Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 408

Sometimes, to get the man or woman of your dreams, borrowing things worked better than direct confessions.

You would need to return what you borrowed, and then you could treat them to a meal in the name of thanking them. In this way, you would become more familiar with each other via more interactions.

In fact, Coral was just trying to get close to Lu Shu by using Chinese lessons as an excuse. But never had she expected Lu Shu's actual response…

"I don't have cash with me now. Can I give it to you altogether after we get out?" Coral hesitated.

Lu Shu was stunned by her persistence. Wait a minute, 200 yuan was only the standard tuition fee in China, but Coral used Swedish crown, not RMB!

He could vaguely recall that one yuan was equal to around 1.2 crown. Not a good deal…

Lu Shu attracted startled stares. Other members of the team realized that they had yet to discover how cheeky he could get. When a pretty girl asked you for Chinese lessons, you should agree at once and seize the opportunity to develop your relationship. Why the mention of money?

Just when everyone was dumbfounded, Lu Shu suddenly added, "200 euros, not crowns…"

"From Coral Johnson's distress, +200…"

Feeling wronged, Coral bit her lips. No one had ever treated her this way. Honestly speaking, Lu Shu's image in her heart had become all the more appealing as he made such an open request without falling head over heels for her beauty. Unlike those superficial boys out there, he was a rarity!

Thus, she sank even deeper.

In the past, she remained the center of attention wherever she was. Some Practitioners even used to fight for her. But she felt that fate had its own way, as she had politely declined all her flattering pursuers but fell in love with one who couldn't care less about her appearance…

Just when she was zoning out, Lu Shu said, "Let's not time our lessons. We'll take it as two lessons per day. After we go out, remember to transfer money to me using the card number I gave you just now…"

Evan's anger and dissatisfaction was building up. Why? Did you think you were a private tutor in the remains?

"From Evan Walsh's distress, +666!"

"Emily, come here. I want to have a word with you," suppressing his exasperation, Evan called Emily away again…

Those around showed an expression of understanding. After all, Evan was still so powerful and Emily had no reason to reject his request.

The unnecessary attention drawn to their conversation made Coral uncomfortable. Thus, she jumped off the stone. "Follow me, Lu Mu…"

Lu Shu froze for a long while. "Don't do this. I can teach you but I don't do dirty…"

The onlookers were all startled. No one anticipated Coral to be so direct, and Lu Shu's rejection was even more unexpected…

Ten minutes later, when Coral saw Emily after returning with Evan, she finally realized what the misunderstanding she had caused was…

As a result, she was too shy to talk to Lu Shu anymore, her cheeks were as red as roses. Indeed, she took some initiative, but never had she intended to get so hasty. It was, that Evan's fault! If not, why would people over-think when she wanted to have some time alone with Lu Shu?

The team hit the road again in the afternoon after a long rest. On the way, Evan seized the opportunity to strike a conversation with Coral. "You…"

Before he could continue with his sentence, Coral turned away and walked to Lu Shu's side with a frosty face.

Evan was stunned. Did Lu Shu speak ill of him?! It must be!

"From Evan Walsh's distress, +166!"

Attached at the rear of the team, Meng Jingchan watched Lu Shu and Coral walking side by side. At this moment, she knew very well that her chances of convincing Lu Shu were low.

Earlier, she had thought of pulling him in with her beauty, but it seemed that he would not fall for such tricks. Even Coral, who was way prettier than Meng Jingchan now, failed to gain Lu Shu's interest.

However, Meng Jingchan was still wondering where on Earth he was from. Could it be the mysterious Heavenly Network?

Suddenly, Coral asked Lu Shu, "Are you really an unaffiliated Practitioner?"

She had seen such people in Europe, and was aware of the pitiful plight they were in. Furthermore, organization legacies could make a huge difference to one's cultivation, and powerful associations enjoyed much prestige for things beyond their leading Practitioners.

In fact, they were either blessed with systematic training methods, or time-honored legacies, which were not solely restricted to the few famous civilizations.

Besides, legacies ensured the steady production of new potential members, and more breakthrough opportunities for the experts, given their seniors' prior experience.

Thus, it was merely wishful thinking to run an organization with only one pro. Without legacies, the overall abilities of the team would be greatly compromised, weakening members' loyalty to the group.

Even Phoenix Society had to put in vigorous efforts in improving their members' awakening possibilities. That was their strength.

Despite her mundane capabilities, Coral was well-known in the Deities, as her father occupied a high position in the group…

Social standing determined one's field of vision. Recounting Lu Shu's series of actions, Coral found it hard to believe that he was indeed an independent Practitioner.

In other words, those people were having a really hard time and it was nearly impossible to produce any remarkable figures, excluding those of awakening-friendly aptitude.

Without any hesitation, Lu Shu replied, "Yes, of course!"

A thought suddenly crossed his mind. "Humf, Coral, I remember that you mentioned about repaying me earlier. How much was it again…"

Coral smiled. "How about 500 million euros? I am still an undergraduate and my monthly pocket money is only this much."

Sss! Lu Shu drew a startled breath, she is so damn rich! Currently, the currency exchange rate from euro to RMB remained high. He would earn a great deal in any case!

Moreover, 500 million euros was only considered "pocket money" for her. Hence, the financial capabilities of her family must be unimaginable! Compared to the rich beauty Coral, even Chen Zuan was a poor guy…

Lu Shu mused for a few seconds. "Please be safe in the remains, Coral. I don't want anything to happen to you…"

A glint of surprise flashed across Coral's eyes. "Okay! Thank you for your concern."

To her, it was a promising start to their relationship.

But to Lu Shu, he merely felt sorry if such a huge source of money died in the remains…
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