So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 853

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Liu Jihao greedily opened the suitcase. As he looked at the banknotes in it, his heart was really excited. The visual impact of twenty million written in a check versus a case of twenty million in cash was totally different.

Liu Jihao excitedly grabbed a stack of banknotes and flipped it back and forth in his hand to see if there were any fake banknotes.

“Do not worry. The money was just withdrawn from the bank. There is absolutely no problem.” Yang Ming said.

Liu Jihao checked several stacks of banknotes and found that there was no problem before he nodded with confidence. In such a short time, Yang Ming had no chance of fraud.

” Pa ,” as the suitcase was closed, Liu Jihao said, “I will definitely release them, but…”

“But what?” Yang Ming frowned and asked in confusion.

“But, since you are here, it will not be so easy for you to leave.” After Liu Jihao finished, he took the suitcase and quickly took a few steps to the side, in fear that Yang Ming would take him out in anger.

“What do you mean?” Yang Ming looked at Liu Jihao with amazement. “What does it have to do with me?”

At this time, a door upstairs suddenly opened, and a man who wore gold-rimmed glasses came out from the inside. The man was probably in his thirties and looked very sophisticated.

“Yang Ming, do you know me?” asked the man with the gold glasses faintly.

Yang Ming looked at the man with the gold glasses. He seemed familiar, but Yang Ming couldn’t remember where he was last seen, or Yang Ming had not seen him before. At this moment, Yang Ming was really a bit puzzled. Initially, he was giving the ransom to Liu Jihao for Wang Mei, but now, it seemed that someone was targeting him.

Who was this man in gold glasses? What was the relationship between him and Liu Jihao? Yang Ming couldn’t understand why.

“My name is Ouyang Junwei. You should be very familiar with this name, right?” The man in the gold-rimmed glasses saw Yang Ming’s puzzled expression and said with a slight smile.

“Ouyang Junwei…” Yang Ming repeated the name in his mind, and suddenly remembered a person, Ouyang Junyuan who had his finger chopped off by Yang Ming!

Ouyang Junwei, Ouyang Junyuan, these two similar names… So this person in front of me is Ouyang Junyuan’s brother? Suddenly, he remembered what Sun Jie said to him that this Ouyang Junyuan’s dad seemed to be the boss of an assassin group.

“Are you the brother of Ouyang Junyuan?” As Yang Ming thought of it, he calmed down. Since Yang Ming knew the origin of this person, then it was nothing. Only the feeling of the unknown could cause Yang Ming to panic.

” Hehe , you are still really clever.” Ouyang Junwei sneered, stroked his glasses, and said, “Yes, Junyuan is my brother. You cut off one of his fingers. You say how I should deal with you.”

After Yang Ming heard Ouyang Junwei, he couldn’t help but laugh. He laughed arrogantly. “Do you think you can deal with me?”

Yang Ming was not arrogant, but he did have this capital! Ordinary people really couldn’t deal with Yang Ming. Moreover, even if Yang Ming couldn’t defeat him, then couldn’t he just run? It was not a shameful thing to escape. Fighting recklessly would be crazy.

Now Yang Ming was only a person, so Yang Ming had no scruples.

“Young man, you are very arrogant, right?” At this time, a dignified and old voice sounded. Yang Ming looked up and saw an old man with a hooked nose coming out of the room. “But, do you know? If you are too arrogant, it is easy to die.”

” Pfft …” Yang Ming heard the old man’s words and almost sprayed out as he laughed. It was hilarious for an old man to say this. “Who the hell are you?”

“I am the father of Junyuan and Junwei.” Ouyang Kanqi looked at Yang Ming coldly. “Young man, your words are unpleasant to hear. I originally planned to teach you a lesson today, but you have already angered me…”

“Okay, don’t talk about these useless things.” As Yang Ming heard it, he couldn’t help but wave his hand. “What originally planned to? I think you are just looking for a way out for your behavior. I think that you didn’t plan to let me go since the beginning, right?”

” Hmph !” Ouyang Kanqi was flustered by Yang Ming’s rebuke.

“Okay, just based on you two useless father and son, it is a fantasy for you to keep me…” Yang Ming was not elevating himself while belittling others… It was true that Yang Ming was too lazy to teach these two people a lesson, in fear that he would accidentally kill them.

Ouyang Kanqi was a little angry after he heard it. But after all, this man was very old. He would not be easily triggered by young people. Although his complexion was a bit ugly, he suppressed his anger and said, “Young man, it seems that you do not understand the complexity of things! There is a saying that there are men outside of men, and there are skies outside of skies [1]. You must have heard of it, right?”

“I have heard of it, but you two soft eggs are nothing. Do you think you can really make me afraid?” Yang Ming shrugged and said.

“Do you know who I am? Do you know what I do?” Ouyang Kanqi sneered, and he suddenly had a feeling of accepting an unpleasant fact, as if Yang Ming was like a jumping clown, saying something ridiculous.

“I say, old man, do you have amnesia? You don’t know what you do, and you have to ask me?” Yang Ming was very disdainful and grinned. “You are so old already. You don’t take care of yourself at home properly.”

” Hmph !” Ouyang Kanqi looked at Yang Ming with some pity. “Young man, you don’t have to be so cheeky now. You will be crying in a while! I can tell you what I do, and I will let you know before you die!”

“Okay, say it if you want to say. Why do you speak so much nonsense? If you talked so much nonsense, do you think that you are very bad*ss?” Yang Ming waved his hand and interrupted Ouyang Kanqi. “Do you think this is enough to satisfy your vanity?”

Ouyang Kanqi was furious. This Yang Ming is really too irritating. How can he talk so well?

“I’ll tell you; my henchmen are all assassins!” Ouyang Kanqi felt that it was necessary to reveal his identity. At least Yang Ming would be afraid before he died. “And I am the leader of the world famous assassin group — the Hawkeye Group!”

When this was said, Liu Jihao, who was hiding on the side, was shocked instead! He did not expect the power of the Ouyang Family to be so great. Ouyang Kanqi was actually the leader of an assassin group!

“Ha ha ha ha -” This elicited Yang Ming’s disdainful laughter – The world-famous assassin group? Yang Ming really wanted to laugh his head off. This Ouyang Kanqi can really talk big. How can he not blush at all when he says this?

If this was said to someone else, it might have worked. But he wanted to lie to Yang Ming? He really had no chance! Who was Yang Ming? He was the apprentice of the King of Assassins, the number one assassin in the assassin world!

Could the future King of Assassins be unfamiliar with the assassin world? Regarding this Hawkeye Group, never mind about being world famous. It was not even necessarily ranked in Russia where it was located! This old man was really thick-skinned.

“What are you laughing at?” How could Ouyang Kanqi know about Yang Ming’s thoughts? It was somewhat inexplicable to be laughed at by Yang Ming.

“Nothing…” Yang Ming waved his hand. He was too lazy to say anything. This kind of person really was bizarre and thick-skinned.

Ouyang Kanqi would have liked to look at Yang Ming’s panic and fear before he died. But now, seeing that this Yang Ming was really a bit arrogant, he suddenly lost interest. He was so angry that he just wanted to kill him as soon as possible to vent his hatred!

“Delay Man 001!” Ouyang Kanqi said, “I’ll leave the matter to you!”

From the room just now, another person came out. This person was very insidious. He gave a bad feeling to people.

Yang Ming was really unhappy. How was there always someone coming out of this small room? He used his special abilities to look into the room. Fortunately, this “Man 001” was the last person.

“Kid, I heard that you have Kung Fu on you? Are you pretty bad*ss?” Delay Man 001 looked at Yang Ming with some disdain. In his opinion, it was simply overkill for him to kill such a nameless guy.

“I know a bit of Kung Fu, but it should be more bad*ss than you.” Yang Ming replied.

” Hmph .” Delay Man 001 sneered aloud, “You only know how to argue. So, you can make the first move. Let’s see how bad*ss you are.”

“Me? That is not so good, right?” Yang Ming looked at Delay Man 001 and made a distressed expression.

“Why?” Delay Man 001 was a bit puzzled.

“When I make the first move, you will be done!” Yang Ming said boastfully, “So you should make the first move. It is too boring to die too fast.”

The reason why Yang Ming teased him was that he knew the strength of the Hawkeye Group in advance, and he had a rough estimate. Otherwise, even if Yang Ming were not allowed to make the first move, Yang Ming would still strike first.

Delay Man 001 was furious. This kid’s words are too boastful. What does he mean that I am done once he makes the first move? Isn’t it obvious that he doesn’t put me in his eyes?

“Okay, you are courting death. Then don’t blame me for giving you a fatal blow!” Delay Man 001 pointed at Yang Ming and spoke while gritting his teeth.

“Okay, hurry up and make your first move. Don’t talk about those useless things. Who knows who will be the one who gives the fatal blow?!” Yang Ming sneered and waved his hand. “Why are you like your master? You talk so much nonsense. Each of you is more pretentious than me!”

“Don’t talk nonsense with him! Kill him!” At this time, Ouyang Kanqi spoke. He had to admit that Yang Ming’s eloquence was really good, but what was the use of eloquence?

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