Solitary Sword Sovereign Chapter 79

Chapter 79-A Million Points!

The issue was the consequences of a quest failure. Having his abilities taken away was one thing but having his memories taken away greatly frightened Will. In the upcoming war, Wills primary objective was to prevent the destruction of the school, which had played a part in his joining the Dragonheart Empire. With the backing of the predicted victor, It would be much easier for him to protect the school grounds.

As for who ruled the world? He didnt give a s**t. Wills primary concern was getting stronger. Anything else was pointless. Will was well aware that all his secondary objectives, such as protecting earth and securing his familys safety, hinged on his personal strength. Modus was not Wills father but his master. As far as Will was concerned, he was no different from a mouse trapped in a maze to the lofty Immortal. The Ignius debacle had only reinforced this thought.

As for the state of the world? It was important because Will was uncertain about a future where earth was taken over. According to Letty, if Earth was conquered by Eridium, it would be subjected to the latters whims. Earth had quite a few things that Eriduim desired, especially its dungeons.

To users, dungeons were essentially mines where they obtained resources for cultivating. New dungeons had a high chance of containing rare resources. The second resource of Earth was population. Slaves were essentially free labour, and Eridium was not above slavery. Letty had seen several worlds where the entire population had been enslaved. For Will, this was the worst possible scenario.

In his talks with Modus, Will learned that he could likely save Earth if he succeeded in two tasks. Firstly, he had to unite Earth under one banner, and secondly, he had to reach level 100. The second clause was much easier for Will, but the first gave him a headache. Even before Modus had explained the matter to him, Will had known that he would have to find some way to unite Earth if they were to have even the slightest chance, which was why he had had Aurora Phoenix use his name to attempt to gather a segregated America.

Wills plan was quite simple, yet he believed that he could prevent the invasion. In fact, he already had a plan. Due to Silvertons looming presence, Miami was already a prime bridge for invading America because according to Letty, wars under the system usually occurred between experts of the warring groups.

The Dragonheart Empire was a mammoth with thousands of experts. The mere image of thousands of experts unleashing all sorts of abilities on America gave Will a headache. Thus, he decided to end this charade as soon as possible.

As far as Will was concerned, all he lacked was levels, so all he needed was to hunt dungeons and gain experience. Earth was already weak as it was, and Will was unwilling for it to lose important fighters over a nonsensical territorial scuffle. Will believed his title Solitary Dao Master held weight, but he needed more strength to back the name.

Sicario, as I am now part of the empire, that means I am privy to some important information, right? Will asked.

Indeed, as you are someone we seek to groom, you have many privileges. Might I ask what information you desire? Perhaps, I might be able to assist you. Sicario replied.

Will frowned before he requested, I want all the information you have on Hattori Hanzo.

Sicario lightly coughed in surprise. You wouldnt happen to be talking about Musashis 2nd ring, would you? Will nodded.

Sicario cleared his throat and said, As you know, the Nine Rings clan is our greatest rival; thus, I can assure you that no one has more information on them than us. Might I ask why you want information about Hanzo?

We have beef; lets put it at that. Will spoke with a grim look.

Laughing, Sicario clapped. Splendid! To think that the Nine Rings clan would be your enemy as well We are surely fated. I will gather all the information we have on him and deliver it to you within three days.

Will thanked Sicario and sighed in relief. Sicario went on, On the matter of privileges, I almost forgot, the empire has gathered quite a few resources. As a Supreme Candidate, you may request one or two valuable resources. From weapons to medicines, we have it all. What do you desire?

Sicario believed that Will would take his time, but Will unhesitatingly said, I need points, the more the better.

Points were used to purchase many things from the system, and it was possible to transfer points from one person to another. Sicario was curious as to what Will wanted, but he decided to leave his curiosity unsatisfied.

Very well, the Empire will gift you a million points to use at your leisure. Unfortunately, Lord Solitary, you will not be allowed to request anything else aside from these points. Is this what you desire?

Will nodded vigorously like a chicken pecking corn. When he heard he was receiving a million points, he had to suppress the urge to whistle. Points could only be earned from clearing a dungeon or receiving a title due to incredible achievements. Each star a dungeon had represented 50 points you could earn from clearing it.  The user who killed the Boss of the dungeon received these points. The sheer amount of points caused Will to wonder just how many dungeons they had cleared to be able to so generously give them out.

Hot diggity dang! A million points! Once Letty finishes the changes to the city, I will be able to buy that, hahahahaha!

While Will dreamt about what to do with the points, Sicario chipped in, Lord Solitary, I have one more piece of news. Your level is a bit to low at the moment, so once your new subordinates arrive in a few days, we will have you head over to a dungeon for you to level up.

Dungeons were buildings that housed beasts and many treasures like maps, weapons, spells, techniques, etc. If you cleared a dungeon, you would gain a lot of experience. Different dungeons had different numbers of levels, the lowest number being three. These were called three-star dungeons. Four-star dungeons had four levels,  five-star dungeons had five levels, etc. The more stars a dungeon had, the higher the grade of demonic beasts, and the more experience and rewards gained from clearing its levels.

Until you cleared the level you were on, you couldnt leave a dungeon. Once a dungeon was cleared, it would disappear along with its rewards. Every world began with a certain amount of dungeons, and the number would only decrease from there.

Lord Solitary might not know this, but each star also represents 25 levels. Thus, a three-star dungeon would have a boss with a maximum level of 75. The first-floor boss would have a maximum level of 25, the second-floor boss level 50 and so on. We will need Lord Solitary to be capable of clearing a three-star dungeon with your own power. Of course, your subordinates can assist you. There is a dungeon a few miles outside the city inside an abandoned gas station. It is north of the city and a popular spot for hunting parties. We have verified that it is a three-star dungeon. You must clear that one.

We will also use this as an opportunity for you to get used to your subordinates abilities and improve your teamwork. You have one week to finish the dungeon. With your skill set, I believe it should be easily achievable.

After a long conversation, Sicario and his crew left the city. Before Silverton left, he shot Will one last look as if he were trying to burn the young man into his memory.

Will turned toward Letty. Letty, I have an issue to deal with tomorrow, but before that, let me fish some. When I return, I want you to have finished building that thing underground.

Will shot for the skies before she could respond. Letty sighed while looking at his disappearing silhouette.

I have a nagging feeling he is about to do something crazy. Sigh, Ill just focus on my job.

Letty opened her menu and performed her duties. She had a lot of work to do because the designs Will wanted were not part of the template the system provided, so she had to design the whole thing herself.




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