloomy, with a hint of anger in his eyes. It turns out that you did it deliberately. I was thinking about why you conveniently peed on the pile of garbage! You did it on purpose. Okay, okay.Hmph Hmph

What nonsense! Yang Ming shrugged. If it wasnt intentional, why would I pee on the garbage dump for no reason? Am I too free? Its ridiculous. Did you think I was drunk? Two people sneakily hover in front of me, and ran into the bathroom first when I came out. Did you want to ambush me? So, I just hung around the door a little while longer, and both of you were actually fooled. You leaned on the door to listen to the movement outside. In the end, I gave it a kick! So? The force of the door panel is great, right?

Yang Ming laughed mockingly.

You You I dont think you know how to spell dead, right? Bodyguard A was furious and pointed at Yang Ming. He didnt expect Yang Ming to have plotted yesterdays incident! He always thought that it was a coincidence, so even if he was annoyed with Yang Ming, there was a limit. He did not irrationally blame Yang Ming!

However, after Yang Mings explanation, Bodyguard A wished that Yang Ming was dead! He even had the intention to kill Yang Ming! Bodyguard B passed out during yesterdays incident so it was fine for him, but Bodyguard A was awake the entire time!

It was extremely shameful to have urine sprayed on his head! It was much more humiliating than crawling between anothers legs!

So, Bodyguard A almost went crazy. Okay, you little beast named Yang, youre good. Since you dare to admit it, I will let you know what the ultimate payback is today!

Oh?The ultimate payback? Yang Ming shook his head with regret. I thought that you two had already experienced the ultimate payback when you crashed yesterday. It seems that it was not very powerful. I should have exerted a little more force so that you would not forget!

What? Yesterdays car accident was your doing? Bodyguard B was the driver yesterday. He was still worried about the faulty brake system. He was secretly relieved; he had almost died yesterday!

Hearing that this incident had something to do with Yang Ming, his anger was no less than that of Bodyguard A. Your deed is big! You dare to admit it here? Dont you know whose territory this is?

Whose territory? Yang Ming put his hand in his pocket with a spiteful expression. Why dont you tell me?

Okay! You dare Bodyguard A was not in a hurry to deal with Yang Ming right now. In his opinion, simply teaching him a lesson could no longer relieve his hatred!

He wanted Yang Ming to always remember the cost of tricking and insulting him! Bodyguard A was furious! Before Chen Zhiye recruited him, he was also a desperate man who fought until the end as only the victorious could live. How could he endure this now?

Old Keng, tell him whose territory this is! said Bodyguard A while glancing at Bodyguard B.

Boy, since you entered this room and dared to admit to what you did yesterday, you have to be prepared to pay the price! Bodyguard B sneered and said. But little rascal, let me tell you that the chance to get out of here in one piece is very low!

Is that so? Id like to see what you are capable of! Yang Ming shrugged. Yes, I forgot to tell you, this is not your territory!

What do you mean? Bodyguard A was stunned.

Because this is my territory! Yang Ming chuckled, Have you ever heard the saying? My turf, I decide!

Your territory? Bodyguard A still didnt understand what Yang Ming meant.

Take the two of them down and treat them well, Yang Ming said plainly.

Ah?Bodyguards A and B were confused by Yang Mings words which didnt seem to make sense. What are you talking about? Are you talking nonsense?

However, just as they were wondering, the door opened with a bang. A pair of people in security uniforms rushed in. Without a word, they pushed Bodyguards A and B on the ground.

You Who are you? What are you doing? Bodyguards A and B were shocked. They didnt expect a crowd of people to rush into the room.

Alas, no one answered their question. After Bodyguards A and B struggled a little to no avail, they realized the current situation and no longer resisted. They lay on the ground obediently.

Although they were fighting experts, the security guards were not weak. They were well trained, and they were forceful. Bodyguards A and B could not move at all!

Facing so many people, Bodyguards A and B knew that they were not the security guards opponents at all. They could only give up resisting! People like them belonged to those who prey on the weak and fear the strong. When they saw that others were stronger than them, they could only obey to suffer less.

Brother Yang, how are you? You are not injured, right? asked Captain Xiao Zhang, rushing to Yang Ming in a lively manner.

Im fine, Yang Ming smiled. Take them down to have a good time.

Yes! Brother Yang! When Xiao Zhang waved, the security guards took Bodyguards A and B and left the room.

Yang Ming didnt want to show his skills in front of these people. They were Yang Mings trump card! Therefore, Yang Ming had just reached into his pocket when Bodyguards A and B talked to him. He sent a text message to the hotels security leader, Xiao Zhang, asking him to bring people to stand by in front of Room 1222 and wait for his orders.

If it was someone else, this text message could not be sent out, but Yang Ming had special abilities. He could clearly see the display of the mobile phone in his pocket so he could send out the text message quickly.

When Xiao Zhang received Yang Mings text message, he was so excited that he almost exclaimed! Yang Ming had something for him to do on the first day of his new job. It made him feel honored! Actually, he was extremely honored!

He immediately called the core personnel of the security company. All of them were specially trained and skillful. Xiao Zhang took them directly to the twelfth floor, stood by the door of Room 1222, and waited for Yang Mings instructions.

Hearing the conversation between Yang Ming and Bodyguards A and B in the room, Xiao Zhang was anxious, fearing that Bodyguards A and B would hurt Yang Ming. However, the text message from Yang Ming instructed him to stand by, so Xiao Zhang did not dare to break in directly. He could only wait anxiously by the door for Yang Mings instructions.

After waiting for a while, he finally heard Yang Ming say, Take them down and treat them well. At that time, Xiao Zhang knew that it was time for him to show up. So, he immediately led his men to break into the room and showed his mighty power by pushing the bodyguards down to the floor without any hesitation.

He wanted to give Yang Ming a good impression, and he succeeded!

Yang Ming nodded to Xiao Zhang with satisfaction. You can leave too.

Yes, Brother Yang! Xiao Zhang thought,I cant leave. I have to leave a few brothers to wait at the door. What if Brother Yang has something else?

Xiao Zhang and the security guards exited the room quickly and then closed the door as if nothing had happened.

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