Soaring Of Galaxia Chapter 808

808 A Walkover

Admittedly, Teng Yunchong's thought was reasonable. In terms of common sense, it was watertight.

However, in the end he still underestimated Qin Wushuang's power even though he already valued him with great importance and viewed him as his sworn enemy of his lifetime.

Thinking here, Teng Yunchong was instantly full of heroic spirit as he laughed. "I will take this gamble with you!"

Qin Wushuang moved his brow and lips slightly. He called out, "A word spoken!"

"Can never be taken back!" Teng Yunchong was also not ambiguous.

"Alright, for this battle, regardless of who wins or loses, I am incredibly impressed by you." Qin Wushuang praised him.

"Me too. Alright, we shall begin. Hold on for a moment, I will set up the formation."

Teng Yunchong opened his sleeve and two colorful little flags appeared on his hand. As he waved the flags, instantly it triggered the formation from all four directions. Following the swaying motion of this flag, the terrain of the entire ground strangely transformed.

This Great Vanish Dust Formation was a major secret formation at the Great Bright City. It was extremely exceptional for it could take one's life within a flash of a thought. Especially at the core of this formation, it absorbs spiritual Qi from the heavens and earth and acts as a gate to life or death.

While inside it, Qin Wushuang slowly closed his eyes. He knew that due to the changeable aspects of this formation, certainly he would gain nothing if he were to use his eyes to observe it.

For a formation at this level, he must perceive it with his mind and his spiritual perception.

At the time, Qin Wushuang activated all of his spiritual perception and observed the changes to each detail inside the formation.

Suddenly, a lump of dense mist from above the formation pressed down. Instantly, the entire formation was wrapped by this mist and he fell into a sea of mist.

The indifferent voice of Teng Yunchong emerged from the empty sky. "Qin Wushuang, the formation is finished, where is your Graceful Spiritual Bow?"

Qin Wushuang said leisurely, "This Graceful Spiritual Bow is here."

Holding the Graceful Spiritual Bow inside his hands, he raised it with both hands and the entire bow stretched out completely. Like a curved blade, it slashed directly and opened a path through the surrounding mist. Shooting forward at a rapid speed, Qin Wushuang already sent the Graceful Spiritual Bow along with the Shooting Sun Arrows to Teng Yunchong.

Catching it along the way, Teng Yunchong immediately sensed a burst of powerful divine power rush at him violently. Feeling a difficulty of breath, he took two steps back and solved this Supreme Dao power.

However, in his hand, this Graceful Spiritual Bow and the Shooting Sun Arrows were genuine goods.

Qin Wushuang threw the Supreme Dao shield and supported it with his Supreme Dao power. Then, he integrated a trace of spiritual perception onto it to let it hang high in the sky.

"Envoy Teng, this is your target. If you can break this shield before me, you win. The Graceful Spiritual Bow will be yours."

Teng Yunchong gave a snort, "Let's begin!"

He grabbed the Graceful Spiritual Bow with his hands and activated his power. Power burst out as he gave the command, "Open for me!"

Indeed, he opened the Graceful Spiritual Bow and he was able to put the Shooting Sun Arrows onto the bow string. Teng Yunchong revealed a smile from the corner of his mouth. "Is it this simple? Even if there is any strange aspects to this Graceful Spiritual Bow, it would be enough as long as I unleash the power of a regular Supreme Dao weapon through this arrow."

Teng Yunchong could still sense that despite the Graceful Spiritual Bow being controlled by the other party's spiritual perception, in his hand, it would only be stronger than ordinary Supreme Dao weapons.

Thinking here, this Teng Yunchong urged his spiritual perception continuously and fixed his gaze at that Supreme Dao shield with determination. It seemed as if that shield was a giant target and he would not need to aim at it to hit it.

Just when Teng Yunchong was determined to get it, suddenly, he felt his chest sink. Immediately after, indescribable vivid palpitations struck across his heart.

As soon as this movement went by, Teng Yunchong's entire body shuddered as if he suddenly dropped into an icy lake. All the hair on his body stood up inverted.

"No, how could it be?" Suddenly, a chilly wind sprung up from all around of Teng Yunchong. The presence of death kept surging in the surrounding area.

Next, shadows full of filthy blood kept rising from the underground. Each showed a malevolent expression and had badly mutilated bodies, they walked towards him step after step.

"Devils demons, all illusions!" In between his thoughts, Teng Yunchong calmed his state of his mind and was about to shout a loud incantation to break these figures. Suddenly, a loud miserable cry came to his ear, "Yunchong, my son, father died in such grievance!"

"Yunchong, my son, save me!"

"Senior Brother, please don't kill me, I beg you don't kill me!"

Each of their gripping cries kept echoing next to his ears continuously. It directly rolled into his spiritual perception and hammered his nerves.

All of his beloved ones kept rushing at him with filthy blood all over their bodies. They continued to open up their chests widely to walk towards Teng Yunchong.

A clear and bright thought existed in Teng Yunchong's heart for he knew these were false appearances. However, such life-like appearances still made him endlessly terrified and edgy.

Terrifying scenes kept playing in front of him and they filled Teng Yunchong's mind. Subtle changes also kept happening to Teng Yunchong's spiritual perception, as it kept being battered.

Aged parents, his beloved Junior Sister, and groups of offspring

All of these faces were Teng Yunchong's beloved ones, weaknesses deep inside his heart. This weakness created great terror for him.

This great terror transformed into different scenarios to attack his nerves.

Suddenly, the expression of all these familiar faces froze. Next, each face turned utterly bloodstained and slowly transformed into skeletons. These skeletons kept approaching and just when they were about to rush before Teng Yunchong, all of a sudden they transformed into crumbs, crumbling and collapsing.

Similar terrifying scenes kept occurring one after the other, as if it were never-ending. Only martial artists with the most determined state of mind could withstand such great terror.

Clearly, Teng Yunchong possessed an unusual steady temperament. Yet at this moment, his divine soul still trembled as his heart kept thumping.

The most terrifying part was that not only would these illusions batter his divine soul, that Graceful Spiritual Bow seemed to also be a bloodsucking weapon. In the short time when he was holding it, it continued to swallow his vital blood and his divine soul. This was the part Teng Yunchong found most terrifying.

Despite adhering strictly to his intention, he still could not breakthrough the psychological impact produced scene after scene. Teng Yunchong shot a glance into the Great Vanishing Dust Formation and saw that Qin Wushuang had not moved recklessly. Instead, just like an old tree, he seemed to have entered a meditative state and stood unmoving.

The more he acted like this, the more Teng Yunchong felt this Qin Wushuang was deep and immeasurable.

How could he know that as Qin Wushuang observed the formation, from beginning to end he never intended to take the risk to break the formation. Instead, he would just sit and wait. As long as he saw through the profound attack mysteries of this formation, it would not be a problem to defend and to not recklessly try to get out.

As Qin Wushuang planned it this way, he had already placed himself in an invincible position. In fact, he was doing this to delay time.

The time he won over would be the crucial moment when Teng Yunchong fought with the Graceful Spiritual Bow.

Qin Wushuang had been communicating with the Graceful Spiritual Bow. His incantation skills and the control of the Graceful Spiritual Bow almost reached an unprecedented stage.

The longer he worked with the Graceful Spiritual Bow, he knew the enormous potential this Graceful Spiritual Bow contained. Therefore, he would not be worried whether or not Teng Yunchong could bear it.

With the murderous intention emitted by the Graceful Spiritual Bow, those without a powerful divine soul would most likely get swallowed directly by its Supreme Dao presence.

This Teng Yunchong could be said as one with a powerful Supreme Dao Stage and formidable divine soul. Or else, just the first few rounds of confrontation in the beginning stage would be enough to make him lose his consciousness and submit to defeat.

Despite this fact, it also brought tremendous pressure on Teng Yunchong.

When he pulled the Graceful Spiritual Bow onto his hand, it was like a death decree from the infernal world. Countless black hands extended their palms to him from afar and summoned him to meet them.

Teng Yunchong felt that most likely all of his blood would be swallowed cleanly by this Graceful Spiritual Bow.

Now, Teng Yunchong realized why Qin Wushuang, a martial artist you had only been studying for twenty years had set such an unbridled gamble with him.

However, when he understood this point, clearly he already reached a situation where it was impossible to stop halfway.

He could continue to urge his spiritual perception and barely activate the Shooting Sun Arrows to shoot the Supreme Dao shield. However at such a crucial moment, it could be said as extremely difficult to control the Shooting Sun Arrows and shoot it through the shield.

The price he might pay would be getting all of his blood sucked dry from his body. His divine soul would even get injured or devoured.

Without a question, the other choice was to admit defeat.

This was a smokeless battle. The relative superiority was already determined before it began.

Teng Yunchong gave a long whistle and forcefully pretended to calm his divine soul. "Qin Wushuang, just what evil tricks hide inside this Graceful Spiritual Bow?"

Qin Wushuang knew that this Teng Yunchong already reached his limit and would soon collapse. He was hanging on in one breath. At this moment, it was difficult for Teng Yunchong to fend himself, not to mention controlling the formation to attack Qin Wushuang.

Giving a mischievous laugh, Qin Wushuang said leisurely, "I don't know about any evil tricks. However, I am sure that if you stubbornly decide to hang on, you will let your divine soul suffer severe injuries. At least, your divine soul will be gravely injured. In the worst case, you will stimulate all the pressure from the Graceful Spiritual Bow and vanish into a puff of smoke!"

It sounded as if he was speaking the truth, yet these were unquestionably the most advantageous threats.

Teng Yunchong's last spurt of breath dispersed without a trace as if Qin Wushuang's words acted as sharp blade that pierced into his chest.

No longer capable of holding the Graceful Spiritual Bow, it transformed into a burst of golden light and flew backwards into the hands of Qin Wushuang directly.

Qin Wushuang roared with laughter. "Envoy Teng, you let me win!"

Teng Yunchong gave a slight sigh and appeared ashen. Yet, he remained speechless and looked at Qin Wushuang who was inside the formation with a dazed look. He seemed to be deeply moved and outmatched.

However, in the end Teng Yunchong was a man that kept his word. He would not reap the consequences of his own words. He grabbed the formation flag with his hand and started to pull away the Great Vanish Dust Formation. Lumps of mysterious mist also gradually disappeared.

"Your name spreads to the world, there is no smoke in today's battle, yet you opened my eyes. Great, for someone like you, my Great Bright City can afford to lose! This golden tree is yours. You can also take all the Qin disciples!"

Inwardly, Qin Shaohong who was never in line with Qin Wushuang cheered for him endlessly at this moment.

It was because the numerous years in the prison allowed subtle changes to his state of mind. Upon hearing Teng Yunchong admit that Qin Wushuang won, a warm current spread through his heart. Freedom, he was finally free!
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