Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 1043

1043 The Strongest Person Besides The Masters

Chapter 1043: The Strongest Person Besides the Masters
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The remaining ten patrons in the brothel waited for Lu Shus arrival. They did not want to disperse their manpower, but were not willing to go out and meet the enemy.

The news that two of the 12 great slaves under Duanmu Huangqi had died had spread throughout the entire palace. If the remaining ten of them had all gone out to deal with a Practitioner who had just joined the Sword Hut, it would become an even bigger joke.

They had ranked Lu Shu as the most dangerous person in their hearts. If not, why would ten great slaves gather together? This was a situation that had not occurred in hundreds of years, but it had happened tonight.

In the past, they were senior officials responsible for various affairs. They were also Duanmu Huangqis most trusted subordinates? Once they were outside the West Region, they represented the determination of the Lord of Heaven.

Ten great soldiers. If they wanted to work together, then so be it. But actively attacking would be too embarrassing.

They would be able to take the shame, but Duanmu Huangqi would not!

Thus, they quietly waited for Lu Shu to come. Then, they would join forces and kill him. This was a very awkward situation. They wished for the young man to hurry up and accept his death!

Was it possible for ten Rank One patrons to fail killing one Rank One? They admitted that this young man was very strong, but they had never thought of the possibility that they would fail, until they saw the multitude of swords in the sky. They felt as if death had shrouded the brothel!

Their leader, who had been calm from the very beginning, got up and walked to the courtyard. The rest of the patrons followed him.

The patrons looked up at the thousands of swords in the sky and were shocked. They did not even know how the thousands of swords had appeared in the sky!

"Those are not real swords. Someone had used magical methods to do so!" The leader furrowed his eyebrows. No, it wasnt a magical method!"

They were talking about illusions, but the thousands of swords in the sky seemed real!

Tonight was full of twists and turns. First, Lu Shu had gone out of the Sword Hut. He had killed 1000 underlings on the limestone road, as well as two established patrons.

Then, a nameless genius had advanced to Rank One in the palace. The Sound of Dao had engulfed the entire palace. No one knew the boundaries of the Sound of Dao.

Just as everyone was recovering from their shock, thousands of swords appeared above the brothel like a multitude of stars!

It was as if some people had discussed this in advance to keep the entire palace awake. These incidents caused everyone to be overwhelmed. Each incident was more shocking than the previous ones!

Besides the civilians, even wealthy families like Sun Zhongyang and Sun Xunwen felt that too much had happened in one night. They did not even know which incident to focus on!

"Father, how many years has it been since such a grand occasion has occurred in the palace?" Sun Zhongyang asked curiously.

Sun Xunwen looked at the sword formation in the distance and sighed. "Not that long ago, actually. It was probably the time when the head of the Sword Hut had mysteriously destroyed half of the King of Gods palace."

Sun Zhongyang suddenly stood up. "The swords have fallen!"

There were many invisible aurablades, but they were just "aura". When Li Xianyi had chased the Puppet Masters, he had left the aurablade in the leaves. If not, the invisible aurablade would be exhausted very quickly.

But Lu Shu did not have to find a medium, as he had Lu Xiaoyu.

Leaves would be leaves. They were not as suitable as swords.

When the patrons in the brothel saw the swords, they did not feel optimistic about the situation. They had already regarded Lu Shu very highly. They did not look down on Lu Shu at all.

Was it considered an underestimation if ten established patrons faced a junior without any clues? If you asked the entire Luniverse, no one would consider this an underestimation. Other than the fact that they did not actively attack, 100 underlings were hiding in the courtyard, prepared to ambush Lu Shu.

But why did they feel as if they could not defeat this young man?

The conflicting feelings of not being able to defeat the enemy despite being so strong were very intense, to the point that the leader could feel his own rage!

"Retreat!" He suddenly roared.

When the thousands of swords started to fall, the leader felt immense danger. This was murderous intent that he rarely saw. They would die if they did not retreat!

But it was too late to retreat. Lu Shu controlled the invisible aurablades and swords to target every single patron in the brothel. Lu Shu had said so himself. He was the knife, and they were the fish.

If the West Region dared to attack Earth, they would have to pay the price!

If he killed one less person now, the Heavenly Network might have to face one more enemy in the future!

One of the patrons looked up and stared coldly at the falling swords. They were like shooting stars.

He charged into the air. Suddenly, a long sword appeared in his hands. He slashed the air. He was going to disperse the sword formation!

The next moment, the swords pierced through the patrons sword, as if the patrons sword did not exist.

A mighty patron that had been unmatched in brutality, but the next second, countless swords pierced through his body. He flopped to the ground like a broken pouch!

Their leader could not understand. They were peak Rank Ones. How could an expert that was not a Master kill them so easily?!

He was not willing to give in!

But so what? That moment, he realised that they had not taken their enemy lightly. Their rigid vision had limited their imagination.

They had thought that they were peak Rank Ones. When an enemy who could break through the rules and limits appeared in front of them, they should not fight. Instead, they should prevent others from angering the enemy!

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The scene of a Rank One patron charging into the sky and falling was witnessed by everyone who was observing the situation. They had not seen such a scene in a very long time. It was as if the life of a Rank One patron was worth nothing.

The scene of the swords attacking was like a catastrophe of shooting stars!

"Although that persons Sound of Dao is unparalleled, when I see this scene, I suddenly thought of a question. If this person were to compete with Lu Shu, who would be stronger?"

Rationally, it would be the one who had just advanced. After all, if his Sound of Dao was able to engulf the entire palace, just how strong was he?

But now, they had seen Lu Shu attack as well. Suddenly, they were unsure.

"I have never seen the person who had just advanced attack, but when I see Lu Shu attack, I have a feeling that except for masters, all of his enemies are simply ants I feel that he is the strongest person besides the masters."
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