Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 781

781 A Farce

Chapter 781: A Farce
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Lu Shu silently looked at the distress points. After that, he hid in his room and fed Lu Xiaoyu with fruits. Lu Xiaoyu was now a Class C, but she was earning distress points from 70 thousand people in the Cultivation College.

Lu Shu had never encountered this situation. If he could earn distress points from so many people earlier, he would have advanced to Class B a long time ago.

Suddenly, Lu Xiaoyu knocked on his door. "Lu Shu, why has my strength suddenly increased?"

Lu Xiaoyu had realized that there was a pattern behind the increase in her strength. She knew that it was because Lu Shu had fed her fruits. But Lu Shu had never explained to her where the fruits came from. Lu Xiaoyu felt that something was fishy

But Lu Shu would never tell her. If he did, the fact that he was earning distress points through her would be exposed.

Suddenly, Lu Shu had a strange idea. He walked out and turned right to the apartment where Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao were living in. They were eating takeaway food when Lu Shu came in. They were very surprised. "Brother Shu, why are you here?"

Lu Shu was silent for two seconds. "Have you ever thought about creating a handsome list? And putting me as first?"

Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao were shocked. "Brother Shu, we cant! Weve been cast aside by a lot of female students. If the male students become our enemies as well, we wont be able to live anymore!"

Cheng Qiuqiao said, "Brother Shu, we cant use our conscience like that. The list needs to be official"

Lu Shu looked at Cheng Qiuqiao. "One awakening fruit!"

Cheng Qiuqiao said, "Okay, Brother Shu. I will do it tonight."

Cheng Qiuqiao kept to his word. Lu Shu was in first place, Chen Zuan was in second place, and Cheng Qiuqiao was in third place

But Lu Shu did not earn any distress points. When the list was posted on the Cultivation College forum, it did not garner any attention everyone knew how annoying Chen Zuan was. With Chen Zuan on the list, was the list still reliable?

Cheng Qiuqiao mocked Lu Shu. "Brother Shu? Although the list has no public credibility, we still did it. We put in a lot of effort! Where is the awakening fruit you promised us?"

Lu Shu went into the house and took out a peach from the fridge. He put the peach in Cheng Qiuqiaos hand. Cheng Qiuqiao was dumbfounded. "Brother Shu, although Ive never eaten an awakening fruit, I know what it looks like."

"This is a peach that has undergone an awakening. Its called an awakening fruit for short," said Lu Shu expressionlessly.

"From Cheng Qiuqiaos distress, +666!"

"So you didnt even think about giving me an awakening fruit from the beginning," said Cheng Qiuqiao bitterly.

To be honest, Lu Shu had thought about giving Cheng Qiuqiao an awakening fruit. It did not have much use to him. He could not sell them either. Thus, he felt that it was acceptable to use the fruits to buy more distress points. This was not a rash decision. Lu Shu was very clear about the value of the awakening fruits. But only Cheng Qiuqiao did not have the aptitude for awakening. If things continued this way, Lu Shu was afraid that Cheng Qiuqiao, who already had low self-esteem, would feel inferior.

Cheng Qiuqiao had always protected Lu Shu. Even in the Cultivation College, he had gotten into unresolved conflicts because others had made malicious remarks about Lu Shu.

Lu Shu said that the Kunlun Mountains were dangerous, but he still decided to go. Everyone followed him without looking back. Back then, when Cheng Qiuqiao asked Lu Shu what specialization he had applied for and Lu Shu replied the species research specialization, Cheng Qiuqiao followed him too, even though he was a Class A aptitude genius.

Lu Shu was stingy, but he was very generous towards Lu Xiaoyu. When Cheng Qiuqiao and Chen Zuan played games in his house, he felt that they could be considered friends. Lu Shu once felt that this world was very cold, but this did not mean that he would become a selfish person.

Thus, Lu Shu had thought carefully about exchanging an awakening fruit for distress points and it did not seem too excessive. On one hand, he could earn distress points, and on the other hand, he could give away the fruit.

But the list was of no use!

Cheng Qiuqiao walked away, slightly dejected. Lu Shu stopped him. "Make a proper list and kick Chen Zuan off the list."

Cheng Qiuqiao turned around and was shocked. A white fruit flew towards him and he caught it. He was pleasantly surprised. Lu Shu started to walk back into his room.

Back in the Lop Nur remains, Lu Shu and Chen Zuan had found a silver tree. Not only did he store the tree in the Seal of Lands, he had found four fruits on the tree as well. He confirmed with Little Fury that they were awakening fruits, and not poisonous food.

Little Fury was an expert in appraisal. Not only could it determine whether something was poisonous or not, it could even determine what abilities it could awaken.

Lu Shu felt that he should give Cheng Qiuqiao the awakening fruit as soon as possible, and not when he was a Class B. There would be a risk that he would be intertwined with the element.

Lu Shu returned to his room and looked at the Golden Foundation forum. Suddenly, there was a new trending phrase. "A treasure belonging to the Ancient Yi Clan is in the Changbai Mountains!"

Lu Shu was puzzled. Who was behind this?

At first, he wanted to reply to the message and use the distress points to figure out the sender. But the message was very mysterious. There was no way to even reply. He could not call the sender either. It was as if the sender did not want to communicate with him.

But the information that he had received was that the secret behind the Ancient Yi Clan was in the Changbai Mountains. Why was there a treasure now?

This felt like a Wuxia 1 drama that Lu Shu had watched before. A legendary secret book had appeared, and people started to kill one another.

Lu Shu felt that this matter was not as simple as they had thought. They were all adults. It would be hard to trick them. They would react just like Lu Shu, who had decided not to go

But when he saw the reactions on the Golden Foundation forum, he was shocked. Many people were discussing about going to the Changbai Mountains together!

"Are they not afraid to die?" Lu Shu was shocked. "With Nie Ting there, are they not scared of death?"

But he knew that they were simply discussing this. No one would actually go all the way there because of one piece of news. But Lu Shu felt that it was not so simple. He had personal experience. This message was far too mysterious.

Lu Shu suddenly felt that this commotion would become more serious. The mastermind behind all of this would also slowly be revealed..
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