Soaring Of Galaxia Chapter 869

869 Swallowing The Beast Core Bao Bao Revealing His Power

Since the beginning, the lion divine beast was brainwashed by Xin Tianwen. He estimated that Bao Bao was at the Peak of the Coagulate Supreme Dao Stage. Unexpectedly, this attack was nothing like it.

The moment when Bao Bao's imposing manner surged, it felt something was wrong. How could it be the power from a Coagulate Supreme Dao? It was more like power from a Fourth or Fifth Calamity Transformation Supreme Dao warrior. Additionally, the purity of his divine power shocked this immemorial barren beast extremely.

It was because of the immemorial bloodline, the purest type!

The lion beast was rather exceptional. Under this rod attack, suddenly he trembled and transformed into a burst of dim light to merge with the sky. It used its invisibility skill.

Bao Bao never expect that this ferocious looking lion beast could play a meticulous trick like this. However, for Bao Bao, dealing with this trick was a piece of cake.

Initially when Bao Bao fell into the Raging Flame Cliff, he started to train his Pupil Attachment Skill and achieved a pair of keen eyes that were as clear as flames. In terms of sight, even Qin Wushuang was inferior to Bao Bao.

Leaning against the Heaven and Earth One Rod, Bao Bao opened his eyes widely. Immediately, bursts of dim halos emerged. Circles of golden lights spread out from his eyes like ripples.

When the golden light dispersed to shine in the sky, even a grain of dust had nowhere to hide. Since that lion divine beast had a gigantic body, its true form was revealed after getting shone on by this light.

Once again, the Heaven and Earth One Rod was swung. With a long hiss, Bao Bao's entire body erupted to become numerous times bigger. The bones of his body kept bulging. The bones emitted sharp and clear cracking sounds. Followed by his bulging bones, the muscles also kept growing and his four limbs became long.

Instantly, Bao Bao grew to be ten times as big. Flashing with the wind, that Heaven and Earth One Rod also followed to grow longer.

This way, Bao Bao's body was much bigger than that lion divine beast.

Like the brave warriors of those from the Giants Clan, each step he took with that giant body let out a loud thud.

"Boom, boom!"

Clearly, Bao Bao who had entered this insane monstrous state showcased a greater amount of power.

That lion divine beast kept letting out a wild roar. Even with its ferociousness, it did not dare to confront Bao Bao head-on. Bao Bao hissed in the sky and kept swinging the Heaven and Earth One Rod. One move after another, he smashed at him with showering moves.

He showcased astonishing power. Each time when the rod went down, clear wrinkles appeared in the sky. With the uneven space cracks accompanied by the flashing goldenrod, it locked the entire Xuan Yuan stage under Bao Bao's attacks.

The lion divine beast kept howling angrily. Frightened and angered at the same time, clearly it could not find Bao Bao's unreasonable fighting style proper.

Originally, as Bao Bao entered this insane monstrous state, he already suppressed it in terms of stage. Plus as he unleashed half of the power from the Heaven and Earth One Rod, it increased his power even more. Of course, this was a situation that a sealed beast soul could not take care.

While feeling angered, despite complaining inwardly, it felt strangely frustrated due to its pride of being an immemorial barren beast. It shook its body continuously and emitted bursts of strange lights from its entire body.

When Bao Bao saw the strange movements of this lion divine beast, he remembered Qin Wushuang's advice closely as he did not dare to neglect this as he rushed to attack with the Heaven and Earth One Rod.

Like raindrops, the attacks kept raining down.

Each time when the rod was swung, it was accompanied by the power of a mountain to strike, to conceal, or two squeeze. While that lion divine beast endured the mountain-like attacks, apparently it would not dare to confront the moves with its body. Hiding from place to place, it still got scraped by the moves of the rod. With skin fileted open and flesh torn, it was injured.

Suddenly, that blue light surrounding the beast radiated all of a sudden. Inside the blue light, an extremely clear blued bewitched pearl dashed out. It was about the size of a round-bottom wickered basket.

As soon as this pearl flew out, instantly a burst of incomparable pretty and flirtatious power blocked Bao Bao's Heaven and Earth One Rod. It kept reducing the pressing power from that bursts of golden lights.

Beneath the stage, Saber Beard was moved as he revealed a trace of joy. He sent his voice to Xin Tianwen, "This lion divine beast will explode his core and take that stinky monkey down with him."

A trace of madness was revealed in Xin Tianwen's eyes. "Good, take out that stinky monkey! At most it will be a draw. If it's a draw, per the rules, the challenger loses! Ha ha!"

According to the rules, if a draw appears, it will depend on the tier that scored victory. For example, if both parties scored one victory, one draw and one loss, the round with the higher tier victory would count as the winning party.

With the Floating Snow House and Heavenly Punishing Villa for example, the Floating Snow House won the third-tier battle.

The second tier would count as a draw.

For the first-tier competition, if Yan Beifei won, even if their overall result was a draw, it would count as their victory.

In general, under a draw situation, the higher the tier won, the more beneficial it would be!

Since Bao Bao had the immemorial monkey bloodline, he was wise and experienced. Suddenly, he remembered something and felt austere. A terrifying thought flashed through his mind, "Self-detonating beast core!"

Self-detonating beast core was the same for human martial artists exploding their divine souls. This was a fighting tactic to destroy both body and soul. Once the core exploded, like Supreme Dao warriors exploding their divine soul, it could not be restored. One would face certain death and even the god of all creations could not save you.

In the Supreme Dao Stage, the death of one's corporeal body does not represent true death, but the death of a divine soul and core meant true death.

Thinking here, Bao Bao did not neglect this as he withdrew the golden lights from his entire body. With one sway, he activated a powerful talisman from his hand and let it cover that lion divine beast.

"Dragon Breath Seal!"

This was a life protecting tool Qin Wushuang had given to Bao Bao to use in a crucial moment. Unexpectedly, it was used. This Dragon Breath Seal was equivalent to the most powerful attack from an Eighth Calamity Transformation Supreme Dao warrior. When it exploded with a rumble, its boundless coverage wrapped that core.


The dragon breath that smashed on the core viciously caused endless miserable cries. The hissing sound shook the sky. Bao Bao did not stop as he swept with the Heaven and Earth One Rod to smash the core again.


Another one!

Although the intensity for the beast core to bear strikes far surpassed the body, it could not endure such attacks.

Upon getting attacked two times, the biting cold blue lights instantly dimmed. At this moment, Bao Bao's gigantic body appeared and he opened his mouth widely.

As soon as his mouth was opened, a mad absorption power went to engulf the core, just like the evil wind from nine gulfs and ten infernal worlds.

Innate divine skill, Swallowing!

The beast core let out a miserable cry. Attacked by this wild tide of imposing manner, despite holding on tightly, it was incapable of resisting this absorption power. The golden lights kept expanding and the blue light kept dimming.

Like a greedy ferocious beast, the golden lights swallowed the dimming blue lights. One burst after another, in an instant, the blue lights disappeared without a trace.

Bao Bao's throat sent out a few gurgling sounds as he swallowed the beast core completely.

Since the immemorial divine monkey skill had reached such a terrifying moment, even Saber Beard inhaled a breath of cold air. He hissed, "Such monstrous talent! This stinky monkey has the purest immemorial bloodline. Daoist Tianwen, if we let this monkey grow, the threat he can cause in the future will not lose to that Qin Wushuang."

Xin Tianwen's entire body went limp. As he watched the scene where the beast core got swallowed, even someone as calm as him could not refrain from letting out a bitter sigh. Sadness came around from within. His hands that were hidden in his sleeves trembled slightly.

Bao Bao leaned against the Heaven and Earth One Rod and used one hand to beat his chest. Finally the beast core lost all breath and was completely digested. It became Bao Bao's filling.

Absorbing this beast core would save him one hundred years of hard work!

For your information, before this beast was sealed, it belonged to a divine beast at the Sixth Calamity of the Transformation Supreme Dao Stage. Although it lost some of its power, it was still exceptional. Also it was an immemorial barren beast for it had an extremely pure bloodline. Because of this fact, Bao Bao had picked up a huge gain.

"Ha ha ha…" Bao Bao proudly laughed. In between his laughter, his giant body kept shrinking.

After restoring to his original appearance, Bao Bao grabbed the Heaven and Earth One Rod and let it disappear in his palm. When the Heaven and Earth One Rod was used, it was a rod. When not used, it could turn into Heaven and Earth spiritual Qi to stay in hiding. It was incredibly marvelous.

Bao Bao won big time!

Instantly, Yan Beifei's entire morale collapsed! He opened his eyes widely to look at Bao Bao who was strutting around. His eyes were full of disbelief. Unreconciled, despair was written all over the face of this leader.

"Yan Beifei, I already told you to prepare to make room, what are you doing here looking stupefied? Ha ha ha." Bao Bao never minded to beat a drowning dog.

Thinking of how his boss was bullied by these powerhouses for all these years, today he could finally feel happy and elated. This burst of happiness inside Bao Bao's heart was obvious.

Like a sculpture, Yan Beifei appeared dazed and speechless. It seemed as if he became stupefied and terrified at the same time.

Xuan Yuan Ba leaped onto the stage. "Second round, the Floating Snow House wins. Floating Snow House won two out of three rounds, they will replace the Heavenly Punishing Villa and obtain a seat among the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates. The Heavenly Punishing Villa is out! In three months you must move three hundred miles outside the Heavenly Emperor Mountain!"

Suddenly, Yan Beifei roared and spurt out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Xin Tianwen could not refrain from twitching lightly, yet the anger inside him burned even more ferociously. At this moment, Qin Wushuang's leisurely looks just happened to collide with him. He stopped for a moment on Xin Tianwen's face while remaining calm and collected, then he turned around after letting out a meaningful smile.

Xin Tianwen glared at Qin Wushuang while he was mad inwardly, "Qin Wushuang, do be proud for a few days. Let's see how much longer you can be proud. When the Heavenly Emperor competition ends, if I do not make your Qin Clan collapse, I will write the word Xin backwards!"

Such vicious words could only comfort him inwardly, yet they were helpless to the current situation.

In the third competition, the Heavenly Punishing Villa was disqualified and the Floating Snow House won!

For the Heavenly Emperor Mountain challenger competition, it had entered a new climax after this battle. In the fourth competition, the Hundred Sword Sect was challenging the Thousand Feather Sect!

This would be another form of continuation between the Xin and Qin Clan dispute!
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