Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 1042

1042 A Multitude Of Stars

Chapter 1042: A Multitude of Stars
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They could ask whether the people living in the palace had heard the Sound of Dao, but they could not be sure of the wilderness outside the palace.

If the range was only within the palace, the wealthy families could use their powerful manpower to their advantage and determine where the Sound of Dao had come from!

If the north, south, east, and west could confirm their status, then they could immediately narrow down the position of the core.

But the problem was, they could not even determine the boundary? How would they be able to find out where the person had advanced to Rank One? How could they be sure of who had advanced.

Sun Xunwen sat on his chair and did not speak. They were just waiting for the results of Lu Shus murdering spree. They did not expect something so major to suddenly happen!

The east and west had confirmed their findings. There was no doubt about the range.

Sun Zhongyang saw his father, who was typically calm, suddenly put on an unusual expression on his face. "What a vast Sound of Dao! A great political change is about to occur in the palace!"

"Father, could that be Lu Shus Sound of Dao?" Sun Zhongyang suddenly asked. "He is the only one fighting in the entire palace."

Sun Xiuwen sighed with emotion. He looked at Sun Zhongyang. "Are you sure that Lu Shu has advanced to Rank One?"

Sun Zhongyang was baffled. "Yes, Im sure. He seemed rather excited on the way back because he had just advanced to Rank One. He even flew. I can be sure of this. Thus, it could not have been him. But who else is hiding in the palace and has decided to advance tonight?"

"If we are unable to determine the boundary, we cannot be sure of his identity. Thus, we dont even have a clue this time. We can only quietly wait for them to reveal themselves." Sun Xunwen smiled. "Lu Shu was supposed to be the main lead tonight. He might not have expected someone to steal the spotlight from him."

When Sun Zhongyang recalled the vast and clear song, he suddenly said, "Father, have you heard of that song before? The melody is rather pleasant"

Whether it was pleasant or not was a secondary concern. The subordinates were in the worst position. They had to look for others in the palace and ask whether they had heard Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Although it did not seem like much, it felt strange.

But there was a reason why Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was passed down on Earth. It was simple and had a pleasant melody.

However, in the Luniverse, the lyrics were much more complicated. Thus, that night, a civilian wrote a simple version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and made it a nursery rhyme

Gu Lingfei sat on the rear mountain and blankly looked at the limestone road. "What was that sound? Dont laugh"

Jiang Shuyis elegant demeanor was gone. When he heard Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, he started laughing. He could not stop even if he wanted to.

Of course, he could guess who this Sound of Dao belonged to. Lu Shu had many secrets, right?

But even he did not expect Lu Shu to produce the Sound of Dao twice when he advanced to Rank One. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was even induced by a mighty law.

That night, not only had Lu Shu killed many on the limestone road, he had even performed a song that was retained for years. It enriched the entertainment lives of the civilians in the palace

Of course, there was another question. Who in the world had advanced?!

This question caused everyone to feel that a massive change was silently happening in the palace, but no one knew what was happening.

These conflicted feelings caused everyone to put Lu Shus massacre on the limestone road aside. They had to channel their energy into finding the person who had advanced to Rank One. If they found this person and invested in him or followed him, they would have a great opportunity in the future.

But could they find this person? No one could find him.

Lu Shu slowed down as he walked to the brothel, as he no longer had to hurry. Behind him was a road full of corpses. The Sparrow Shades ability to attack groups had reached its maximum strength. Furthermore, after he had advanced to Rank One, the celestial powers were enough to support it.

At that moment, as Lu Shu walked, words were continuously formed in the ground. "If you reverse the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star just now, you will obtain a decayed poem. You have advanced to a new stage. Ha ha ha."

"Although it was different from the usual Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I feel that the revised lyrics are good. There is a sense of desolation"

What desolation? When Lu Shu walked and saw these comments, he felt a sense of desolation as well

"From Lu Shus distress, +666!"

"What do we do after we are done killing?" Lu Xiaoyu did not continue to fiercely attack him. Instead, she changed the topic.

Lu Shu thought about it. "Then we will hurry up and meet the Wei Wu Army outside the palace. We cant stay here for much longer. I heard from Jiang Shuyi that space pathways have opened up in the West and South Regions. I think that the space pathways are likely to be in the territory of the Heavenly Network. I want to go over and take a look. If Duanmu Huangqi wants to attack the Earth, we can help them fight back."

Earlier, when Lu Shu had seen the Sword Hut records, he told Lu Xiaoyu that Jiang Shuyi was likely the senior disciple of the Sword Hut. The senior disciple of the Sword Hut was like a symbol. He was one of the oldest seniors in the Sword Hut, but this title and symbol had been passed down for 1000 years. No one felt that there was a need to change the name.

Now, Wei Wu Army was 100 kilometers away from the palace. Lu Shu wanted to ask Yi Qian to tell them to return home, but the Wei Wu Army was insistent. It seemed as if they had pledged their undying loyalty to Lu Shu.

Thus, Lu Xiaoyu wanted to leave with Lu Xiaoyu. He had more important things to attend to.

The words changed. "The magical armor have arrived. In addition to the ten thousand sets from the Sword Hut, there are a total of 40 thousand sets."

"Hm? Where did the extra 5000 sets come from?" Lu Shu was curious.

"The boss of the Song Ji, Xiao Mingze, and the chief officer, Zhao Shuai, secretly sent people to deliver 5000 sets of armor to me. They said that no matter whether you are able to survive tonight, the armor was a mark of their friendship."

Lu Shu laughed. "The two of them are not bad."

"They are not bad. When you were being targeted by Duanmu Huangqi, Zhao Shuai secretly told Li Heitan and the others about it under all that pressure."

Lu Shu smiled. "Sure. We will remember this favor. Lets go and kill!"

"If we return to Earth, shall we eat hotpot? Little Dragon Inn?"

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"Sure. Lets go to Little Dragon Inn." Lu Shu smiled and agreed.

The two of them seemed very relaxed. They did not look like they were going to kill people.

The next moment, Lu Shu looked at the brothel in front of him. He stopped and said in a loud voice, "A friend has come from far away."

Lu Xiaoyu silently said underground, "Invaders are to die no matter how far they have fled."

Then, thousands of swords materialized out of thin air. Lu Shu had released and positioned the invisible aurablade in the sky! The swords covered the sky like a multitude of stars!

While Sun Xunwen and Sun Zhongyang were discussing who had advanced, father and son suddenly turned and looked into the sky. "What is this technique?!"
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