Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 410

After Li Yixiao was gone, they could finally rest assured of their safety. However, following the panic, a few shocked stares were immediately drawn to Lu Shu.

Many of them had no idea of the fat man's abilities, as most individual Practitioners had only heard of Li Yixiao's name but never seen his face. Moreover, neither did they have the access to such knowledge, nor could they afford the information of Li Yixiao on the Darkness Kingdom. Even if they could, there was no need to waste the money.

Even so, his remarkable capabilities were apparent judging from his speed and composure when being pursued by a huge crowd of monsters!

Didn't you see that madman stop to wait for the gargoyles?! When others were scared of those monsters, that fatty was unhappy that they were too slow!

What if Lu Shu was not there? The thought made everyone shudder. Undoubtedly, the fatty would speed past them, leaving the gargoyles to attack the weak. Consequently, none of them would survive the slaughter.

What a bloody tragedy! They were starting to feel sorry for those who happened to cross their way with the fatty…

Speaking of which, being an expert as you are, why could you not just do it yourself but had to drag other people in?!

In fact, Li Yixiao did so just for the fun of it. Just a while ago, he had a fight with a Class B expert from the Phoenix Society. In the end, he stood unharmed while the other guy, seriously wounded, escaped on his last breath.

However, they had unintentionally triggered too many gargoyles in the process. He could not fight them all!

In the remains this time, any ordinary Class B expert would be exhausted to death in the face of so many gargoyles in the absence of Li Xianyi. Only warriors like Li Yixiao with excellent defense, HP and ATK stood a chance at survival.

At this moment, an idea popped up in Li Yixiao's brains. Why did he fail to get the relic the last time in the Laos remains? Because he was attacked by too many experts at the same time!

But it was different this time. With hundreds of gargoyles behind his back, whoever his rivals were, they had to reconsider their chances against the horde of gargoyles!

Suddenly, Li Yixiao felt that he had found his backers, who would even beat him, though…

There was the downside, of course, that he could never stop running. But that was none of his concern. He had sent countless people to their graves on his way, despite painting a target on his back for many Class B's. In the cultivation world, the name "Heavenly King" was a synonym to "pros of the East", and some radicals even planned to kill Heavenly Kings of the Heavenly Network to boost their reputation.

As a result of the hard-earned influence achieved by the Heavenly Network, the status of the Heavenly King was already able to inspire awe, even if the person's name was less well-known.

However, just when they were about to take action, they were deterred by those gargoyles behind him. Gargoyles could not differentiate friends from foes, and not all Class B's could survive their attack like Li Yixiao…

It was a useful technique against all potential assailants. Their only hope now was that the fellow would not bring thousands of gargoyles over to give everyone hell in the competition for the relic.

At this moment, Lu Shu's heart was in pain. "Freak you, Li Yixiao!"

It suddenly reminded him that Li Yixiao had probably cleared each and every gargoyle in the entire region! They were precious food for his divine water!!

Lu Shu could hardly breathe upon realizing this painful fact. He decided to change his direction in search of any gargoyle survivors.

However, he finally noticed the uneasy stares from others, especially Evan.

At the start, he was labeled as an unaffiliated rookie Practitioner, who was later revealed to have some impressive moves. But now, people's impression of him had shaken. Could he be an expert who had been acting dumb?

Other people had brains too. Why was that Class B-looking expert so close to Lu Shu? And how could a Class E possibly be friends with a Class B? In the individual Practitioners' opinion, it was totally impossible.

The world was very realistic. In the beginning, everyone perceived himself as the center of the world, too good for any organization as they believed they could rise high by themselves alone. Nonetheless, the truth was, talents did exist and the reality was far from fair.

When people became aware of that, it was already too late to join the more powerful organizations. In the past, organizations needed to absorb new members for growth, offering individual Practitioners loads of selection power. But when that era was over, the power was transitioned to the organizations themselves.

A common misconception was that larger associations were more powerful. However, those experienced in management knew the truth, which stated that holistic competence was far more important, including ideologies and unity.

Only members of a bonded team would support one another in times of adversity.

Meanwhile, Lu Shu's image had become indefinitely tall. Only then did they realize that Lu Shu had the guts to pull out a gargoyle from a horde of twenty plus monsters because he had the abilities to do so!

Evan was the most astounded among all. As a member from the Phoenix Society, he certainly had read about Li Yixiao. After a long moment of hesitation, he asked, "How do you know the Heavenly King of China?!"

It was a stupid question the second he spat it out. Apparently, Lu Shu was from the Heavenly Network as well!

He used to think that he was the strongest in the team, but it was known that the Heavenly Network would only send the cream of the elites such as Li Yixiao to the remains. Thus… how powerful was Lu Shu, really?! It struck him like a thunderbolt as he recalled how he had bragged about in front of Lu Shu!

What was most unacceptable was that Emily was already casting stares of admiration to Lu Shu… But Evan knew very well that she did not have a chance, as even the stunner Coral was rejected by Lu Shu…

Evan was even certain that Coral was one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen. Moreover, as a young lady in her early twenties, Coral was youthful and a bit sexy at the same time.

Rich and attractive, with a pair of long legs. No man could probably refuse a girl like Coral, except Lu Shu, thought Evan…
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