So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 1460

Chapter 1460 Yang Mings Warning Persist

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Chapter 1695: Yang Mings Warning

You? Chen Zhiye was slightly stunned. He looked at Yang Ming inexplicably. What about you? Are you someone special? Arent you just a student at Song Jiang Industry University?

Yeah, I never said I wasnt. Yang Ming shrugged. However, Im afraid that you dont know my other identity, or how many assets I have!

You? Do you have assets? Did you win the lottery? Is this five million nothing to you now? Chen Zhiye frowned. He didnt think that Yang Mings money came from businesses or any other channels. Yang Ming was just a university freshman. In his opinion, even if Yang Ming were rich, the money would probably have fallen from the sky. It was impossible that Yang Ming made the money himself.

Firstly, Yang Ming was just a student and could not be in business. Secondly, Yang Mings parents were both retired and they had no source of income. Even if Yang Ming was doing business, it could only be a small one, like a stall or something similar.

It was impossible for him to earn five million yuan. Although five million yuan wasnt much to Chen Zhiye, it was an amount that few people could make in their lifetime.

So, if Yang Ming didnt care about five million, there could only be one possibility Yang Ming had won the lottery. This was the only possibility that Chen Zhiye could accept.

Won the lottery? Yang Ming was amused by Chen Zhiyes words. Thats right. I bought a ticket and won the lottery.

Chen Zhiye showed an expression of enlightenment after hearing Yang Ming admit to it; an expression which said, I knew it.

But, I didnt win first prize. I only won third prize, which was sixty thousand yuan, Yang Ming added quickly.

Only sixty thousand yuan? Chen Zhiye was not convinced.

How much do you think it could be? Yang Ming asked.

So, with only sixty thousand yuan, you think that five million is too little? Chen Zhiye frowned. He didnt understand what Yang Ming meant.

Hehe,I said that I won sixty thousand yuan. But, who told you that I only have sixty thousand yuan? Yang Ming smirked at Chen Zhiye.

You Chen Zhiye thought that Yang Mings way of speaking was too irritable. He wouldnt say the whole story, causing Chen Zhiye to feel like his heart was being gripped.

What about me? Yang Ming threw his hands up innocently. You were the one who said I won the lottery. Whats wrong with me telling you that I only won sixty thousand yuan?

Okay, then! Tell me, where else can you get the money? asked Chen Zhiye. His eyes were rolling and he was about to faint. But Chen Zhiye didnt dare to act carelessly because of what happened to his bodyguards previously. He was afraid that Yang Ming would call people out to beat him up. That would be a disaster. If it werent because he was wary that Yang Ming might have stationed many people at the door, he would have started a fight with him long ago.

I really cant tell if youre playing dumb or if you really dont understand, Yang Ming sighed. Youre so dense. How did you become a billionaire? Oh, right. I heard that you depended on being a pet to a foreigner, and the foreigner left you his company when he returned to his country. Thats it, right?

What the Chen Zhiye was trembling in anger. He was about to insult Yang Ming, but he stopped halfway immediately. Yang Ming had a group of men outside the door. It would not be worth scolding him if Yang Mings men taught him a lesson afterward. Chen Zhiye took two deep breaths to calm himself down. Tell me how much money you have. Cut the crap.

Oh,yes. Yang Ming laughed apologetically. Pardon me. Sorry, Im only speaking what I feel. Youre so dense that I cant control my exclamations.

Hmph!Chen Zhiye said in his heart,When I figure this Yang Ming out, I will definitely find an opportunity to play a trick on him!Initially, Chen Zhiye wanted to just give Yang Ming a sum of money to leave Chen Mengyan and be done with it. He didnt want to have anything to do with Yang Ming in the future. But now, Chen Zhiye felt that the hatred in his heart would not be resolved if he didnt play a little trick on Yang Ming.

Didnt I tell you before? This is my territory! Yang Ming looked at Chen Zhiye and said, Its impossible for you not to understand this sentence, right? My territory, understand?

Are you trying to say that youre Song Jiangs tyrant? Chen Zhiye frowned.

Ohmy. Yang Ming was speechless. Zhiye, my friend, your IQ is astonishing.

Yang Ming, dont think that Im speaking nicely because Im afraid of you. I just want to solve this matter peacefully. If not for this, do you think that you and the few men at the door could do anything to me? Chen Zhiye couldnt stand it anymore and finally exploded. With just a phone call, the hotel security will rush here immediately. Those men of yours are entangled here, and I can tell that theyre good-for-nothings with just a glance. What do you think will happen to them?

Pardon me, the person who was leading the throng just now is the head of security here, Yang Ming said apologetically. Youre really retarded. The Song Jiang International Hotel is my territory. Its my business. You still dont understand this logic?

What did you say? Chen Zhiye looked at Yang Ming in disbelief. His eyes widened, and they were filled with doubt. This Is yours?

If its not mine, how can I call it my territory? Yang Ming smiled and looked at Chen Zhiye. Otherwise, how could I possibly come here alone? Do you think Im stupid?

Chen Zhiye was in complete shock. This time, he was indeed shocked.This Song Jiang International Hotel was Yang Mings?Chen Zhiye could not believe this.

However, Chen Zhiye didnt think that Yang Ming was lying. After all, he could verify this news just by asking around a little. Moreover, Yang Ming did not need to lie to him about this!

If this hotel belonged to Yang Ming, then there was no doubt that Yang Ming wouldnt care about the five million. Based on the hotels scale and geographic location, its total value should probably be more than a hundred million yuan. Five million was nothing!

However, how could Yang Ming possibly have such a large business? How was it possible? Werent both of his parents retired? Wasnt Yang Ming also just a little student-hooligan?

Wait a minute Hooligan?Chen Zhiye frowned.If a hooligan mixed well starting from the lower tiers, there is a possibility that they will end up opening an entertainment city and then a hotel This is also in accordance with the laws of the market.

Could Yang Ming have been the lucky one?There had been cases where a hooligan became a big boss. There would be a few street hooligans in every city that had ended up becoming super-rich through hard work.

Okay, Yang Ming. Since this hotel is yours, consider me to have made a mistake. Chen Zhiye sighed. Im afraid that this hotel is worth hundreds of millions of yuan. You really dont care about this five million.

You only know this now? Yang Ming looked at Chen Zhiye and said sarcastically. Can I go now?

Okay, you can go. Chen Zhiye knew that his plan today had gone south. He had given up the idea of seducing Yang Ming with money ever since he knew that Yang Ming owned this hotel business was owned by Yang Ming. He also knew that regardless of what he said today, he wouldnt be able to achieve his goal.

However, he did not intend to let Yang Ming go just like that. He would avenge the embarrassment that Yang Ming had caused him today! Although Yang Ming was on equal footing with him, he was not alone! He had a backer, Caique! The young patriarch of that big family!

Humans must have the ability to face themselves. Yang Ming said ambiguously as he seemed to have sensed Chen Zhiyes dissatisfaction. I hope that you can give this up. If you do, we will have nothing to do with each other anymore.

What do you mean? Chen Zhiyes expression became dull again. Are you threatening me, or simply giving me a warning?

Im just saying. Why do you think so much? Yang Ming shook his head. If you arent up to something, you can ignore my words. However, if you really have any wrong ideas, then its completely fine for you to take what I said as a threat or a warning. I just wanted to tell you not to trap yourself. It was not easy for you to achieve the success you have today. You will regret it if it is all ruined pointlessly!

Chapter 1696: Persist

Hmph,youre still threatening me. Chen Zhiye could hear the meaning behind Yang Mings words. Yang Ming, you also have assets worth billions. But there are some people and some things that are not as simple as they appear on the surface! Do you think that you are qualified to be on an equal footing with me? I might as well tell you that I have a backer as well!

Backer? Okay then, suit yourself. Yang Ming didnt want to argue further with Chen Zhiye. He turned to leave this place. Ive said what I needed to say. You can think whatever you want.

Okay, Yang Ming. Since you dont know your place, we shall see! Chen Zhiye was, in fact, relieved to know that Yang Ming owned this hotel. He thought that it was impossible for Yang Ming to mess around in his own hotel, and that Yang Ming wouldnt call for the security guards at the door to do anything to him.Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

Yang Ming shrugged. Without responding, he walked out of the room quickly and closed the door behind him. After turning, Yang Ming saw that the security captain, Xiao Zhang, was still standing at the door.

Brother Yang! Xiao Zhang greeted Yang Ming immediately as soon as he saw him come out.

Xiao Zhang? Why are you still here? Yang Ming was not too surprised. After all, he had already explored his surroundings with his special ability before. He knew that Xiao Zhang had been waiting for him behind the door all this while. It was just that he couldnt expose his special ability, which is why he had to ask.

Brother Yang, Ive ordered my subordinates to take those two guys down. I was afraid that you would still need something, which is why I waited here. I didnt hinder you, did I? Xiao Zhang pleaded guilty immediately.

Nope. Yang Ming shook his head. Where are those two guys?

They are locked in the basement now, Xiao Zhang said. Brother Yang, you didnt specify how we should deal with them. I didnt dare to act lightly.

En. Yang Ming was delighted with Xiao Zhangs obedience. So he said, Find a few brothers to teach them a lesson and then let them go. Theres no use keeping them here. Dont tell me we still have to provide food for them?

Hehe,thats right. If we keep them here until they get hungry and let them order some food, the hotel will make some revenue! Xiao Zhang nodded.

The position of Chief of Security in the hotel is still vacant. How about you serve as deputy chief from now on. You can be the chief after you find someone to take over your position as the security captain. Yang Ming had acknowledged Xiao Zhangs performance today, and Yang Ming was never stingy to people who work for him sincerely.

Thank you, Brother Yang! Xiao Zhang didnt expect that he would be so lucky. He was just envious of Little Wang this morning, but he was also promoted in the blink of an eye. He might be the fastest person to climb the ladder in history. He hadnt even been the security captain for a day. But he was still promoted to the position of Deputy Chief of Security in the hotel.

As a matter of fact, the Deputy Chief of Security counted as one of the companys top tier leaders. He didnt necessarily have to be on duty, and only had to sit in the office. Moreover, he was granted much higher authority. Not only would he manage the people in the security department, but he would also help in maintaining security for the hotels gymnasium, swimming pool, etc. He would be much more powerful than the security captain.

Yang Ming waved his hand. Do well. Dont let me down.

Rest assured, Brother Yang! Xiao Zhang quickly assured him. I will work hard and live up to your expectations!

Yang Ming nodded. Okay, go back to work. I will tell Bao Sanli about this, but I have to go now.

Brother Yang, take care! Xiao Zhang said quickly.

Yang Ming signaled that Xiao Zhang didnt have to follow him and entered the elevator by himself.

From Chen Zhiyes response and his last few words, it seemed that he had not given up. Although Yang Ming had given him some shock today, it was obviously not enough. It appeared that Chen Zhiye would not stop here.

Yang Ming sighed.Some people just cant face themselves. They dont know their capability, and always do things beyond their ability. It will be too late by the time they regret it.

In Yang Mings view, Chen Zhiye was such a person. Although Yang Ming had already given him a hint to not destroy his future by opposing Yang Ming, it was obvious that Chen Zhiye hadnt taken it to heart. On the contrary, he thought that Yang Ming was threatening him and was even more dissatisfied.

This way, it was foreseeable that Chen Zhiye was still going to do something.

This is your final chance If youre still going to persist, I will have no choice, Yang Ming muttered to himself. I only let you go this time because Uncle Chen was also from the Chen Family Village. Next time, I will spare you no mercy. I hope you behave and act accordingly.

Yang Ming came out of the elevator. He nodded to Lobby Manager Liu as usual and left the hotel quickly.

His phone rang just as he got into his car after crossing the parking lot. It was from Sun Jie.

Hello, Little Jie, Yang Ming answered the phone.

Yang Ming. My class has finished. Did something happen earlier? Sun Jie asked.

Its nothing. I just wanted to tell you that Im back in Song Jiang now. I was in school when I called you earlier. I just wanted to ask if you have time to grab lunch together at noon. Yang Ming said.

Noonya, Im afraid I cant. I already have an appointment, Sun Jie said apologetically.

Appointment? Its not Qing Qing, is it? Yang Ming asked as he laughed. If its Qing Qing, we can go together.

Sister Qing Qing will indeed be there, but a classmate from our graduate class will also be there. Shes pretty close with Sister Xiao Qing and I, Sun Jie said. We already planned to have lunch together It wouldnt be very appropriate if you came, right? It would be super awkward If she were to sense something.

I see Its okay. Another day then, Yang Ming said with some regret.

Im free tonight. Lets do it then. Ill ask Sister Xiao Qing if she can make it, said Sun Jie after thinking for a while.

Alright, then. Keep in touch. It had been a long time since Yang Ming had gotten intimate with Sun Jie. Yang Ming couldnt help but gulp as he thought of Sun Jies body Especially when he thought about Sun Jie and Xiao Qing together, he felt even more out of control.

Sun Jie seemed to feel that Yang Mings mood was not quite right, so she asked, Hehe, Why? Are you upset?

Its nothing. Im just about to start driving Yang Ming said a little embarrassed.

If theres nothing, then Ill hang up first, okay? My classmate is here Sun Jie smiled as she said to Yang Ming.

Yang Ming heard someone call out Sun Jies name on the side of the phone. So, he said, Okay, keep in touch.

The voice that called out Sun Jies name was a little familiar, like he had heard it from somewhere before. However, voices over the phone were never clear, especially when they werent directed straight to the phone, and came from a distance. Yang Ming recalled for a while but couldnt think of anything, so he didnt take it seriously.

After he got into the car, Yang Ming drove to the school. Yang Ming planned to have lunch with Zhang Bing and Tian Donghua. He also had not seen these two brothers in a long time.

Zhang Bing, where are you? Yang Ming called Zhang Bing while driving.

Oh my, boss. Its really you! Zhang Bing yelled immediately. I thought that you had gone missing a while ago. If I hadnt bumped into sister-in-law Mengyan and learned that you had left the country, I would have thought that you had been taken away by aliens!

You are never serious! Yang Ming wasnt sure whether he should laugh or cry when he heard Zhang Bings words. I had something to do, so I went out of the country for a while.

Haha, Im just saying, Zhang Bing laughed. Boss, Im at school. Why, whats the matter?

Do you have something to do? How about having a meal together? Yang Ming asked.

Oh my, what do you mean if Im free? If my boss calls, I will have to push back even the most important matter! Let me call Si Si. Well both have lunch with you at noon! Zhang Bing said.

En,wait for me then. I will reach the school in a while, said Yang Ming.

Okay, let me just go to the toilet and empty my stomach a little! Zhang Bing exclaimed.

Yang Ming felt a little helpless. His good brother had always been such a clown. He had been like this ever since high school.

Yang Ming ended Zhang Bings call, and dialed Tian Donghuas number.

Boss? You finally remembered me? Tian Donghuas resentful voice came from the phone.

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